List Of Best Horror And Thriller Drama Series Like Locke And Key!

Horror series, movies, and dramas are something like we can’t get rid of it, in spite If we get used to the emotion of “Fear”. If you love to watch fantasy drama and supernatural horror genre series then here are some options just like “Locke And Key”, which you can go for. Locke And Key is in itself a horror and supernatural drama series, which shows a key house of many keys and mysteries. It is something like anyone can scream. Adapted from the comic series by Joe Hill, it gives us the feeling of some mystery, suspense, and horror.

1) Warrior Nun

Series Like Locke And Key

By its name, anyone can guess that there is a nun who fights for the good. And that is so, which can be seen in this series. It is a drama and a supernatural series that was released on July 2, 2020. It shows us the story of a 19 – year old lady who suddenly wakes up in a morgue or mortuary. She then realized that she is now a part of the ancient Order of Cruciform Sword, who fights with the bad demons on the Earth and now has more natural powers. The series has only one season with just ten episodes, so if you want to make your weekend, then you can go for it.

2) The Order

Series Like Locke And Key

Magic! Magic! Magic! If you are something who loves magic and horror in a combo, then you can go for this series. The Order is a Canadian – American horror drama television series, having two seasons with twenty episodes. The story revolves around a college boy, Jack Morton who joins the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose society to learn the art of magic. He soon finds and reveals many dark secrets and a battle between the werewolves and the magical dark arts.

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3) October Faction

October Faction is again a supernatural American television drama series having only one season with ten episodes. The story plot shows a couple, Fred and Deloris Allen, and their twin kids, Geoff and Viv. After Fred’s father’s death, his family decided to move to his hometown Barrington – on – Hudson to perform the rituals. Being haunted after his brother’s death in childhood and due to Fred’s reckless behavior in choosing his life partner, he was repulsed from his childhood home. The kids also get used to supernatural activities.

Viv once noticed a long hair creature, whose hair was coming to the floor, and he was struggling to free himself. Geoff once reveals a teacher’s dark and deepest secret in front of the whole classroom. Om the other hand, Fred and Deloris, who are also the secret members of a secret group organization, are given the task to protect humanity from the demons and bad monsters.

4) The A List

Series Like Locke And Key

If any holiday can become a nightmare horror then The A-List should be on your horror show list. The plot revolves around a mysterious girl named Amber, who has something in with her. Mia, another girl in the summer camp group has a secret doubt on her. She thinks Amber is some crazy one who can attract people to her side, leaving Mia alone. Although, she was the late one in the camp she has attracted each and everyone towards her side.

5) What / If

What / If is another one thriller television drama series that should be on your wishlist. The series has only one season with ten episodes. It shows us the story of when normal people start doing abnormal and unpredictable things. Each and every episode brings us with some new twist and the solution of it. So, you should definitely watch this series too.

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