Check Out The Top 10 Rugby Movies On Netflix!

Movies related to sports never fail to inspire us. We always look forward to watching sports movies and biopics related to our favorite sports. Most of us get to know many things about sports like football and rugby through movies or web series. Sports movies always show us that nothing is impossible and even in the worst situations we can figure out our goals. Biopics make us believe that people have faced struggles and issues more than us. So if they can, then why can’t we?  Here is a list of must-watch rugby movies on Netflix to motivate you. 


Top 10 Rugby Movies On Netflix

Mercenary is a French drama written and directed by Sacha Wolff, starring Toki Piloko. The story revolves around Soane, a 19-year-old guy who goes to play rugby against his violent father’s wish and gets kicked out of his own house. He is a member of the Wallissian community. He gets scouted from New Caledonia to play for a club in France. He was recruited by a man named Abraham, an intermediary, and takes a commission from their salaries. But unfortunately, he won’t get the chance to play. This creates more chaos in his life. The movie shows the struggle he faces to finally reach where he wants to be. 

Handsome Devil

Top 10 Rugby Movies On Netflix

Handsome Devil is an Irish comedy-drama written and directed by John Butler, starring  Fionn O’Shea(Ned), Nicholas Galitzine(Conor), and Andrew Scott as Dan. The story takes place in the fictional Wood Hill College. Ned is the only odd student who hates rugby in a rugby-obsessed college. Conor is a new student and an excellent rugby player and becomes Ned’s roommate. Though they are opposites of each other soon they find their common interest in music. Mr. Sherry is a professor who always encourages Ned and Cornor. The story takes an unexpected turn when Ned and Conor figure out the untold story about the professor. 

100 Streets

100 Streets is a British drama written by Leon F.Butler and directed by Jim O’ Hanlon. The story revolves around the lives of three individuals, whose lives get intertwined in modern London. It’s a fascinating movie starring Idris Elba as Max, Gemma Arterton as Emily, Franz Drameh as Kingsley, Ken Stott as Terence, Kierston Wareing as Kathy, and Charlie Creed-Miles as George. Max is a former Rugby player and team captain of England, who is struggling to save his marriage with his celebrity wife Emily. Kingsley is a drug dealer who is desperately trying to come out from it and meets Terence who pushes him from his bad times. George is a cab driver and Kathy, his wife is trying their best to have babies but unfortunately, they get disappointed each time. The story shows that sometimes we take a wrong turn to end up on the right path.  

The Invictus

Top 10 Rugby Movies On Netflix

Invictus is a sports drama and biopic directed by Clint Eastwood, starring  Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. It is based on the book  Playing the Enemy: Nelson Mandela and the Game That Made a Nation. The book covers the events and incidents that happen in South Africa during the 1995 Rugby World Cup. The movie tells the inspiring story of Nelson Mandela. After 27 years of imprisonment, Mandela notices the racial discrimination existing in the nation even after these many years.

The discrimination between Blacks and Whites still continues to exist. But he notices that the blacks support their opposing team during the rugby match. He joins with Francois Pienaar, the Captain of South Africa’s rugby team. This opens a new path for him to eliminate the racial discrimination existing in the country. Mandela believed that he will be able to bring the divided nation together through sports. During the the1995 Rugby World Cup Championship match, he supports the South Africa rugby team through rallies. 


Gridiron Gang

Gridiron gang

Gridiron Gang is an American sports-based movie starring  Dwayne Johnson(Coach Sean Porter), Xzibit( Assistant Coach Malcolm Moore), L. Scott Caldwell(Bobbi Porter), and Kevin Dunn(Ted Dexter). It’s based on the true story of  Kilpatrick Mustangs, written by Jeff Maguire and directed by Phil Joanou. Sean Porter works at a juvenile detention center in Los Angels.

