Top 30 Serial Killer Web Series Of All Time To Watch In 2022!

A devilish mind with a charming smile that would make you swoon. A serial killer isn’t just someone who kills people; he is someone who enjoys inflicting some kind of pain. And we enjoy watching these psychopaths manipulate people and play genius mind games. Seeing someone defeat these demons and compete with his brilliant mindset is a bonus.

Binging on serial killer web series has become our guilty pleasure these days, hasn’t it? With the night lamp on and the curtains pulled back, watching these serial killers lure us with their sinister smirks only to be defeated by a smart hero has become everyone’s hobby these days, right?

The List of the Top 30 Serial Killer Web Series

It is because of these charming serial killers that heroes have become underrated. Creating a series that portrays the workings of a sociopath’s brain has become the new trend. In the beginning, the web series that portrayed a serial killer had to face severe criticism. But slowly, this culture evolved, and serial killer documentaries became the new norm.

The online platforms have taken it upon themselves to fulfil all of the cravings of their viewers. Now, these streaming services offer a range of series that let you get a glimpse of how a serial killer generally operates. And these series have garnered worldwide recognition and popularity. Here is a list of eliciting series that will undoubtedly find their way into your playlist!

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30. The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness

The Sons Of Sam

A serial killer who believes in paranormal powers. David Berkowitz is a man who doesn’t believe that he could kill people. Rather, he claims that his neighbour’s dog is the spawn of Satan, who feasts on blood, and he is responsible for arranging that blood for the dog. Like every other serial killer, David denies the accusations laid against him.

Maury Terry is a journalist who stands with David’s beliefs and is against the entire world. He has dedicated his entire life to proving that David wasn’t lying and that his neighbour, Sam, and his sons did practise satanic rituals. He even wrote a book to back up these claims with a few facts.

This series is all about Maury Terry and his struggle to prove David right. This series will arouse conflict within you as well. The Sons of Sam series is available on Netflix and a few other streaming platforms as well.

29. The Confession Killer

The Confession Killer

How many killers have confessed their heinous crimes voluntarily? Which psychopath has been treated like a royal king behind bars? Henry Lee Lucas, a serial killer responsible for more than 500 deaths, has admitted to all of his killings and his methods in vivid detail. Are his words actual, or has the psychopath admitted to these crimes because of his sick mindset?

When Lucas is arrested for a less-than-stellar crime, he confesses to all of his killings. Lucas continues to explain his sadistic tendencies, from the people he strangled to death to those he slaughtered with a knife. The entire police station treats him like a VIP because they want more details, and Lucas is an attention seeker who enjoys being in the spotlight.

Lucas’ confessions turn into lies when other people start admitting to the crimes he took the blame for. The entire police department is shocked, to say the least, and here begins the drama. This Netflix series is all about Lucas and the epic mess he creates.

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28. Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Conversations with a Killer

Ted Bundy is the human description of a serial killer. He started committing mass murders when “serial killer” wasn’t even a term. More than 30 women were brutally killed by Ted in a manner that will leave you shaking with trepidation.

Hearing his life story from his point of view will surely interest you. This Netflix documentary is centred around Ted Bundy, a psychopath who has no sense of guilt. Every serial killer has a motive and the ones who don’t are the agents of the devil. This series is about one such agent who has committed heinous crimes and takes pride in narrating them to you.

When Ted was initially arrested, a journalist named Stephan Michaud interviewed him for hours and recorded 100 such hours with Ted. This series brings out the secret conversations that took place between this duo. Letting you creep beneath the sociopathic brain of the infamous Ted Bundy, this series has established itself as one of the most nerve-chilling ever.

27. Trial By Media

Trial By Media

Whenever a criminal isn’t arrested, the entire judiciary system is questioned. When a crime is committed, the police department is blamed. With spicy headlines and a high-pitched tone, the media representatives manipulate stories and create juicy gossip. But when this gossip is misleading, is it right to question the police?

In the judicial system, the media is one of the strongest and most needed pillars. But when this pillar starts to crumble, the judiciary system collapses. This Netflix series pays close attention to the role of media representatives in the lives of serial killers.

With six engrossing cases, this series has made it its mission to highlight the role of the media. While these sensational serial killers will keep you engrossed, the involvement of media representatives in their cases will give you a glimpse of the corrupt media system.

