Is Poacher A Real Story? Addressing The Truths & Facts!

Smuggling of wild animals and their body parts, for the welfare of humans has been the practice for years. But slowly humans are becoming aware of such crimes, and they don’t prefer doing such heinous crimes. Still, if you see in some parts of the world, there are these sinners who follow the worst. It might be the selling of tigers’ skin, or leopards to make leathers and other items. Or the smuggling of trunks or ivory of elephants to make precious items. Not only that, the criminals even transport the wild creatures to different parts, train them, and force them to work like labourers. 

However these are the biggest crimes they do, still are left unarrested. The reasons are quite simple. Some government officials in the greed of money shake hands with these criminals. And now with their support and outreach criminals can easily carry out their work. Apart from them, we know there are still good men living, and due to them, the world is still a happier place to live. Celebrating such unsung heroes is the best work of some directors and writers in Indian Cinema. Beginning from the disclosing truth of Veerappan’s life, in ushpa, to this Poacher, which celebraes the brave officers. The series is streaming on Prime Video. But apart from that, it has a few more questions in it. And to answer all these we’re back here. 

Is Poacher A Real Story?

Released on February 23, 2024, the series Poacher is making a great record on the web. The series is written and directed by the Grammy Award winner, Richie Mehta. He has been the best creator to always dedicate his films to the unsung heroes of our nations. He says not all heroes wear capes and are known worldwide. Thus to make them feel proud and honor them, he loves filming them and their stories. Coming back to Poacher, since the time of its commencement, there’s a great rumour all around the globe. The series is a true story. So is that true? Yes, the rumours this time are true. The series, Poacher is a completely real one, based on the smuggling of Elephant’s ivory and their poaching too. What’s in reel and real? Let’s find out. 

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Narrative Of The Series

Poacher is an eight-episode crime thriller series. It is set in the early 2015 – 2017 mission of the Kerala Police. Yes, it features the role of some great heroes who don’t even wear a batch but are still eager and on the front foot to help their nation. The series begins showing the smugglers with a strong network transporting ivories of wild elephants and carrying out the poaching. This was all done in the forests of Kerela, which included the Munnar, Malayattoor, and Vazhachal forests. As soon as the officers had news about these smugglers, they planned out a mission. It was all dedicated to saving wild animals, from being killed and transported out from India.

Officers Mala Jogi, Alan Joseph, Neel Banerjee, DFO Dina, Nilesh Sharma, and the other chief officers, involving their families were involved in the mission to free their Kerela forests from the smugglers. The mission was named “Operation Shikkar”. Where, all these police officers, dressed as local men, or as a team of smugglers know the real ones’ plans. However, they were devasted to know the truth. That is such a sin, not just the criminals, but even some officials around them were involved in the cases. The series as a whole, will reveal every small or big information regarding these smugglers and their operations. Therefore we recommend you to watch the series, as it is a quite relaxing series to enjoy with your family. 

Real “Operation Shikkar”

Operation Shikkar was a powerful mission laid by the Kerela police and Forest Department Team. They were on a mission for two years, from 2015-17, where they tried their level best to stop the smuggling of elephants and their ivories. In these years, a huge transport of elephants and their killings were registered. The Kerela government ordered its cops to be urgent and arrest all the sinners. As a result, Officer Manu Sathyan the DFO of Kerela, Jose Louies a technical engineer, and Dr. Amit Mallick an IFS officer. All three were key members of the mission team. At the end of the operation, the police team arrested more than 70 people. Out of them shamefully, it was not just a group of smugglers, but also the policemen, some government employees, and politicians involved. 

Where Is The Series Streaming?

Poacher is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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