He tries hard to keep the teenagers away from their personal problems and also help them to come out of drug dealings and street gangs. But unfortunately, he fails each time. Later, he comes up with the idea of making a football team. He feels that football would help them to get distracted from their daily routine and they will also get the feeling of belongingness. So he starts his own team with the teenagers and names the team as ‘ Kilpatrick Mustangs.’ This changed the life of the kids there and marked the beginning of something new. 


Top 10 Rugby Movies On Netflix

Greater is a sports-based American movie written and directed by David Hunt. It’s a biopic of Brandon Burlsworth, beginning from his epic life to his unfortunate death. The story begins with the funeral of 22-year-old Brandon Burlsworth. Later, takes us to the flashback where Brandon Burlsworth is a 12-year-old kid with the dream of playing for the University of Arkansas. But he won’t get the scholarship to join the University because of his physical appearance, though others ask him to give up, he never did. He worked hard and proves himself in the field. Soon he gets in the team and inspires them to work hard towards their goal. Little did he know about the uninvited guest waiting for him.



Undefeated is a documentary film by  Daniel Lindsay and T. J. Martin. The movie shows the struggles faced by a high school rugby team. The story takes place at  Manassas High School in North Memphis. They have never had a rugby team in their school. Coincidently coach Bill Courtney enters their life, which changes their life. He make a football team named Manassas Tigers. Though they face continuous failures even after attempting for years, they never give up. He gives them training not only for football practice but also builds their emotional stability. He prepares them for both academics and athletics. 


XV: Beyond The Try Line

XXV Beyond The Line

XV: Beyond The Try Line is a movie that connects deep into our hearts. It’s directed by Pierre Deschamps. The movie clearly portrays the importance and affection the players have towards rugby. Other than the rugby match, the movie shows the behind-the-scenes and real happenings behind the rugby game. Once they touch the ball, there is no going back. Rugby is not just a game, it’s an emotion of many.

The movie emphasizes the uniqueness of the sport and the people who are more like a family, who helped throughout the game. Even the tiniest of the characters are given importance, referee, parents, player, groundsman, fan, etc. We ghetto see the role in detail of each one. This movie shows you why they are so passionate about this sport. The brotherhood, love, and relationship between the team members. The integrity, discipline, and towards the sport. It proves that team spirit and teamwork is the most important factor for success. The players must trust their team members. You will get to see all shades of the rugby game in this move. We also get rare insights and stories from Prince Harry, Jonny Wilkinson, Dan Carter, and Eddie Jones. The movie is really beyond our imagination. 


Alive is an American biographical drama directed by Frank Marshall, starring Ethan Hawke as Nando Parrado, and Josh Hamilton as Roberto Canessa. The story begins with the photographers of Stella Maris College’s Old Christians Rugby Team, who finds the members of the rugby team. This movie is more like a monologue. On 13 October 1972, the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 flies over the Andes. The players and their relatives are desperately waiting for the upcoming match. Unexpectedly, the plane crashes due to turbulence and collides with a huge mountain.

The situation gets out of the hands of the pilots. Unfortunately, seven people die in the crash. Antonio, the team captain tries to help the injured people.  Roberto Canessa and Gustavo Zerbino are medical students, they help to aid the injured and the survivors. Soon the night arrives and they prepare to protect themselves and live through the night. Many sleep next to each other to keep themselves warm, many use seat covers as blankets. As of dinner, they share a little amount of food. Days pass by, soon the food gets over which makes the people more restless. The movie tells us how they finally lived through the situation. 

Building Jerusalem

Building Jerusalem is a 2003 Rugby Wield Cup movie directed by James Erskine. The movie is a personal appreciation for England. Through the match, the audience was at the edge of their seats. The movie shows how England marked their victory against the host-nation Australia in the last minute of the match. It also features interviews of coaches, players, and top scorer Jonny Wilkinson, whose goal made history for England. Jonny Wilkinson is the star of the show. He openly talks about the insecurities and fears he faced during the match. In the end, how his years of practice and experience helped him to save his country.