Is A Day And A Half Based On A True Story?

Family road trips are something that generally brings a wave of excitement and fun in the hearts of almost all of us. But in this case, everything went vice versa. A father who is deeply in love with his daughter, but due to certain circumstances and his past running case, he is not allowed to meet her. Now when he is refused by his wife whom he has fallen out of love with doesn’t bring his daughter to meet him on the designated day, in a sudden fit of rage and desperation, he ends up loading his gun and busting into his wife’s office and that is exactly where the story unfolds and continues on a family road trip which ends up healing somethings which were broken by misjudgments and circumstances.

This particular movie was created by the very famous Fares Fares and Peter Smirnakos, and directed by Fares as well. When this particular movie came out, there was a lot of hype regarding the storyline based on the trailer we received and it is a Swedish story.

Now when it comes to the reviews and the ratings, fans have loved this series all over the world, however, the ratings of this show have been a moderate 5.8 on the IMDB platform, which is not quite impressive in total, but based on critic response, is worthy enough. Following which coming to the main topic of the article which is regarding whether A Day And A Half is based on a true story, and the answer is it is somewhere inspired by a true story, but it has not been clearly stated whether the entire storyline is based on a true story or not.

A Day And A Half True Story

Is A Day And A Half Based On A True Story?

Now as we have mentioned, the story that we get to see in this particular Swedish movie, is not completely based on a true story. The story is inspired by an old event read by the maker, Fares Fares in an old article in the year 2008, where the main story was an armed man rushing into a health care centre, where his wife works, just so that he could force her to find out about the locations of his daughter, and soon the police came in and that story went its way.

But it is stated by Fares, that the article didn’t become a huge national or international news, as there were no casualties and no proper information was available, but it also served as the real inspiration behind this particular movie.

For those who have not watched this series, spoiler ahead, but it is the story of Artan an Albanian man, who kidnaps her wife from her workplace so that he can take her and his daughter back to Albania, While doing so also ends up kidnapping a police officer named Lukas, for negotiation purposes.

Following this, the road trip starts, but during that road trip many revelations are made regarding the misjudgments made by Artan, and also towards the end of the movie, we get to see that new bonds are made, something which was completely broken was partially mended, Artan decided to surrender and hopefully when he will be coming out of prison, he will be having a much happy family life from what he used to have earlier.

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A Day And A Half Season 2

This particular show came out in the year 2023 and was a moderate success from the maker’s side, but after that generally, we get to see Netflix renewing shows and movies within two or three months if they are meant to be, but there have been no such updates regarding this series, and so we can assume the chances for a season 2 are very low in total.

However, if the makes decide to continue the story, it will be mainly based on the future life of Artan with his family when he comes out of prison, and for that, we will have to wait much longer. The trailer for the first season of the show is currently available for streaming on the YouTube, platform.

Where Can We Watch A Day And A Half?

This particular movie is currently available for streaming only on the Netflix platform, and further seasons if happen will also be available on the Netflix platform as well, and that is because it is a completely Netflix original series.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is A Day And A Half Based On A True Story?

The story is somewhere inspired from an old incident which the maker read in an old article.

2.How many seasons of A Day And A Half there?

This particular movie has got only a single season.

3.Who is the maker of A Day And A Half?

This movie is created by the very famous Fares Fares.

4.Where can we watch A Day And A Half?

This movie is available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

5.Is the movie A Day And A Half good?

It has good reviews and ratings, and thus it is surely worth a shot.

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