List Of The 25 Best Chick Flicks On Netflix!

A slang phrase, sometimes used negatively, for the cinema genre that caters particularly to women’s interests and targets female audiences is “chick flick.” They primarily deal with love and romance and typically target a younger female audience. Despite the fact that a variety of movies may be made with a female audience in mind, the title “chick flick” is often reserved for movies with a focus on romance or personal drama (although not necessarily romantic, as films may focus on parent-child or friend relationships). Around Valentine’s Day, a large number of chick films are frequently released. Gloria Steinem and other feminists have criticized words like “chick flick” and the associated genre term “chick lit,” calling them offensive. Here’s the list of Best Chick Flicks On Netflix.

A chick flick is normally a movie made specifically with women, usually young women, in mind. According to The New York Times, defining a chick film is more of a parlor game than an exact science. These movies are typically seen as having predictable, cookie-cutter characters and plots in popular culture. According to ReelzChannel, this makes the use of the term “problematic” because it implies “frivolity, artlessness, and complete commercialism.” However, for their narratives and acting, a few chick films have won great praise from critics. For instance, the 1983 movie Terms of Endearment won Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, and Best Actor in a Supporting Role. It also won Best Screenplay. Recently, the movie La La Land, which stars both Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and is referred to as a girl flick in some areas, received the Academy Award for Best Actress. Before moving up to the academy level, both of these performers were highly recognized for their parts in chick films.

25 Best Chick Flicks On Netflix

So here are some chick flick movies with particularly having women characters in them and these all chick flick movies are rated amazingly so you won’t regret watching them. One of the first films to be labeled a chick flick was 1989’s Steel Magnolias, which had a strong female audience and a predominately female cast. Soon after more movies were made like this which created a fanbase for such movies.

Something Borrowed: Something Borrowed is my go-to emotional support film; it’s the one I turn on while half-glancing at my phone when I just need something soothing to watch. It’s a romantic comedy that follows timid Darcy as she falls (again) in love with the college sweetheart who also happens to be engaged to her best friend. Messy!

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 2: P.S. I Still Love You: Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky’s picture-perfect relationship is going to hit some rough patches. One hell of a love triangle follows when another one of her ex-boyfriends reappears in her life. Watch Lara Jean as she struggles with her emotions and strives to understand what her heart truly desires.

Five Feet Apart: Movies to watch when you are in the mood full of tears. In this tragic movie, two teenagers who are suffering a cruel illness fall in love for the first time. If Stella and Will, who have both been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, come within five feet of one another, the bacterium might instantly kill them both.

Life as We Know It: In Life, As We Know It, Katherine Heigl—the chick movie king of the early 2000s—plays Holly, who inherits custody of her best friend’s child after she and her husband passed away suddenly. She must split custody with Messer, the husband’s annoyingly charming best friend, under their will. Watch as they try to maintain their prior lifestyles while assuming parental responsibilities.

The Kissing Booth: The most crucial rule of Elle and Lee’s friendship is that his attractive older brother is completely off-limits. Of course, Elle defies that commandment and is compelled to conceal their relationship in order to preserve her friendship.

Dear John: We are delighted to report that the John Green story still slaps because we recently watched this one. This film is heartbreakingly romantic, like most of his books that have been made into movies, but it has a joyful ending that will make you believe in love, if only for a little while.

Twilight: This clip embodied people’s *entire* personalities in 2008. Every must-see girl flick list starts with this early 2000s vampire series, and you can watch the full series on Netflix right now.

The Perfect Date: Brooks is prepared to begin his ivy league life, but he must first obtain funding. In order to hire himself out for weddings and other gatherings where he will masquerade as the ideal boyfriend, he develops an app. He meets many girls, but he doesn’t get any closer to the one he really wants.

