27 Movies Like American Pie That Are Worth Watching!

American Pie is a dramatic comedy movie that centers around four teenagers who are about to become high school graduates. But before they enter college, they are determined to level up their characters, and what’s better than losing their virginity in high school? We travel back to 1999 when this movie was released. The movie revolves around Jim, Kevin, Oz, Finch, and Stifler. They are ready to go wild, they are ready to lose their virginity. Stifler is no longer a virgin but he is all set to help out his four friends.

27 Movies Like American Pie

If you loved binging on American Pie, then you must be looking for a few more exciting movies like that. From cheesy teenage romance to nasty adventurous stories, it’s all here. Those five boys from East Great Falls High are ready to level up their sexual score. But the journey to sexual intimacy is not going to be an easy game for them. The intense popularity of American Pie also led to multiple sequel movies following the same genre. Many classic American comedy movies have tried to match their levels with American Pie. So on popular demand, here are 27 epic comedy movies that are mostly centered around teenagers’ obsession with dating and sexual interest. 

27. Porky

Let’s go back to 1981 when four young high school students decided to lose their virginity. If you love watching classic cliche movies, then this one is a must-watch for you all. This gang of four is ready to accomplish mission virginity! To fulfill their dreams, they decided to make their way into a strip club but things went upside down. This brings us to the strip club owner, namely, Porky. Luck didn’t favor the gang and guess what the four got caught! Badly beaten up and robbed by the bouncers, the four were kicked out of the club. The story doesn’t end here! As the story moves forward, we will see how these four end up in the girl’s locker room. 

26. Fast Times At Ridgemont High 

Want to get a sneak peek of everything? Thriller, comedy, suspense, mystery, everything in just one picture! From complicated love triangles to hectic school life, it’s all here. Another classic comedy movie of the 1980s was “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. We go back to the high school situated in California. The movie also throws light on sensitive topics like sex and drugs. Sean Penn had a major role in this movie. All in all, you should at least binge this movie once. The intriguing storyline of the movie will be nothing more than a roller coaster ride for you. 

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25. She’s All That

Another classic American comedy movie is on our radar. It is none other than the very popular, She’s All That. Spring break is over and so is Zack’s relationship with Taylor. It seems like Taylor cheated on him with Brock. Zack is trying to forget Taylor, he must replace her from her mind. It all starts when Dean and Zack bet upon Laney Boggs, a mediocre art student in high school who is mostly surrounded by her space.

Zack must turn her into a Prom Queen but he has only six weeks to win the bet. Initially, Laney didn’t pay any attention to Zack. But when Zack wanted her help with an art project she couldn’t refuse to look out for him. Despite various attempts, Laney continues to reject Zack. But things take a dramatic turn when Taylor insults Laney in front of everyone. One thing went into another and Laney is surprised to know that she has been nominated for the “Prom Queen”. But guess what she is about to face off the beauty battle against Taylor! 

24. Road Trip 

Are you ready for a hustling road trip? It might be a crazy road journey for Josh, but for us, it is full of fun and content. Looks like Josh Parker is in trouble or should we say he invited trouble himself! He is trying his best to maintain his long-distance relationship with Tiffany. Distance surely created a barrier between the two but mailing regularly filled in the gaps a bit. Josh moved to his brand new college life and things changed when he met Beth. As the story leads, we will see how Beth and Josh end up having sex together. The ridiculous ride of misfortune events doesn’t end here. Their hot glimpses of intimacy are now mailed to Tiffany. This brings us to the title of the movie. Josh along with his friends are up on a mission. They are ready to travel from New York to Texas. Tiffany must not read the mail! To find out what happens next in this movie, you have to binge on Road Trips, exclusively just on Prime Video.

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23. Sorority Boys

Next on our list is Sorority Boys, a comedy movie that also comes with a high dose of suspense and mystery. The story revolves around a trio, Dave, Adam, and Doofer. These three boys were part of the Kappa Omicron Kappa fraternity. But it looks like they are soon going to be penalized for stealing money from the fraternity. Someone stole money from the treasury and the blame came upon these three. As the story moves forward, we will see how these three are kicked out of their apartment and how Doofer finally decides to hunt down the main culprit. To catch the real thief, these three plan to dress up like girls and thus begin the mystery hunt. 

