The Talented Mr. Ripley Ending Explained – One Of The Finest Thrillers Of 1999! 

The Talented Mr Ripley, one of the most celebrated psychological thrillers of the year 1999 has again slipped under our interest list. Now, available to binge online on Netflix and Prime Video, if you still haven’t binged this film, then here is your chance to do so! Well, the reboot version of this epic movie, called Ripley the TV series is surely in high talk and we can’t wait to gossip more about it. Interestingly enough, just like the original film, the Netflix drama as well has been thoroughly enjoyed by the audience out there. 

This brings us back to the all-time popular crime novel of 1955. We must say that no matter how many years passed by, Patricia Highsmith will always be remembered for penning down this masterpiece. But today we aren’t exactly focusing on the newly-launched Netflix mini-series. Our topic for today stresses more on the original film and we are quite excited to pin down the similarities between The Talented Mr Ripley and Ripley (TV Series). 

The Talented Mr. Ripley Ending Explained – One Of The Finest Thrillers Of 1999! 

The Talented Mr. Ripley Ending Explained - One Of The Finest Thrillers Of 1999! 

As we come down to the last leg of this film, we all see how Ripley travelled to Greece and somehow Marge was very close to unfolding the whole mystery tale. But just when she thought of questioning Ripley about Dickie’s rings, Peter and Mr. Greenleaf came into the picture. It seems like Detective MacCarron has concluded that Dickie was not a normal being and had a history of violence! Just as it was planned by Ripley, everyone started believing the fact that Dickie had killed Freddie and then committed suicide himself. 

That’s not all, but now that Greenleaf has lost his beloved son, he wants to reward the only person who has stayed forever loyal to him. It seems like he plans to give Ripley a large portion of Dickie’s long-standing trust fund! With Ripley now being free from all the charges and having complete access to Dickie’s income, he finally gets a chance to enjoy the luxurious life he always dreamt of. But this engrossing story didn’t conclude here. In the final moments of The Talented Mr. Ripley, we saw Ripley coming back to Greece! One could clearly say that he is deeply in love with Peter. 

But while boarding the liner Ripley’s path somehow crossed again with Meredith. To everyone’s surprise, this time around Ripley profoundly kissed her and even promised her to be in touch. But little did Ripley know that Peter had caught him red-handed. As a result of which, Peter starts questioning Ripley about kissing Meredith! Given our lead character’s natural personality, he did apologize to Peter for lying and even acted to sob for a while! But before Peter could sense it coming, Ripley had already strangled him to death! In the very last scene of the film, a quiet Ripley returns to his cabin all alone! 

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Is The Very Ending Of The Talented Mr. Ripley Similar To Ripley (TV Series)? 

The Talented Mr. Ripley Ending Explained - One Of The Finest Thrillers Of 1999! 

Ironically, the newly-launched reboot version of this thrilling story is heavily dependent on the original book. The Netflix drama gives us more riveting insights into Patricia Highsmith’s work. Some even claim that a few more characters from the book have appeared in the drama series that were not previously included in the movie. Speaking of the ending of Ripley (TV Series), it is indeed not exactly similar to the 1999 film. Yes, in the very last moment of this Netflix drama, Tom Ripley managed to escape again from his wrong deeds. But even then he wasn’t free from all his criminal charges. 

Not to forget, with the release of Marge’s new book, Inspector Ravini did discover something very crucial about this complex murder mystery. On the other hand, our notorious character, Ripley has now got a new role to play. Thanks to his long-time partner in crime, Reeves Minot for bringing in a new passport for him. It seems like Tom is now all set and ready to make the most of his new name, Timothy Fanshawe! Well, to know further about Ripley (TV Series), don’t forget to check out this intriguing drama, exclusively on Netflix. 

The Talented Mr. Ripley Ending Explained – One Of The Finest Thrillers Of 1999! – FAQs

1. Can you binge the popular film, The Talented Mr. Ripley online?

Yes, the popular film, The Talented Mr. Ripley is available to binge online, exclusively on Prime Video and Netflix. 

2. How many total episodes are present in the new Netflix show, Ripley?

The new Netflix show, Ripley, holds a total of 8 episodes. 

3. Is the ending of Ripley (TV Series) similar to the 1999 film?

The ending of Ripley (TV Series) is very much different from the 1999 film. 

4. Is the new Netflix drama, Ripley a miniseries?

Yes, the new Netflix drama, Ripley is a miniseries. 

5. Can you binge the new thriller drama, Ripley online?

All the episodes of the new thriller drama, Ripley Season 1 are now available online, exclusively on Netflix. 

6. Did Ripley (TV Series) end with a major cliffhanger? 

Yes, Ripley (TV Series) did end with a major cliffhanger. 

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