Safe Haven: Nobody does female flicks *quite* as well as my man John Green. Katie seeks sanctuary in a small coastal village after making a terrifying get away from her abusive husband. She falls in love with a charming local widower, but her history interferes with her new life and causes chaos.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: Lara Jean needs to find a method to hide everything when covert letters to her crush are sent out. To show her sister’s ex-boyfriend that she is over him, she chooses to pretend to be in a relationship with one of the lads.

The Holiday: This holiday favourite is fantastic for all four seasons, but it’s best enjoyed wrapped up in a blanket in the middle of a blizzard. This romantic chick flick has a terrific cast (Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black, and John Krasinski) and is perfect for a romantic night in. Watch how two young women who are both heartbreakingly single swap lives for a week and unintentionally fall in love.

My Girl: This heartbreaking coming-of-age story is well worth watching. Experience one of those perplexing summers between childhood and adolescence through Vada’s innocent eyes.

Someone Great: Jenny would be at the “starting wearing less and went out more” part of the song if it were by Drake. She turns to her two best friends for support after breaking up with her nine-year partner. Before Jenny moves across the country to start her dream career, the three decide to spend one final crazy night together in New York City.

Dumplin’: In the words of Dumplin’ herself, this Netflix original film is a protest in high heels. Willowdean decides to enter a pageant after years of seeing her mother rule the industry. Watch her succeed in a field when everyone treats her as an outsider.

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser: Barb was due better, and in this film, she receives it. Shannon Purser, who plays Sierra Surguess on Stranger Things, must work with the school bully to save the relationship after she unintentionally begins catfishing her crush, Noah Centineo.

About Time: Tim inherited his father’s capacity for time travel, unlike most people who inherit their mother’s eyes or their father’s chuckle. Watch as he makes use of his unique talents to win over the affection of his ideal match, played by Rachel McAdams from The Notebook.

Set It Up: The Parent Trap and Horrible Bosses collide in this film. Two worn-out assistants devise a scheme to seduce their domineering bosses. They work together to advance the relationship in the hopes that their superiors will place more emphasis on their connection than on their work.

Best Chick Flicks On Netflix

The Ugly Truth: A stubborn leading lady (Katherine Heigl again) calls out Mike (Gerard Butler), a television dating expert who delivers sexist relationship advice and thinks love is beneath him. It’s really up to you whether you want to see this comedy or simply join me on my next Hinge date.

Best Chick Flicks On Netflix

Rip Tide: Cora has the life that everyone wants—she has a modeling contract and is featured in every magazine—but it doesn’t make her happy. To discover her true identity, she flees to her family in Australia. There, she follows her passion for fashion design and discovers surfing.

Best Chick Flicks On Netflix

Always Be My Maybe: It’s a modern-day The Notebook. A serious argument between two childhood sweethearts brings an end to their love forever. Though their circumstances are drastically different, they reignite their romance fifteen years later.

Best Chick Flicks On Netflix

Desperados: Do you prefer your buddy comedies in your romcoms? Desperados will satisfy their urge. Wes and her girlfriends travel to Mexico to delete the embarrassing email from her dreamy new beau’s phone before he can view it after sending it to him while intoxicated. Naturally, there are shenanigans, but there’s also a touching tale about the dangers of keeping our actual selves hidden in relationships.

Best Chick Flicks On Netflix

Nappily Ever After: Violet, an advertising executive, is fixated on perfection—perfect life, ideal boyfriend, perfect everything. One tragic night, after a disastrous salon experience and an unexpected love breakup, Violet snaps and shaves her head bald. What initially appears to be an emergency turns out to be a ticket to freedom and confidence that can change your life. I have to concentrate on myself right now.

Best Chick Flicks On Netflix

Good On Paper: Iliza Schlesinger, a stand-up comedian, created and performed in the romantic comedy Good on Paper, which was based on her real life. Andrea Singer, a stand-up comedian who has put love on hold for years, is portrayed by Schlesinger. When she begins seeing the ideal partner, she starts to worry that he might be a catfish and enlists the help of her friends in a funny investigation to find out who this person is.

