Top 20 Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Their Fans!

Marriages are always referred to as something made in heaven. Secretly, we all have dreamed of marrying our favorite actors and actresses from that classy, glamorous B-Town world. Just Imagine! You and your favorite star tie the knot in a closed ceremony while wearing an absolutely gorgeous Manish Malhotra lehenga, absolutely customized according to your choice.

Hey ! Hey! Don’t go too far; it’s just a dream that is always interrupted, either by our mom or by the milkman. That’s hurt. I know right. But what if I told you there are some stars who married their fans? They fell in love instantly with their fans and decided to tie the knot and live happily ever after, just like the Bollywood way. How lucky those fans might be! Let’s discuss those celebrities who chose their life partner from the fans.

Love, at first sight, can merely be considered a flimsy thing nowadays, especially in the glamorous world of B-Town, but somehow it turns out some actors have been proving everything wrong and falling for someone who is absolutely beautiful as a person inside and out, more than someone with a shiny lifestyle. Somehow they tend to make us believe what commitment looks like and how pretty it can be. 

1. Madhuri Dixit and Shriram Nene

Madhuri Dixit and Shriram Nene
Madhuri Dixit and Shriram Nene

There was no way to predict that Madhuri Dixit, the Bollywood dancing queen, would end up marrying one of her biggest fans. Every other man would have died to be with her, and she chose to be with one of her fans instead. After their rough relationship, she went to the United States to meet Dr. Shriram Nene at her brother’s urging.

Somehow it wasn’t meant to happen until they realized how pure love, at first sight, can be. Madhuri’s dancing and acting had already won over Dr. Nene’s heart, and their attempts to know each other somehow opened the door of their hearts for each other. They started dating in March of 1999 and got married on October 17, 1999. This can be predicted as a “Made in Heaven” story.

2. Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao

After Aamir Khan’s 2002 divorce from Reena Dutta, the Bollywood star quickly moved on and married Kiran Rao in 2005. It was on the set of Lagaan in 2001 that the two actors first crossed paths. When asked about his relationship with Kiran, Aamir said that when he met Kiran, she was one of the ADs (assistant directors) on that film, but at that time, they didn’t have any kind of relationship; they weren’t even great friends.

She counted among the group. Later on, after my divorce and separation, Aamir reconnected with her and turned out to be a good friend. During that time they fell in love and started growing together in their personal as well as professional ways. which eventually made them tie the knot together as a couple. Currently, they have parted on good terms. 

3.Surveen Chawla and Akshay Thakker

Surveen Chawla and Akshay Thakker
Surveen Chawla and Akshay Thakker

Surveen Chawla announced publicly that she is now a married woman. Surprisingly, the “Hate Story 2” star apparently tied the knot with her longtime partner Akshay Thakker in 2015. Akshay had been Surveen’s biggest fan and a good friend who supported her throughout her career. Surveen and Akshay tied the knot in Italy, and theirs was another dream wedding. At first, she hid the fact that she was engaged out of concern for her professional standing. But after a long time, she got over that and realized that a brilliant actress will succeed whether or not she’s married. 

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4.Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra

Rani Mukherji And Aditya Chopra

April 21, 2014, was a shocking day, as they learned that the actress had tied the knot. They tied the knot in a private ceremony attended only by their closest loved ones. The couple didn’t care that Rani had been accused of being a wrecker and went ahead and made things official. Aditya was Rani Mukherji’s biggest fan. They had a pure bond that led to their marriage.

It was almost love at first sight, but in a different way based on how Rani Mukerji carried herself with her excellent performance. Aditya Saw Rani stole the show for the first time on the set of ”Raja Ki Ayagi Baarat” with her impeccable performance. Though that was not entirely love at first sight, rather love at the way Rani performed. Aditya had been married previously before Rani Mukherji. Later on, after Aditya parted ways with his wife, they decided to take their relationship to the next level. They turned out to be good friends, which led to their relationship. 

