Is Tearsmith Based On A True Story?

2024 has surely been quite a good year for Netflix and among the big names that have been coming out a small romantic tale of Nica and Rigel can’t be missed out anyhow. For those who have already watched this particular series, they do know very well that it is a great story with great actors and excellent directing skills. It is an Italian story that has been brought to us and the original storyline is an adoption from the book which shares the same title as a series and has been written by the very famous Erin Doom

The particular tale that we get to see in this particular movie, is the story of two kids, who come from the same orphanage, which has got a very crooked past where the headmistress, is quite abusive and has almost scarred every orphan who has been in there. However that’s not the case for only a single kid in there and that is Rigel, one of our main protagonists in the story. However, Nica has also been quite scarred by the atrocities she faced there but everything changes when they are adopted into the Milligan family. Soon begin their journey of love and standing by each other at all costs, but will their relationship be accepted because of their new relationship, following that, there are many twists and turns that make this story worth watching. 

This particular movie has been created by Eleonora Fiorini, and Alessandro Genovesi, under the direction of Alessandro himself. When it comes to the reviews and the ratings, it has been quite loved by fans from all over the world, and considering the storyline, it has also managed to receive a 5.2 IMDB rating which is quite moderate at the same time. However, the main topic of the article is regarding, whether Tearsmith is based on a true story. Unfortunately, the romantic tale which almost every one of us wants to be real, is a fictional story that came out of the minds of Erin Doom. 

The Tearsmith True Story

Is Tearsmith Based On A True Story?

As we have already mentioned the story that we get to see in this particular movie is adapted from a book that shares the same title and has been written by Erin Doom. Along with that, it has been properly cleared by both the makers that the storyline is a fictional creation of the maker, and nothing that we get to see is inspired by a real-life event. However, because so many fans have been curious about whether this particular movie is based on a true story it is quite impressive of the fact that the makers have made it quite real and people have loved the storyline so much that somewhere everyone wants it to be a real story.

For those who have not watched this particular movie as of now, you may end up getting a little bit of spoilers in the upcoming paragraph. The story is based on two orphans Nica and Rigel, both of them coming from the same orphanage. However the characters are completely different as Rigel, is a broken soul and has faced a lot of things in life following which he is also quite physically sick which makes it quite difficult for him to survive in the daily world. 

Following which the story revolves around the growing relationship between Nica and Rigel, which has to go through many ups and downs because of Rigel’s character and the fact that Lionel a guy from their school has an obsession with Nica, which goes up to such extent, that he nearly goes to the extent of killing them both for the sake of love. However, we see an end to the headmistress Margaret who is a dreaded soul, and also a very happy ending for both our main characters which none of us expected towards the end. 

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The Tearsmith Season 2

This particular movie made it was on the 4th of April 2024, and the book from which it has been adopted has been available to us since 2021. It almost took an entire year to complete the production process for the first season, and as of now, there are no chances for a season 2 according to us. The story has been completely adapted and the makers have also not announced anything as of now. 

Where Can We Watch The Tearsmith?

This particular movie is currently available for streaming only on the Netflix platform and that is because it is a Netflix original movie. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Tearsmith Based On A True Story?

No, the show is not based on a true story.

2.What is the Tearsmith based on?

This show is based on a book written by Erin Doom which shares the same title as the show.

3. How many seasons of Tearsmith are there?

As of now, there is only a single season of the show.

4. Will we get a second season of Tearsmith?

The chances for a second season are quite low.

5. Where can we watch Tearsmith?

This show is available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

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