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26. Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries

When ghosts and otherworldly creatures drop in, the serial killings start to increase tenfold, as does the gossip. Unsolved Mysteries is a collection of stories that will make you acquainted with the horrors of real life. There isn’t a single psychopath who doesn’t meet your criteria, and no episode will leave you unsatisfied.

This series invites you to solve the most entangled mysteries and injects your veins with boiling trepidation. Murders and kidnaps, ghosts and UFOs The series has covered each genre and turned it into another level of mystery. The creators have made sure to keep you sitting in front of your screen and watching this series for a long time by blending real-life cases and sprinkling a bit of fiction magic.

This Netflix crime thriller calls upon everyone who enjoys the chase and loves watching a psychopath go down. Each episode deals with a new sociopath and revolves around a fresh story. You can begin watching the series at any point and still enjoy it and get your heart racing. 

25. Evil Genius: The True Story Of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist

Evil Genius

As its name implies, this Netflix series revolves around a bank heist and the pizza delivery guy who did it. With explosives draped around his neck, a pizza delivery boy robs a bank but doesn’t benefit from it at all. This series will take you on a ride to solve this case and meet anonymous people with twisted brains.

When a bank is robbed, the only motive the thief could have is to earn cash quickly without breaking a sweat. But the thief in this bank heist has no such intentions. There is a series of events that leads him to step into a bank with a ticking bomb over his head. These heinous events involve blood, killings, and emotions that will shake you to your core.

Though this series is portrayed as an investigative documentary, it has enough elements to keep you staring at the screen for long hours. The federal agents try to weave their way through one of the most entangled webs in the history of America.

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24. Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds

What if one could predict the next move of a serial killer? What would you call such a person? A criminal mind that can read the complicated mindset of a psychopath and a team that predicts the next moves of such killers A team of FBI geniuses who analyse and predict the next step of a sociopath by doing everything it takes

With 15 successful seasons under its belt, this series has firmly established itself on this list. This elicit team involves crime analysts, forensic experts, and people who are as rare as UFO sightings. This series showcases the darkest minds and the struggle of this unique team to capture them.

This series is available on Netflix even if it originally aired on CBS. From sociopaths who feast on the weak to predators who lurk in the dark, this series will introduce you to the most heinous of criminals. Not only does this team predict the moves of a criminal, but they also try to trigger their emotions and put an end to their sickness.

23. Catching Killers

Catching Killers

What if you get bored watching the same serial killer for hours? This series is the solution for you. With serial killers changing in each episode, this series is the perfect choice for those who want a quick story with a serial killer touch.

This is a light binge-watching series with more than just murders and crime-solving. The speciality of this series is that no serial killer ever escapes, and there is no unnecessary drama. This series has it all, from psychopaths who murder pedestrians to sociopaths who murder prison inmates.

Most of the stories that have been adapted for this enchanting series are based on real-life incidents. Watching this series will give you an idea of how difficult it can be to solve murder mysteries. This crime documentary series is available on Netflix and has more than fifteen episodes for you to enjoy.

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22. The Silencing

The Silencing

A jungle of huge trees and gigantic secrets. The Silencing is an Amazon Prime Video exclusive series about a broken man trying to hold onto his torn heart for the sake of his loved one. An alcoholic and a hunter, Rayburn Swanson, is a man with a dark past and secrets that cannot be counted. His only mission in life is to protect the forest his daughter once loved.

When Rayburn’s daughter is suddenly abducted, he loses his hold on his sanity and becomes a raging alcoholic. He goes to any length to protect the forest with which his daughter became acquainted and to atone for his daughter’s death. He strives each day to find the person who took away his only reason for living and punish him in the worst way one could think of.

In Rayburn’s conquest, he crosses a serial killer who shares his sentiments and has lost his daughter, too. Will Rayburn’s less-than-stellar past collide with his future, and if he connects with the serial killer who abducted his daughter, what would Rayburn do?

21. Beyond Evil

Beyond Evil

When each of your moves has a consequence, you have to walk on thin ice and balance yourself. Do serial killers go on a break? This Korean serial killer does. He went on a 20-year break before terrorising innocent people once again. With his crazy, unpredictable persona, catching him is a chore no one has managed to accomplish.