5. Jeetendra and Shobha Kapoor

Jeetendra and Shobha Kapoor
Jeetendra And Shobha Kapoor

Let’s dive into the typical 90’s love story that still now we secretly desire. Jeetendra attained unprecedented fame for his time. A million other girls were fans of him, and Shobha was no exception. They met at British Airways, where she served as a flight attendant. It was love at first sight. According to the sources, Jeetendra used to travel to British Airways only to see Shobha. Though Jeetendra was rumored to be in a relationship with a lot of women, it was also said that he had dated numerous other actresses. But once they tied the knot, all those rumors died down, as it was a pure love story that successfully tied a knot.

6. Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt
Ranbir Kapoor And Alia Bhatt

Let’s take about the B-Town power couple. It’s obviously going to be Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt the most beautiful couple in B-Town. They are the cutest and obviously, the most desirable couple, though we thought at some point they wouldn’t make it. Though Alia Bhatt is also from the same industry as Ranbir Kapoor, She was a huge fan of Ranbir Kapoor and had been crushing on him for a long time. They kept their relationship away from the paparazzi until they decided to work for Brahmastra. Both on and off the set of the fantasy film Brahmastra, Kapoor and Bhatt have been a couple for five years, which they also developed their bond as friends. They just wed in April at Vastu, Kapoor’s Bandra, Mumbai, home. Currently, Alia Bhatt is the mother of a cute little baby girl.

7. Kajol and Ajay Devgn

Kajol and Ajay Devgn
Kajol And Ajay Devgn

This couple is one of the most senior and well-established ones on this list, having begun dating in 1994 and being married in 1999. His father is the action director Veeru Devgan, her mom is the actress Tanuja, and her late grandmother was the star of Bollywood’s 1950s heyday, Shobhna Samarth. Although they have worked together on a number of films (some of which have been successful, others have not), the pair has maintained a reputation for secrecy, never discussing their personal lives in the media. They are a lovely, dubious couple that does share a good bond of friendship as well as parenting. Both of them had been each other’s biggest admirers; maybe that’s the reason why their relationship is intact in such a way.

8. John Abraham and Priya Runchal

John Abraham and Priya Runchal
John Abraham And Priya Runchal

After John Abraham’s rough breakup, everyone thought he might not have moved on. But John surprised the audience with his marriage news. Although John and his wife Priya Runchal both encounter each other in the gym, it was through mutual friends that the two were introduced. Priya was John’s huge fan. John knew people in the World Bank office in Mumbai, where Priya worked. That’s how the two of them ended up meeting each other. Priya eventually signed up for the same gym. John and she had an extremely discreet relationship, culminating in a legally binding marriage in 2013. John prefers to keep as many details about Priya to himself as he possibly can.

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9. Vivek Oberoi and Priyanka Alva

bollywood celebrities who married their fans
Vivek Oberio And Priyanka Alva

In his personal and professional life, Vivek Oberoi has experienced many ups and downs. In a recent interview, Vivek Oberoi discussed his romantic history, admitting that a traumatic breakup had left him bitter and cynical about relationships. It can be considered a trauma for him. The daughter of the minister of Karnataka, Priyanka Alva, a huge fan of Vivek Oberoi, found solace. According to Vivek, it happened so smoothly that it healed him and made him believe in love once again. Priyanka acknowledges that she has always been a huge fan of Vivek, and they dated for a long time. Despite the fact that their marriage was arranged and the two families have been friends for a very long time, The wedding was held on October 29th, 2010.

10. Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu Dilip

bollywood celebrities who married their fans
Dilip Kumar And Saira Banu

Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu, one of the most famous couples in Bollywood, have a lot of interesting facets to their chemistry. Even today, fans dream of the chemistry that they had. Having endured more than just the test of time together, the couple is held up as an example to the younger generation. They overcame prejudice against them due to their 22-year age difference, high-profile extramarital affairs, and pregnancy complications, but they proved what “happily ever after” looked like.

