Here’s A List Of 12 Shows Like Heartstopper!

Based on the comic series of the same name by Alice Oseman, Heartstopper is a coming-of-age TV series focusing on the struggles of growing up and coming out. Praised for both its writing and its representation of the LGBT community, Heartstopper has been a fan favourite, with viewers impatiently awaiting the release of the second season.

For those desperate to fill the void, here are some shows that share traits with Heartstopper, and can fill your days while you wait for more Charlie and Nick.

If you haven’t yet watched Heartstopper, the show can be found on Netflix with audios in English, English with Audio Description (for those hard of sight), and Hindi. Subtitles are only available in English.

1. Our Flag Means Death

Shows Like Heartstopper

Loosely based on a true story, David Jenkins’ Our Flag Means Death follows the aristocrat turned pirate Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby) during the Golden Age of Piracy as he attempts to run a crew and establish a name for himself. Stede then catches the eye of the fearsome Blackbeard (Taika Waititi), who finds his unique take on piracy to be a refreshing change from the mundane routine of dominance he’s found himself in.  

Just like Heartstopper, Our Flag Means Death is a story about finding your place, forming friendships, coming out, and romance. Despite the occasional gore, the show is light-hearted, and very much feels like any other romantic comedy, with the blossoming romance between Stede and Blackbeard forming the core of the show.

Where to watch it: HBO Max

2. One Day At A Time

12 Shows Like Heartstopper

Based on a sitcom from the 1970s by the same name, One Day At A Time surrounds the life of a Cuban-American family, headed by a single mother who is suffering from PTSD from her time in the war and must now raise her family while dealing with the prejudice they face. It’s a story about racism, sexism, about homophobia… but ultimately, it’s a show about bonding with family to face these problems together.

The show tackles the issues it talks about head-on without miring in the prejudice, making for a heartwarming story about growth against the odds. It has plenty of LGBT representation, from a non-binary love interest to a lesbian main character.

Where to watch it: Netflix India

3. Steven Universe

12 Shows Like Heartstopper

Created by Rebecca Sugar, Steven Universe is a coming-of-age animated series that has taken the world by storm. Nominated for 5 Annie Awards and 5 Emmy Awards, the show has been praised for the quality of its music, writing, animation, and worldbuilding. The show has plenty of LGBT representation, which it has been praised for.

Steven Universe places great emphasis on interpersonal relationships and displays a very mature outlook towards developing healthy relationships be they with friends, family, or romantic interests.

Where to watch it: HBO Max


4. Love, Victor

12 Shows Like Heartstopper

Inspired by and set in the same world as the 2018 hit movie Love, Simon, the show is produced and narrated by Nick Robinson (who played the titular Simon in the film). Victor, a new student at Creekwood High School, is the subject of the show. The first season covers his self-discovery journey, which includes obstacles at home and struggles with his sexual orientation. When navigating high school becomes too difficult for him, he turns to Simon for help.

The second season follows Victor as he navigates through this new environment with his pals, while also dealing with his relationship with Benji, which is put to the test several times, thanks to Victor’s family and a new potential love interest.

Where to watch it: Hulu

5. Sex Education

Featuring a large ensemble cast, this British comedy manages to make you laugh while delivering highly personal experiences about sex, expression, and sexuality. Created by Laurie Nunn, the show has been praised for how well it handles its themes, and for the acting skill displayed by the large cast involved.

Sex Education, like Heartstopper, is focused on teenagers discovering who they are; as the name suggests, however, it focuses a lot more on the sexual aspects of things. One of the main cast members is gay with an enemies-to-lovers subplot with a former bully, and another is pansexual, so the show does not lack LGBT representation in any way.

Where to watch it: Netflix India

6. Glee

A cult classic, Glee is a musical drama that does it all. With romance, break-ups, fake pregnancies, real pregnancies, cheating, getting together, and more, Glee is the height of drama. The show surrounds the musical club New Directions and the fictional William McKinley High School, with members working through various issues as they find their identities amidst conflicts regarding their race, sexuality, and who they want to be in life.