22. The New Guy

Can Dizzy find a place for himself? The story is about Dizzy Gillespie Harrison, who has always been a nerd in high school. But high school was pretty rough for him. It all started when Tina Osgood calmly touched his arm. Little did he know that he would get erected by her touch and thus began the most difficult phase of his life. He is going to be tortured by everyone, classmates, seniors, and even teachers. As the story moves ahead, we will see how Dizzy gets misdiagnosed. Rumors start spreading that he has Tourette’s syndrome. Overdose of 

medicines made Dizzy crazy. After all, how could you forget about the church revival? He behaves inappropriately and thus gets arrested by the cops. But it seems like jail was not a bad place for Dizzy. He met Luther in jail who surprisingly helped him out. From a nerdy high school student to a confident boy, the road is full of lessons for Dizzy.  

21. Thumbsucker

A classic American comedy film, Thumbsucker was released somewhere in 2005. The intriguing and exciting storyline of the movie depends upon Justin Cobb, who has a very weird habit of sucking his thumb. His shine always wipes away when people see him sucking his thumb. Worried about his unnatural behavior, his parents decide to take him to the doctor. This brings us to Dr. Lyman. On the other hand in the tale, we will see how Rebecca rejects Justin and how Justin takes up Ritalin. Somehow Ritalin boosted intense confidence in Justin. The shy boy from the school is now excelling in the debate team. That’s not all, he even removed Rebecca from her long-established position on the debate team. As the story proceeds, we will see how Justin is diagnosed with ADHD! It is going to be a hectic journey for Justin but it is surely going to be a fun ride for us.

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20. Flipped

A movie that is meant to showcase the true meaning of love and friendship. The movie revolves around Bryce and Juli. One is trying to run away while the other one is constantly trying to get hold of a meaningful friendship. Bryce will try to avoid Juli the most but as they say, you cannot run away from your destiny. They have been neighbors since childhood and now they are growing up as teenagers. Is her affection for Bryce love? Will Bryce ever develop feelings for Juli? Can they clear out the confusion? They have always been tangled up in unfortunate events. Things change when Chet becomes a part of Juli’s life. Flipped was released on 6th August 2010 and to date is considered one of the most beautiful romantic comedy movies out there.

19. The 40-Year-Old Virgin 

Can Andy Stitzer level up his love life? This is not a college-centered movie but the dose of comedy is super high here. Andy is a 40-year-old man who lives in his fantasy world which is mostly surrounded by interesting comic characters and bold heroic figures. You might see him as an adult. But did he grow up from his teenage self? Well, that’s quite difficult to answer. He works in an electronic shop and is pretty content in his life. But things change when his colleagues find out the truth about his virginity.

He never had a relationship, so breaking his virginity is no longer on his list. His colleagues decide to help him out, they set him up for some dates. Not to forget that he failed miserably on those dates. But things changed when he bumped into Trish. Her beauty is unbeatable, who would say she is a single mother? For the first time in decades, Andy feels the drive of attraction. It looks like he is in love with Trish. To know what happens next in the story, binge on The 40-Year-Old Virgin, just on Prime Video. 

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18. Mean Girls

Can Cady cope with her latest social life? Can she fit into her new high school? Her parents were busy carrying out research in Africa, thus Cady Heron has always been a homeschooled child. As she steps into her high school life, we will see how she bumps into the “Plastics”, the hot girl trio who always consider themselves superior to others.

We will see how Cady develops feelings for Aaron Samuels and how she learns everything about the “Burn Book”. The mean trio will soon fall apart as Cady along with her friends are determined to create a collapse between the “Plastics”. We will see how Cady becomes the new “queen bee”. She is ready to tear down Regina’s long-term reputation in high school, after all, Aaron has to choose her over Regina! High school is going to be an easy ride for Cady. The story picks on concepts like teenager issues, anger management, jealousy factor, and the true meaning of friendship.

17. Superbad

Before college begins, the duo will lose their virginity or should we say that was their initial plan. We are talking about the terrific comedy movie of all time featuring the very handsome and talented, Jonah Hill and Michael Cera. Seth and Evan have completed high school and now they have to make some important decisions in life, like choosing which degree they want to pursue. But along with a career, they also want to establish a good love life. Seth is interested in Jules and Evan is madly in love with Becca. It all started when Jules invited Seth to a party and how could we forget about the mad alcohol hunt? Superbad celebrates the true essence of friendship, which also sparkles some light on love. From getting drunk to fighting over separation, we will see how these two best friends deal with the hit of a reality check.