Two police officers, Lee Don-sik and Han Joo-won get themselves entangled in the web of this serial killer. They hold a grudge against him and want to bring this monster down. They are prepared to lay down their lives if necessary, but they have no idea that this killer enjoys playing with his prey.

Two tormented partners and a monster in human skin, both trying to stay one step ahead in this chase suspense that will make you hold your breath and a power struggle that will keep you thrilled. This Netflix series is packed with action, montages, and twists that won’t let you stay still.

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20. The Raincoat Killer: Chasing a Predator in Korea

The Raincoat Killer

A predator that feasts on the weak and elderly, the Raincoat Killer is a cold-blooded murderer. Usually, a serial killer has a motive or a sudden urge to kill. In the case of this predator, he kills for fun. He kills because he is delighted by the soul-christening whimpers and cries. He kills because he feels like he can.

When people began to die in South Korea, suspicions began to grow. What confused the entire police department was the irregularity of the killings. The serial killer left no evidence behind him and targeted only the elderly and the rich. The only thing the investigators could dig up was that the serial killer wore a raincoat and had no motive to kill. A killer who has no motive is ten times more dangerous than a killer with a motive.

When the investigators came up with nothing, they laid out a well-crafted plan. It took the police department a long time to catch Yoo Young Chul, who was the mastermind behind these mysterious killings. The Raincoat Killer is the story of this prolific killer. This series is available on Netflix for you to watch and find out what exactly the investigators’ well-crafted trap entailed.

19. Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer

Night Stalker

A narcissistic sadist with no limits, a murderer with no conscience Richard Ramirez, a bloodthirsty demon who preys on the innocent, is at the centre of this crime documentary. He is known for his genius brain and the scary vibes he gives off.

When the crime rates take a huge leap, the entire police department starts to search for the man behind it. Richard, a man who used to assault and kill women of all ages, lurked on the busy streets at night. He picked up a random female and took pride in torturing her. The only thing similar about his serial killing pattern is that there is no similarity and no motive.

With Richard’s razor-sharp brain, capturing him becomes nearly impossible. When the police department couldn’t find any similarities or motives, their helplessness increased, as did the chase. Is there someone who could trap this man and end his killings? This scary torturer is available on Netflix for you to binge on.

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18. Mindhunter


No, this isn’t about a supernatural hero who can read people’s minds. This series is about two FBI agents who try to delve into the entangled mind of a psychopath. A psychopath is known to have the most interesting of characters. But the people who compete with the twisted minds of these psychopaths are the characters we all want more of.

Mindhunter is a series based on Bill Tech and Holden Ford’s struggle to address the complicated sociopaths with whom they are so fascinated. It’s not their fault; their interest in the lives of psychopaths goes beyond the norm. Living around criminals of all mindsets will make you want to know more about them.

This supercop duo studies several psychopaths and tries to learn their modus operandi. When their investigations drag them into murky waters, their obsession with serial killers becomes a threat. This Netflix series will take you on a tour of the serial killer’s mind, where you will find complex puzzles you will have to solve.

17. Fear City: New York Vs. The Mafia

Fear City

The deadly Mafia are serial killers in their most raw form. They have no conscience, and their tyranny knows no bounds. These killers sift through the dark streets openly, and no one can question them. They commit heinous crimes and yet smile as if the blood dripping from their hands is nothing. Who can stand against people who rule the country without having any authority?

Five powerful mafia families, the Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese, and Lucchese, rule New York with an iron fist. This Netflix series will make you clutch your armchairs as they struggle to take down these families begins. These mafia people stand taller than life; their atrocity is limitless. When the mission to dethrone these mafia rulers begins, the city becomes even more dangerous.

Both the mafia families and the federal agents compete with each other to give you the most thrilling experience. Several agents have been killed while attempting to bring down these elicit mafia families. Will these agents come out alive and survive the mob mentality of the mafia? Or would these mafia families taste dirt this time?

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16. The Devil Next Door

The Devil Next Door

When a guard turns out to be a predator, the terror starts rising. A man who hammers skulls until they turn to dust is a monster that feasts on the weak. This Netflix series is all about a limitless torturer who loves the metallic scent of blood and enjoys the tortured screams of his victims.

This story is about Ivan, a guard from Nazi times whose torture methods are ten times more inhuman than those of Hitler himself. When eleven of his survivors stand against him, he is brought back to his country. John Demjanjuk was a religious person who dripped innocence and had a bright smile on his face.