Growing up, Saira idolized Dilip. When Saira Banu was 12 years old, she was a huge fan of Dilip Kumar, and she finally got to meet him. Saira was an English major at Oxford University, and her mother, Naseem Banu, was an actress. Before she married Dilip Kapoor, she was linked with many actors as a rumor, but that didn’t change her feelings for Dilip.

They got married with an age difference of 22 and 44 at a cultural and social event, and Banu’s mother acted as a cupid for them. Dilip Kapoor even wrote a beautiful paragraph for Saira. Their marriage was a fairy tale that was admired by the fans. Despite their age difference, they had quite skillfully handled their relationship with love and care. 

11. Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia

bollywood celebrities who married their fans
Rajesh Khanna And Dimple Kapadia

Everyone has a crush on Rajesh Khanna, right? Like, who doesn’t want someone like him in their life? There are many ladies who would give anything to marry a man like that. Dimple Kapadia was one of those girls. In March of 1973, at the tender age of 16, she married Rajesh Khanna, who was more than a decade her senior.

Dimple, even though she was from the same industry, was Rajesh Khanna’s biggest fan; their relationship grew after they started working together. First, they developed their friendship, and slowly they decided to tie the knot. After which, Dimple stayed away from the screen for some time. Dimple admired Rajesh very much. After nine years of marriage, Dimple was by Rajesh’s side when he passed away. 

12. Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani

Esha Deol And Bharat Takhtani

This love story is an old-school romance rom-com. This couple has been together since school and has taken a long journey together. Though Esha Deol didn’t get a lot of fame in recent times, she was famous during the time when cinema was developing more in recent times. Esha never thought this love story would ever happen. Since Bharat was 13 years old, he has been completely enamored with Esha. He was finally able to win her over. It was Bharat’s love that brought them together, and the couple says that Esha feels strongly. It wasn’t until June 29, 2012, that the couple tied the knot.

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13. Imran Khan and Avantika Malik

Imran Khan And Avantika Malik

Imran Khan had been a famous face after starting as “Jaane Tu Yeh Jaane Na” Every other woman was crushing on him. But unfortunately, it turns out he had been dating for 13 years and decided not to give her up even after his career went over at that height. Somehow they had been admiring each other a lot during that relationship, and it turns out Imran Khan’s girlfriend had always been her fan and supported him throughout his journey. They were together for a total of ten years before they finally tied the knot. These Bollywood actors and actresses actually tied the knot with devoted fans. With no doubt, they demonstrated that love takes the path it wants. 

14. Sohail Khan And Seema Sachdeva

bollywood celebrities who married their fans
Sohail Khan And Seema Sachdeva

In 1998, shortly after the premiere of Sohail’s film Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya, he revealed that he had secretly wed a Punjabi woman named Seema Sachdeva. Seema was Sohail’s biggest fan, and they never thought this could ever be true. Actually, he only knew her superficially. He confessed his love for her. While their family may have initially objected, they eventually came around and welcomed them. They first celebrated their union with an Arya Samaj ceremony and then switched to a more traditional nikah. Recently, according to some sources, it had been discovered that they were parting ways after 25 years of marriage. 

15. R. Madhavan and Sarita Birje

bollywood celebrities who married their fans
R. Madhavan And Sarita Birje

Let’s be honest: R. Madhavan is someone on whom everyone has a crush, even right now. 90 kids have been his big fans, and Genz has a major crush on him. Prior to becoming an actor, Madhavan was a teacher and public speaking instructor. In the same year, 1992, he also won the Indian Championship for Public Speaking and went on to represent India at the Young Businessmen Conference in Tokyo, Japan.

Contrarily, in 1991, he taught a woman named Sarita Birje at a workshop on public speaking and communication in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Following the advice of one of her cousins, Birje decided to participate in the workshop. She used the skills she learned in this course to land an interview with a major airline, and the rest, as they say, is history. After Madhavan’s debut in films, the couple tied the knot in 1999. 