16. EuroTrip

A story about love, friendship, and everything in between. Are you ready to read between the lines? Well, Scott Thomas who is mostly referred to as Scotty is looking for his long-lost German love. He is ready to travel miles for her. The search for the “one” starts from his train journey. Before venturing onto the Euro Trip, Scott was in love with Fiona. But it looks like graduation day was a sweet and bitter ride for Scott. Thus begins the crazy havoc journey of unpredictable events. They are looking for Mieke. To know what happens on this crazy trip, you have to binge on EuroTrip exclusively just on Prime Video.

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15. Sex Drive 

Another American movie that caught our attention in 2008 was Sex Drive. The movie heavily depends upon Ian Lafferty. Just like every eighteen-year-old out there, Ian too had some nasty fantasies. This brings him to the online site where he met “Ms.Tasty”. Originally, Ian is always seen as a sweet high school student. But it looks like “Ms.Tasty” perceived a different image of Ian.

As the conversation became deep, the two started to feel attracted to one another and decided to meet in person. Thus, begins the haphazard journey of Ian. From stealing his brother’s car to finding out everything about “Ms.Tasty”, the road is full of challenges. But in this dynamic journey of misfortunes, Ian also bumps into the love of his life, Felicia. The story ends with a beautiful New Year’s Eve celebration, where Ian finally expresses his true feelings to Felicia while Rex also accepts the fact that he is gay. 

14. The House Bunny

A classic American comedy movie of all time featuring the very beautiful and talented, Anna Faris and Emma Stone. Wondering how to impress college hotties? Then this movie might give you some right-hand tips on impressing boys in one go. Shelley didn’t make it through the Playboy Mansion.

Unfortunately, age is not a number here but a mark of being old. But don’t you dare underestimate her charming skills, especially not her intelligence. As the story moves forward, we will see how Shelly gets her separate girl group and how this group of young individuals modernizes their tastes and styles. To accomplish their mission, the group gets hold of a coach who was previously a Playboy! Presenting you the showstopper of the movie, Bunny. He will teach them how to be real. Beauty is not something we see outside, but something which persists within ourselves.

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13. Easy A

It all started with that lie! The story revolves around Olive Penderghast and Rhiannon Abernathy. Their long-standing friendship will soon become a question mark for Rhiannon. The story begins when Olive said she was going on a date. The series of lying starts from here. From sleeping with a college boy to getting framed with Brandon. The roller coaster ride of complicated twists and turns doesn’t stop here. Things became worse when Micah start saying that he has slept with Olive. The tension increase in the church youth group, they don’t want Olive in their group. As we dig deep into the movie, we will see how Olive gets sexually harassed by Rhiannon’s crush, Anson. But Olive somehow escapes from Anson’s nasty plot of lies. Everyone was against Olive, except for Todd who always had a soft corner for Olive. To know the whole story, you have to binge on Easy A, just on Netflix.

12. Friends with Benefits

Another classic rom-com movie that comes with a generous dose of comedy. Dylan Harper and Jamie Rellis, are two young adults who met in New York. Their friendship was running smoothly until they decided to have sex with one another. That’s when things became messy for both of them. As the story proceeds, we will see how Jamie considers dating again, how she meets Parker, and how she agrees to meet Dylan’s family. Things took an unexpected turn when Dylan told Annie that Jamie is not worth dating. Unfortunately, Jamie overheard the whole conversation and flies back to New York, and starts ignoring Dylan. Somewhere between all these jumbled-up twists and turns, they started feeling truly for one another but are they ready to say it out loud? To know what will happen next with Dylan and Jamie, watch the whole story of Friends with Benefits.

11. Pitch Perfect 

Would you like to hear some soothing music? Then Pitch Perfect from 2012 should be a part of your binge list. The story revolves around a young girl named Beca Mitchell. In this same context, we will also learn in detail about all female and all male Acapella groups. On one side we have Barden Bellas, while the other one is Barden Treblemakers. Beca, who wants to be a DJ, soon becomes a part of Barden University.