When John is accused, the world is split into two groups, each competing against the other. This crime documentary will take you back to the time of Hitler and make you question the judicial system. This investigative series will help you dive into Ivan the Terrible’s mind and know the extent of his atrocities.

15. Aquarius 


This is not a documentary about a criminal; it is a series that twists his lifestyle and records it with a glamorous twist. When kids start suddenly disappear, questions start to flood the city and the investigators.

The investigators stumble upon a cult that deals with drugs, women’s trafficking, and revolutions that blow their minds. Charles Manson is a serial killer who has committed every horror one could imagine. Inheritance struggles, drug use, and abandonment issues are at the heart of this crime thriller.

Sam Hodiak is the man who tries to unearth the dark mysteries behind the kidnappings. The chase between the serial killer and Hodiak is the highlight of this series. This refreshing series is available on Netflix to make your brain spin with endless questions and conflicting emotions.

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14. The Alienist

The Alienist

A serial killer with a fascination for storing young human hearts in a box This story isn’t just about a serial killer; it is as much about a psychoanalyst as well. secrets to keep you hooked, monstrosity to make your eyes snap shut

A monster who kills children to snatch their hearts out, a determined investigator who leaves no stone unturned, and a mastermind who controls everything. This series is the perfect blend of drama, chase, thrill, and atrocity.

Dr Laszlo Kreizler is a psychoanalyst by passion and a forensic expert by profession. He is known as the alienist for his genius mindset and ability to read people like open books. He has solved multiple cases and has met hundreds of criminals, but one blew his mind. This Netflix series is about a manipulative serial killer who plays with everyone as he sees fit.

13. The Sinner

The Sinner

No matter if it is an intentional crime or an unintentional one, the killer doesn’t forget about it no matter what happens. But what if they do? What if they kill someone, forget about it, and move on? A sinner who remembers nothing, a cold-blooded monster with no trace of memory

This Netflix series is about people who forget about their crimes. What’s more perplexing is that they admit to their killings because other people say so. Is it a facade, or do these people remember nothing? If they have committed these crimes, how can they forget such a monstrous act?

More importantly, catching a killer who admits to the killings without being sure of them severely complicates this task. If these people have forgotten everything about their involvement in the murders, there has to be a bigger mastermind playing behind the scenes. This Netflix thriller series will introduce you to a manipulator like no other and make you question everything you see.

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12. House Of 1000 Corpses

House of 1000 corpses

Horror houses are the land of white ghosts and soul-crushing shrills. We often visit these houses to challenge ourselves and our dear friends. But when you are trapped in a horror house that is full of sadistic serial killers, you will slowly die a painful death.

Four friends, Jerry Goldsmith, Denise Willis, Bill Hudley, and Mary Knowles, started their road trip to find the most beautiful places they could locate. Dr Satan, a notorious serial killer, is famous for the mass murders he has committed in the most heinous way possible. When the young kids learn about him, they decide to pursue the place where Dr Satan was supposedly killed.

Even darker secrets lurk in the dark forest. When a hitchhiker invites them into her house, these young adults are more than grateful. Little do they know, the house they are entering is the house where serial killers practise their sadistic tendencies. This Amazon Prime Video series is all about this horror house and the struggles of these four friends to somehow get out of that house intact.

11. Killer Inside: The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez

Killer Inside: The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez

What if the face you idolise turns out to be a serial killer? This story is about one such idol who turned out to be a monster. Aaron Hernandez was the star athlete everyone looked upon until his true self shook everyone. This documentary dives deep into the life of Hernandez and digs out the secrets the world didn’t know before.

An NFL player turned a dark monster, Aaron Hernandez was a star until his stardom collapsed. Learn about a serial killer’s mindset and past in his own words. Hear his story from his friends, teammates, and the victims who somehow managed to escape this demon.

The criminal experts who studied Aaron’s case history and a phone call that will fill your eyes with an ocean of tears This isn’t a biographical series; this is an inside story of how Aaron preyed upon the ones who trusted him. Find out what his attorneys thought of him and how the sports legend was brought down in this Netflix series.