16. Sharukhan Khan and Gauri Khan

bollywood celebrities who married their fans
Sharukkhan And Gauri Khan

Though they can’t be fully counted as a star marrying a fan, partially they can be counted as one. When Sharukhan came to Bombay to flourish his acting career, he was in a relationship with Gauri. Whereas Gauri came from a quite rich household and Sharukhan didn’t have a single penny, he struggled a lot to become the king of the industry, and Gauri Khan has been his big supporter throughout his journey.

It was in 1984 that SRK, then only 18 years old, and his future wife met for the first time; they have since become Bollywood Couple. Shah Rukh asked Gauri to dance at a friend’s party, but she declined, saying she had to wait for her “boyfriend,” when in fact it was her brother. After years of trying to get together, the couple finally found themselves dating and in a relationship, but their religious beliefs began to cause friction.

SRK even pretended to be a Hindu in order to win over Gauri’s family. On October 25, 1991, the couple tied the knot. According to sources, Gauri Khan had been a big fan of SRK, and her support was everything that made him this successful today. 

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17. Emraan Hashmi and Parveen Shahni

bollywood celebrities who married their fans
Emraan Hashmi And Parveen Shahni

The actor who has become known as Bollywood’s “serial kisser” is actually a devoted family man. Emraan Hashmi is completely different from the characters he plays in movies. The sensual charmer can certainly woo an audience, which helps explain why all the love songs from his films are so popular. Both Parveen and Emraan have known each other since they were young, and their friendship predates Emraan’s Bollywood career. She went into teaching young children, while Emraan pursued a career in acting. Even so, their relationship lasted for six years. When serial kisser Emraan married Parveen in a traditional Islamic ceremony in December 2006, he took everyone by complete surprise. They stuck by each other when their 4-year-old son, Ayaan, was given a cancer diagnosis. They complement each other wonderfully. 

18. Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra

Shilpa Shetty And Raj Kundra

Shilpa Shetty had been a big face of 90s movies. In India, Shilpa Shetty’s fan base is enormous. The stunning actress has fans far and wide, from regular folk to Hollywood A-listers. The British Indian businessman Raj Kundra was one of her many admirers. Raj Kundra was one of her random admirers who never thought that she would ever fall for him. Though Raj Kundra was married, that didn’t stop Shilpa Shetty from loving him. They developed their relationship after Raj Kundra’s divorce from his former wife, and he married her on November 22. 

19. Mumtaz and Mayur Madhvani

bollywood celebrities who married their fans
Mumtaz And Mayur Madhavani

Mumtaz was considered one of the most beautiful actresses of that era. Even today, people are mesmerized by her beauty. She married a business magnate whose surname was Mayur. People back then speculated that Mayur only wed her for her looks. But it was at such an interview that she speculated that she had lost all of my hair, including my eyebrows and eyelashes. Even though I am confident that I am not the most beautiful woman in the world, he still caresses my face like a baby and tells me that I am. What followed was a beautiful account of their romance, even if people still admire their love story as being evergreen. 

20. Kunal Kapoor and Naina Bachchan

Kunal Kapoor And Naina Bachchan

The pair were acquainted with one another through Naina’s cousin, Shweta Bachchan Nanda, the elder daughter of Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan. In addition to being an investment banker, Naina is also a published poet. She was born to Ajitabh and Ramola Bachchan, making her Uncle Amitabh’s niece. As of 2012, Kunal and Naina had been dating. As they worked together on the 2007 film Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, Kunal became close with Naina’s cousin, the actor Abhishek Bachchan. Kunal and Naina started dating after Shweta introduced them in 2012 or so. Over time, Kunal became increasingly familiar with Naina’s family, the Bachchan clan, and was even spotted with them on several occasions. On February 9, 2015, the couple tied the knot in front of their respective immediate families in the idyllic setting of the Seychelles Islands.

These couples of B-Town actually made us believe in love, even in this complicated world. 

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