Making unique and innovative remixes of old and dainty songs has always been her thing but the movie goes beyond the world of music. With the soothing strings of musical instruments, we also get a detailed taste of college politics and favoritism. As we dig deep into this musical world, we will see how Beca meets Jesse, how she enters the Bellas, and how things get all jumbled up for her. From hiding her true feelings for Jesse to getting arrested, it is going to be a crazy journey for Bella. Moreover, how could we forget about the final round of the 2012 ICCA Regionals?

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10. The To-Do List

Another comedy movie of all time is “The To Do List” featuring Aubrey Plaza. The story revolves around Brandy Klark or should we say the nerdy girl who never had any fun in high school. Her high school life was pretty bland. Yes, you guessed it right, she is still a virgin, she doesn’t have a hot and happening love or sex life. But her life is about to change soon. This brings us to the grand high school celebration, the hot messy party where Brandy gets drunk for the first time. That’s not all, she even had an intense scene with Rusty, her longtime high school crush. Both were drunk and the lights in the room were put off, but as soon as Rusty discovers he is making out with Brandy, he decides to stop!

Brandy is nowhere near Rusty’s league. He starts to tell her that she is not attractive at all. Disheartened Brandy decides to add a new thing to her “To Do List”, no matter what but she will convince Rusty to have sex with her. Before college begins, she will lose her virginity. To accomplish her goal, she even decides to work as a lifeguard. The comedy movie also comes with a dose of love, friendship, and humor.

9. Neighbors 

Another classic comedy movie of the new era happens to be Neighbors. The movie premiered somewhere in 2014. On one hand, we have a couple who are getting accustomed to parenting. Their honeymoon phase is now over! Sleepless nights are now part of their routine. But their real nightmare begins when someone new settles down in their neighborhood. We present to you, Teddy Sanders. He is a college student and partying regularly is not at all new to him. He is up for loud music all the time. But it looks like the couple is not happy with their new neighbor. They called the cops and things became messy for Teddy. The game of pranks and revenge begins here.

8. The Kings Of Summer

Are you up for some adventure? Joe, Patrick, and Biaggio are sick of their monotonous life which is nothing but full of hardship and problems. Frustrated with their parents and daily routine, they draft an escape plan. It looks like they found a place in the woods. Thus begins a journey of adventure! Patrick and Joe go missing from their respective homes. They were initially living cordially until Joe invited Kelly over. Kelly happens to be Joe’s crush and as the story moves forward we will see how Patrick and Kelly started dating one another.

Joe was not happy about Patrick’s deep relationship with Kelly and thus he had an intense argument with Patrick and Biaggio. The dispute made Joe alone and he decides to kick his friend out of his newly established house. Do you think he can survive alone? Will the three friends ever catch up again? To get the answers to these many questions, watch the whole story of The Kings of Summer.

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7. The Edge of Seventeen

The story revolves around Nadine who is disturbed by the fact that her best friend Krista is now in a relationship with Darian. Nadine always had a strange relationship with her mother and brother. Her mother Mona is mostly occupied by her social status while her older brother Darian is extremely popular in school. Krista’s close bonding with Darian initially provokes Nadine to be friends with Erwin Kim!

Nadine knew Erwin had a long-term crush on her, thus she thought it would be better if she pretends to be in a relationship with him. The story celebrates the true meaning of love and friendship. From ending her friendship with Krista to finally addressing her newly developed feelings for Erwin, it is going to be a long ride for Nadine. The Edge of Seventeen also throws light on issues like anxiety and loneliness.

6. Alex Strangelove

Looking for a comedy rom-com? Then you have headed to the right place. Are you curious to learn about Alex Truelove? Friendship will soon turn into something beautiful. Alex and Claire have been friends for years. At the beginning of the story, we will see how Alex hears about his mother’s diagnosis, she is tested for cancer. Claire comforts him and they share a moment and guess what things went a bit beyond and they end up in a relationship. They are planning to have sex together, the hotel room is booked!

But as the story moves ahead, we will see how Alex meets Elliot, who is not shy about being gay. His deep conversation with him might soon give him a reality check. Alex is about to discover his real personality, is he gay or bisexual? Whom will he choose? Elliott and Claire are both in love with Alex. On one hand, he is dealing with his best friend while on the other hand, he doesn’t want to lose Elliott! To know what lies in Alex’s future, binge Alex Strangelove exclusively just on Netflix.