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10. Hannibal


When two friends turn against each other, the drama becomes top-notch. But when two best friends who know each other’s every dark secret turn against each other, the intensity starts scorching you. A game of life and death, this series is about two best friends who share a twisted relationship.

Friends or enemies? Enemies or lovers? The series revolves around these two questions, and with its simple subtlety, the journey becomes quite engrossing. Will Graham, who is an FBI agent, roots for psychopaths and yearns to have a tour of their twisted minds. Dr Hannibal Lecter is a psychiatrist and a psychopath who is a serial killer. While Hannibal accepts himself for what he is, Will constantly struggles to embrace his dark desires.

Though they start as friends, their relationship evolves, and their worlds collide against each other. The smoke that rises from this clash leaves the ashes of innocent people in its wake. Explore Hanibal and Will’s complex relationship in this Netflix series that has all the drama and manipulations you would love. This series is also available on Amazon Prime Video for you to watch.

9. Mr Mercedes

Mr Mercedes

One of the most interesting traits of a psychopath is his daring, which both frightens and attracts people. Mr Mercedes is a sociopath who fears no one, challenges cops for their lives, and preys on innocent people. He just doesn’t kill them; he plays with them until they lose their sanity. Would you call a man who forces people to commit suicide a killer? Well, this serial killer is here to answer this question of yours.

A retired detective, Bill Hodges, gets an anonymous letter from the Mercedes Killer. Though this killer wants to toy with Hodges and push him to the scary edge of suicide, Hodges’ strong will prevents him from doing so. Instead, Hodges decides to pursue this sadistic killer and find out who takes pleasure in playing with people’s minds.

A detective never retires; he just stops earning from it. Hodges, the super detective, starts building a team to compete against a man sharper than a computer and more atrocious than the devil himself. full of surprise deaths, ticking bombs, genius mind games, and sadness that will make goosebumps prickle your skin. This series is available on Amazon Prime Video to thrill you.

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8. Luther


When your family is at risk, you move heaven and hell to protect them. But when the man behind your family is the descendent of the devil himself, what would you do? When vengeance becomes the purpose of life, a psychopath crosses every line to destroy his nemesis. This is the story of one such assassin, who is out to destroy the super detective Luther.

This series is about Luther’s attempts to fight a masked killer who is after him and everyone he loves. Luther is a man who lives for his profession; the investigation isn’t only his job, it’s his lifeline. When his family becomes a target, his profession becomes a burden. Competing with a devilish mind, Luther has to balance his personal life and solve mysterious cases simultaneously.

All five seasons of Luther’s dark past and the obsession of his nemesis with him are available on Amazon Prime Video for you to binge on. Will Luther’s cunning mind and sharp tricks win against a masked killer with a massive grudge against him?

7. Barry


A serial killer on hire,  Barry is a hitman who kills people with a devilish smile. He has to chase an actor in a foreign town when he is sent on a deadly mission. While pursuing his mission, Barry’s action passion calls for him at an unexpected time.

It is a well-known fact that a serial killer wears a mask that cannot be torn. But what if a serial killer wants to become an actor? He could leave his life and start fresh with his special someone. Not only does Barry come face-to-face with his deep-buried desire, but he also stumbles upon a young actress. His desires start to take hold of him, and he dares to dream about a bright future when he is chained to someone else.

A dark comedy series that revolves around Barry and his weird humour-filled journey. When your gloomy past collides with your present, your future seems bleak. Will Barry overcome his shackles or pursue his serial-killing nature?

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6. Bates Motel

Bates Motel

A teen chooses to murder anyone who causes him physical or emotional harm. A disturbed psychopath with a fragile midsection, Norman is a young boy on the verge of losing his sanity. He shares complicated relationships with his family members and has no inkling of what is unravelling in his family until the truth knocks his breath out.

Dealing with dark secrets and fragile mindsets, this Amazon Prime Video series centres around Norman and his struggle to swiftly navigate his life. This series has a sociopath who will cringe at your conscience and squeeze your heart. It will make you instantly root for Norman when he hits rock bottom and makes you scold yourself for rooting for him.

This series, which portrays a fragile relationship between Norman and his mother, Norma, deals with issues like childhood abuse and crippling jealousy. When this crazy family introduces you to more of its members, you won’t be able to contain yourself. The Bates motel plays a significant role in this series and is the root of all this drama.