Best Chick Flicks On Netflix

White Christmas: White Christmas, the 1954 classic about two army friends who fall for two seductive sisters, doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to appreciate it. They realize that the inn is in danger of closing when they pursue the women to the country inn owned by their previous commanding officer. They then work together to save the inn. No matter if it’s Christmas in July or Christmas in December, let these timeless tunes and dances cheer up your worn-out spirit.

Best Chick Flicks On Netflix

Cloudburst: Thelma and Louise-style trip to Canada, where they want to get married in Nova Scotia, is taken by Dotty’s girlfriend Stella (Olympia Dukakis), who is transferred into a Maine nursing facility by her granddaughter. They pick up a hitchhiker on the way who is going home to see his dying mother. Cloudburst is a charming, sweet, and deliciously zany movie that shows that passion may happen at any age.

Best Chick Flicks On Netflix

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Previous Year Best Chick Flicks

Best Chick Flicks On Netflix

Good On Paper: Consider Good on Paper as the anti-rom-com, with the lesson being that someone could be lying if your life starts to resemble one. Iliza Shlesinger, a comedian, turned a dating-related experience into a funny movie. She plays a stand-up comedian who, after years of chasing her career, feels ready to date. She meets a man on a plane who ticks all her boxes, but he hides behind his flawless appearance.

Andrea Singer is a struggling aspiring actress and stand-up comedian. Dennis Kelley meets Andrea at the airport after bringing back her lost boarding pass when she is returning from an audition.

Andrea is seated next to Dennis on the trip, who introduces himself as a Yale graduate who works in hedge funds. They click, and they start spending time together in Los Angeles. Dennis assists Andrea with her audition prep, and the two quickly become close friends. Dennis develops feelings for Andrea and approaches her about dating, but she declines. Dennis deceits Andrea into spending time with him one evening. After going out and getting wasted, they hook up. Andrea consents to be his girlfriend in the morning.

Andrea and her friend Margot begin to wonder if Dennis is all that he promises to be as they grow closer. Andrea finds that Dennis made up stories about his mother’s illness, his house, his work, and his college degree. To exact revenge, Margot makes Dennis intoxicated, resulting in his unconsciousness. Andrea confronts Dennis after Margot unintentionally hurt him. Later, Andrea finds out that Dennis has sued her for kidnapping him. She gets a restraining order and extra material for her stand-up performance after confronting him once more.

Crazy About Her: Perhaps the fact that Adri (Lvaro Cervantes) and Carla (Susana Abaitua) swear they’ll never see each other again is the reason they had such a great time on their night out. Their inhibitions are lessened, allowing them to relax and have fun. Adri, however, is unable to forget about Carla and sets out to find her. He is shocked to learn that Carla resides in a psychiatric hospital. The intersection between mental health and new relationships is examined in Crazy About Her.

Adri works as a successful journalist for a magazine covering entertainment. He meets the spontaneous and impetuous Carla while out with his pals. She lures him into a one-night stand while adamantly demanding that they never meet again. They travel to a hotel where they interrupt a wedding reception and engage in sexual activity in the bridal room until Carla leaves suddenly.

Now in love with Carla, Adri is determined to track her down. He is sent to a mental health facility where he encounters Carla, a patient. Adri devises a scheme to get her number by being accepted as uninvited visitors are not permitted, believing that she was pleased to see him too. Carla is astonished and incensed to see him when he returns to the room. Adri is upset and wants to leave, but the staff prevents him since they believe he may be mentally sick. They do not trust him when he says he is a journalist and that his admission was simply for an article. Adri’s companion makes unsuccessful attempts to free him. He writes her a disparaging article about the mental hospital before she departs to give it to his supervisor.

Sal, Adri’s sympathetic schizophrenic roommate, argues that becoming friends with other patients is the only way to exit the facility, coupled with making behavioral adjustments, as peer evaluations factor into one’s release. Adri meets the others, including Tina, who is delusional, Victor, who has OCD, and Martha, who suffers from sadness as a result of her Tourette’s. Victor is the love of Martha’s life, but she is too nervous to tell him because of her tics. Adri pledges to give Martha the confidence she needs to admit her feelings. He anticipates favorable ratings from them in return.

