“A Different World” Actor Kadeem Hardison Net Worth! Is He Still Popular?

Kadeem Hardison is an actor, popular for his role in the sitcom TV series “A Different World” and has had quite an interesting life until now. Even after turning 50, he is still a well-known actor who continues to deliver the best in TV shows and films.

Kadeem has displayed his acting skills in various films, TV series, and games. The “Afterschool” actor is still gaining popularity and seems to be loved as before for his choice of roles and his ability to nail those roles.

Kadeem Hardison Net Worth

Kadeem Hardison Net Worth

It is estimated that Kadeem has a net worth of $2 million. Some even speculate that he will soon reach the $3 million mark with his acting skills.

Kadeem keeps climbing the glamorous stairs and continues to increase his fandom and income. He is a member of the “Richest Celebrities and TV Actors”, which itself proves how rich this celebrity is. He is known to have a stellar income and image.

Though Kadeem is a popular celebrity, his mediocre approach toward life has attracted more and more fans towards him. His family background also contributes to his fandom since Kadeem has led an interesting life so far.

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Who is Kadeem Hardison?

Kadeem Hardison is an actor, a director, and a music lover. He is known for his roles in sitcoms like “A Different World”, “Between Brothers” and “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka”. He has played many challenging roles in various films and has been nominated for a few as well.

He is known to have a private life despite being a popular actor and the son of a fashion model. Kadeem is a gentle soul who does not engage in any kind of negativity. Despite his questionable marriage, Kadeem is known for his bond with Chante Moore.

Kadeem Hardison’s Early Life

Kadeem has had a stable life and career so far. Even in his later years, he did not face financial difficulties. He was born into a wealthy family and has stayed in his hometown ever since he was born.

Kadeem has always had a passion for acting. Since he was a child, he has participated in various acts and has won many awards for them. It is rumored that Kadeem has never pursued college; he has enrolled himself in an acting school instead.

Kadeem Hardison’s Family

Bethann Hardison, a famous African-American fashion model and diva, and Donald McFadden, who has a passion for art collections. He has had a set of loving parents who have always supported his dreams and encouraged him to make his passion a profession.

Kadeem is the only child of Donald McFadden and is rumored to have six Hardison siblings. He has a daughter named Sophia, who he says is the spitting image of his ex-wife, Chante Moore. Chante and Kadeem are still friends and co-parent their daughter with significant grace and understanding.

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Kadeem Hardison’s Career

Kadeem Hardison Net Worth

Kadeem has always had a passion for acting and landed a role in ABC’s After School Special at the tender age of 14. He then continued to star in multiple TV shows and series. Sometimes in a supporting role, while sometimes as a lead, Kadeem has always given his best in every role he was offered.

Kadeem is mostly seen in comedy shows and series because of his cheerful personality and great comic timing. He has appeared as a guest in many TV series and movies as well. Because of his constant hard work and dedication, Kadeem is a popular actor even in his late 50s.

Kadeem has more than 50 films and television series to his name, along with numerous awards and titles. With his passion and dedication, Kadeem is still winning more titles and fans.

Kadeem Hardison’s Dating Life

Kadeem has one divorce to his name and only one known relationship so far. Kadeem dated Chante Moore, a popular American singer, privately and married her in 1997. He was in a relationship with her for 3 years and has a daughter with her named Sophia, who was born a year prior to their marriage.

Kadeem is a private man and doesn’t share much about his life with the public, which is why his fans got to know about his wedding when they took the vows. Just like his wedding, Kadeem kept his divorce private as well. Both of them kept silent about their reasons behind splitting up but admitted that they are still friends and want each other to have the best in life.

Aside from Chante, Kadeem has dated his co-star from “A Different World”, Cree Summer, for years before he met Chante. Like his relationship with Chante, Kadeem kept Cree and his bond private as well. They broke up for reasons that were never publicized, and Kadeem is now happily single with a daughter.

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