The show was one of the first mainstream TV series to be so unapologetically open about its LGBT representation, with 3 of the main cast being LGBT, two of whom were popular cheerleaders who end up falling in love with each other throughout the show.

Where to watch it: Netflix India

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7. Elite

12 Shows Like Heartstopper

Elite is a Spanish thriller drama surrounding the lives of three working-class students – Samuel, Nadia, and Christian – who won scholarships to the elite school of Las Encinas. They must deal with the ostracization and classism from their peers while struggling with their own identities, relationships, and resentments. Each season occurs across two timelines, jumping back and forth to heighten the thriller aspect of the show as the cast uncovers the truth about a gruesome murder.   

Where to watch it: Netflix India

8. Skam

Skam is a Norwegian teen drama series that follows the lives of teenagers at the Hartvig Nissen School, a gymnasium in the rich suburb of Frogner in West End Oslo. It was developed by NRK P3, a division of NRK, the Norwegian state broadcaster.

Each season of Skam follows a different central character. Every day throughout the show, a fresh clip, chat, or social media post was posted in live time on the NRK website. Relationship concerns, identity, eating disorders, sexual assault, homosexuality, mental health challenges, religion, and forbidden love are among the topics addressed in each season.

Where to watch it: NRK TV
The free official Norwegian streaming site is available to those all over the globe.

9. Queer As Folk

Shows Like Heartstopper

There are two shows by the same name, a British and American version each. It covers the story of 2 gay men and a gay teenager living together, by Canal Street in Manchester’s Gay Village in the original British version. In the American version, it follows 5 gay men living together in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The American version is largely a remake of the British version, with every American character being based on a British counterpart.

The show is a lot more adult than Heartstopper and deals with the harsher realities of being gay, including prejudice, hate crimes, and queer-bashing. The show has been praised for its nuanced approach and writing, with creator Russel T Davies then going on to revive the Doctor Who series, which went on to become wildly popular.

Where to watch it: Hulu

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10. Still 2gether  

Like Heartstopper, Still2gether is a story of young love, school drama, and romance. This Thai Boys Love show focuses on a couple already in the second year of their relationship, but Tine and Sarawat have troubles ahead of them as the two become presidents of their clubs (cheerleading and music respectively) which have growing tension between them. Will they maintain their relationship despite leading opposing sides?

Where to watch it: Netflix India

11. Young Royals

This Swedish show surrounds the life of Prince Wilhelm, the second-born son of Queen Kristina of Sweden, who gets into a fight at a club and is sent to Hillerska, an aristocratic boarding school in Bjärstad where his older brother Crown Prince Erik also studied. While Wilhelm is first apprehensive about attending Hillerska, he quickly adapts to his new surroundings, making friends in August’s “secret societies” and the rowing club. Wilhelm begins to fall in love with his classmate Simon, who shows Wilhelm another side of life, such as watching football games or riding motorcycles late at night.

Where to watch it: Netflix India

12. Where Your Eyes Linger

12 Shows Like Heartstopper

Han Tae-joo, the heir to the TB Group, is guarded by Kang-gook, who has been his best friend for fifteen years. Kang-gook serves as Han Tae-bodyguard, and the two have a master-servant relationship. Kang-gook realizes that he likes Han Tae-joo more than friends as they grow older, but he recognizes that he must keep this to himself.  Han Tae-joo, on the other hand, is a confident and assertive player who has already had multiple relationships. He understands all of Kang Gook’s flaws and enjoys playing with them. Things are forced to take a turn when a new female student named Choi Hye-mi joins their school and begins to take an interest in Kang Gook, forcing Han Tae-joo to confront his feelings.

Where to watch it: Rakuten Viki
(available for free for users worldwide)

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