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5. Blockers

A story that throws light on friendship and parenting. Julie, Kayla, and Sam are about to lose their virginity. It all comes down to the prom night. This trio has always been together. Not only the kids but their parents also get along with one another. Teenagers are bound to make mistakes, after all, that’s how they learn to deal with the reality of life. But as these three go for the prom night, we will see how their parents, namely, Lisa, Mitchell, and Hunter decode their online messages. Lisa is caught red-handed while the other two are also in a tight position. Featuring the very bold and attractive John Cena, Leslie Mann, and Ike Barinholtz, Blockers is surely worth watching once.

4. Booksmart

A new-age comedy movie based around teenagers happens to be Booksmart. Amy and Molly are ready to begin their college life. They have finally graduated from high school. Molly has always been a bookworm and that’s why her classmates often made fun of her. But guess what, Molly made it through Yale and what’s better than flexing this achievement? But as she tries to show off her latest achievement, she will learn that all her classmates who always had a joyous high school life have also got admission into prestigious colleges.

This stimulates Molly, and out of frustration, she has a talk with Amy and they finally decide to attend Nick’s graduation party. As they struggle to get the appropriate party address, Molly stumbles upon Jared who takes the duo to his giant party. Amy knew something was off and suggested leaving but she can’t break the girl code. From riding to different parties to finding out the true meaning behind having fun, this new-era movie will surely not disappoint you. 

3. Sierra Burgess Is A Loser

Don’t go by the name of the movie as Sierra is nothing less than a genius. An extremely smart high school student who is ready to be a part of Stanford University. But despite her intelligence, no one finds her amusing or interesting. Her prolonged rivalry with classmate Veronica is not new to the high school student, but Jamey, a strong and bold football player from another high school, doesn’t have any idea about it. The confusion started when Veronica gave away Sierra’s number to Jamey. They started texting one another.

Jamey thought he was chatting with Veronica but Sierra knew from the beginning that Jamey had misunderstood the whole thing. On the other hand in the story, we will see how Veronica gets dumped by her boyfriend. But when no one was around, Sierra decided to help Veronica and surprisingly they started getting along. Veronica agrees to help Sierra with her communication skills with Jamey. But do you think this series of lies can bring out something meaningful for Jamey and Sierra? 

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2. The Perfect Date 

The Perfect Date was released back in April 2019. Brooks Rattigan will do everything to get a tight amount for his higher education. He is determined to get into Yale but his father is constantly telling him to opt for the University of Connecticut, after all, he is getting a full-time scholarship there. Brooks is a high school senior and currently works at a sub shop. The idea struck his mind when he first pretended to be Celia’s boyfriend. He is damn good at impressing ladies and his dating skills are unbeatable.

That’s when he thought about building a dating app with his long-term tech-savvy friend, Murph. Money starts coming in and things become pretty smooth for him. But things didn’t go as he wanted them to be, the unique popularity of the app will soon become a problematic factor for him. In this terrific ride of confusion, Brooks might bump into someone who cares for him but can he make the right decision for himself? To know his final decision, watch The Perfect Date, exclusively just on Netflix.

1. He’s All That 

The new generation comedy movie is a remake of “She’s All That”. “He’s All That” was released last year. The story revolves around Padgett Sawyer, a popular TikTok influencer who is soon going to be a high school graduate. She pretends to live a gorgeous life because followers are everything she cares for. Things changed when she found out that her long-time boyfriend, Jordan Van Draanen is no longer interested in her. Jordan ditched her for a backup dancer. But her sorrowful story doesn’t end here, life shattered apart when her live stream went viral. She lost her followers and sponsorship deals. To regain her lost popularity, she decides to nourish the least popular boy in school.

This brings us to Cameron Kweller, a student from the photography department who barely socializes with others. Can Padgett turn him into a Prom King? In due course of the movie, we will see how Padgett develops a soft spot for Padgett. But things will turn upside down when Jordan tries to make a move on Cameron’s sister Brin. It all comes down to the prom night, will Cameron attend the ultimate high school day? Will Padgett accept her feelings for Cameron? To know what lies in their future, watch He’s All That, exclusively just on Netflix.

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