Dating and New York: Jaboukie Young-White and Francesca Reale, two millennial friends who are both chronically single, come to an understanding that they will serve as each other’s dating mentors, helping them to understand the perplexing ways of the other sex. This provides an insight into modern dating customs, where communication starts online and through dating apps before meeting in person.

With a strong focus on a fairy-tale style, “Dating & New York” begins with vintage credits that actually read “Once Upon a Time” across the screen, New York sites portrayed in beautiful pastels, and performers mentioned alongside their character names. The story opens with a narrator (Jerry Ferrara from “Entourage”) explaining “two millennials plagued with the dilemma of choice” in an amused satirical voice. The term “cursed” is simply too strong when applied to the entire movie. First and foremost, no one has enough of an inner existence to permit themselves to feel “cursed” about anything. Perhaps this is meant to be a critique on “millennials” or the swipe-right method of “dating” (there’s an entire sequence about refusing to pick just one flavor of ice cream). The first feature film from writer/director Jonah Feingold, “Dating & New York,” is a mixed bag. There are underlying issues the film cannot resolve despite the script’s frequent wit, incisive observations, and two extremely enjoyable performances.

Wendy (Francesca Reale) and Milo (Jaboukie Young-White) do not precisely “meet cute” using the dating app “Meet Cute,” but they do get together for drinks. They joke around with self-aware humor, and their major point of connection is when they let each other use their phones at the table. They go home and spend the night together, which is such a comfort.

Squared Love: Squared Love should be on your Netflix list if you prefer ’90s rom-com with extravagant plots. Our leading lady, Monika (Adrianna Chlebicka), leads a double life as a model by day and a teacher by night. A famous journalist named Enzo (Mateusz Banasiuk) has been tasked with profiling her genuine life. Cliches are used in the film to advance the plot, although fans of the genre may find them comfortingly familiar.

It’s good to see that Netflix understands what they have on their hands despite Squared Love being undeniably ridiculous. Many potential viewers would no doubt shake their heads and feel overwhelmed after reading the storyline summary and wondering what course this drama might go. they will be told. When it comes to the peculiarities that this Polish romantic comedy has up its sleeve, that is merely the tip of the iceberg. They don’t mention the model’s connections to a criminal organization, the journalist’s care of his emotionally challenged niece, or the modern’s Clark Kent-like disguise that lets her work as a teacher without her true identity being known.

In squared Love, Klaudia (Chlebicka), a famous model with a covert teaching career, is the main character. She manages to keep her two separate lives apart and pursues a number of high-profile modeling jobs in an effort to pay off her family’s obligations to a criminal organization. Because she frequently arrives late to work and does not get along with her superiors, she runs the risk of losing her teaching position. She meets journalist Enzo, who upsets the balance of her orderly life (Banasiuk). He is a playboy who is estranged from his family, and when he is called to take care of one of them, he finds it difficult to rise to the occasion. Because they are collaborating on a television ad, he and Klaudia spend a lot of time together. Despite their obvious attraction to one another, they both lie about their true identities, which creates issues. If everyone knew who she really was and she had to face all of her anxieties, she felt like she would lose herself. She is unable to pursue Enzo fully as a result, and they are forced to consider what they are prepared to give up in order to be together.

Monday: The following is the recipe for Monday’s romance: A Greek island’s blue and white backdrop, exhilaratingly rash choices, and an instant connection that would change their lives. American couples Chloe (Denise Gough) and Mickey (Sebastian Stan) decide to stay together after just one weekend together. Be warned that Monday will be completely on the steamy side of the sultry spectrum, featuring a dramatic romance rather than a rom-com.

Where To Watch These Chick Flicks?

These all movies are available on Netflix and if you like chick flick movies, then you must not miss these movies.

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