5. Scream Queens

Scream Queens

Kappa Kappa Tau is a unique sorority house with rules stricter than laws and girls more dramatic than actresses. A university with more secrets than its walls and a dean who will go to any length to save his university’s reputation. These sorority girls are light, bubbly, and full of energy and drama. But when these girls start dropping dead, the sorority house becomes a haunted house.

A masked hunter with a grudge, bearing secrets that make him murder the sorority girls brutally. This serial killer will make you scream with frustration, and you will relate to him easily. While this predator will keep you thrilled, the sorority girls will make you laugh until tears are flowing down your cheeks.

A thriller that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of varied emotions and plots. One second you will be solving the decade-old mystery of Wallace University, and the next you will be laughing your cheeks off. This unique series is available on Fox and Hulu for you to stream.

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4. Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects

Have you felt pain so raw that it seeped into your veins until it was the only thing you felt? Sharp Objects is a series that demonstrates agony in its truest form. This story is about a crazy family that inflicts pain upon themselves and maybe others to keep feeling something. Pain is their oxygen and the only way they know how to survive.

Dealing with sensitive issues like abandonment, trauma, and abuse, this series revolves around a serial killer who is drenched in pain and has opted to inflict pain on others. This serial killer will make your heart heavy and your eyes wet, and you will start to justify the killings until your conscience starts kicking you.

This Disney HotStar series is one of the best crime thrillers to ever exist with a magnitude that will cripple your soul and agony that will make your heart clench. How would you feel if you got to witness tiles that were made of human teeth? This serial killer has demonish tendencies and a chip on her shoulder.

3. The Serpent

The Serpent

A charismatic man with self-obsession down to a fine art. A serial killer who murders with a smile and buries with a deadly wink. Charles Sobhraj is a professional gem hunter and a sadist who enjoys watching life drip from a person. His arrogance can not be measured and his self-love is beyond words. He seeks out people who own valuable gems and befriends them before stealing their gems and killing them.

A Dutch diplomat, Herman Knippenberg, decides to get to the bottom of the sudden killings in Bangkok. He starts to chase Charles all over the world, but to no avail. He becomes obsessed with Charles and tries to get ahold of him, but every time he gets close to Charles, the charming smuggler slips from his hand like wet sand.

This Netflix series is all about a man who doesn’t know how to love anyone but himself. This is a war between Charles and Herman. With two brilliant minds competing with each other, a charming antagonist, a powerful protagonist, and spicy drama, this series becomes a must-watch.

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2. You

You Series

Love is an emotion that represents constant sacrifice. Joe Goldberg has made this phrase his life’s motive; only he demands sacrifice from his lovers. A blend of crime, thrills, and romance This series is about Joe and his struggle to find the perfect woman for himself.

These days, possessiveness has become a trend. Jealousy is the barometer of love, and the degree of stalking represents the amount of time you think about your partner. But when possessiveness becomes ownership and stalking turns dangerous, psychopaths start to bloom. Joe is one such partner who doesn’t know how to differentiate between possessiveness and ownership.

Left by a woman he was ready to die for, Joe yearns for love each day. And when someone doesn’t return his love the way he wants, they suffer through his callous hands. This serial killer knows how to make women fall for him but doesn’t know how to truly love them. This Netflix series is a crime thriller with a sprinkle of romance and drama that will make your binge-watching worth it. 

1.  Dexter


A smile that will make you fall in love with him right away, and a sense of humour that will make your cheeks hurt. Dexter Morgan is a difficult puzzle to solve. He is the true definition of how charming a sociopath can be. He will make you laugh one second, and the next you will be amazed at how naturally he kills people.

What’s special about Dexter is that his urges are his undoing and his smiling personality is his armour. Dexter is a forensic expert who spends his days solving crime mysteries. He doesn’t only solve crimes; he expertly commits them as well. When the carnal urge to kill calls, Dexter has to choose between morals and needs. And what does a psychopath do? He justifies his killings by wrapping them in sweet denial. Dexter justifies his killings by slaughtering people who were not punished for the crimes they committed.

This series, with all eight seasons, is available on Showtime for you to binge on. Watch Dexter fight his urges while trying to live up to his reputation. When he has to deal with sudden suspicions, Dexter has to step up his game and fight his inner demons. Loved by millions of fans, this moral killer is certainly one of the best serial killers so far.

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