30 Best Time Travel TV Shows To Watch In 2022!

Time Travel shows have been a big binge-watch when it comes to entertainment. Be it for the reader or the movie addicts, time travel is always a popular genre that they prefer over everything else. Somehow, according to research, this time travel gained a lot of audience due to the relaxation it produces in the mind of the reader or audience. They somehow tend to travel down memory lane and enjoy their own sweet memories.

There is also the desire to travel back to the times that they had left behind which makes the genre Time-travel so famous. We have seen time travel mainly in movies, but recently, television has also adapted to this culture and decided to be a part of it for entertainment purposes. These have also benefited their TRP rates. So let’s dig into the list of different TV shows that had adapted time travel as their main entertainment purpose.

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1. Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Let’s start with an old classic that is still popular in the television world. This show has been a great influence in this genre, and not only that, it is still going strong with 39 episodes in all. It was a release from the BBC Channel itself. Doctor Who is the story of a Doctor Lord who is traveling through time in a time machine so that they can prevent evil powers or forces that can harm the lives of innocent people. Basically, they are rewriting the past for the sake of their honesty in helping others. The Doctor also had a unique power: every time he hurt himself, he could transform himself into someone else.

That is a unique idea that the makers created for this show. So that different actors also get the chance to participate in the role of the doctor that they desire too. Though this show particularly is an adaptation from different series, its different idea of a script has inspired a lot of new shows, series, and movies to turn their individual show into a hit. The audience loved this show so much that it is still a big hit in the television industry.

2. Monkey

30 Best Time Travel TV Shows To Watch In 2022

A remake of the 1995 TV show 12 Monkeys was a surprising choice, given the show’s widespread critical acclaim and continued status as a groundbreaking work of science fiction. Though the 2015 version of 12 Monkeys wasn’t universally acclaimed like the original, it’s still an excellent show. Time traveler James Cole has been sent to the past by Katarina Jones in search of Dr. Cassandra Railly in the hopes that she may prevent a future plague from being released. When they realize they’re being pursued by the enigmatic Army of the 12 Monkeys, they create an improbable alliance to stop them.

The two meet friends and foes along the way who contribute to or detract from their goal. The fantastic characters, especially Jennifer Goines as portrayed by Emily Hampshire, are crucial to the show’s success. You feel like you know these people on a deep level because they are so complete. Everyone, including the bad guys, has layers. One of the series’ strongest points is the dynamic between its characters. As the characters “splinter” to other time periods in search of answers and a cure for the terrible virus that will obliterate humanity, each season draws you in with its own unique blend of intrigue, betrayal, and narrative twists. This program is great fun to watch, in part because of the unexpected subversive moments it contains. In the event of a real epidemic, this show could provide a much-needed respite from reality.

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3. The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy is an adaptation of American television about a superhero based on a comic book of the same name. The Umbrella Academy is a story about 43 ladies who gave birth on the same day, all together, on October 1. It was until the pregnant lady felt the labor pains that she understood they would have a delivery that day. Due to a high birth rate, seven billion kids were adopted by a superhero academy founded by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, who named that academy Umbrella Academy. Though they had been trained apart from each other. The death of their adoptive father has reunited them as adults, along with the impending doom of the world. They were trained for different purposes, one of which was to prevent a nuclear holocaust. They are sent back in time but end up in different places and times and must find each other again.

4. Again, My Life

Again, My Life

Let’s shift the genre towards a South Korean television genre. It was based on a novel with the same name, so basically, the series is an adaptation of the novel. The story goes that Kim Hee Woo started off poorly in high school, but he persevered through college and eventually passed the bar exam. His unrelenting hard work has finally paid off, and he has become a public prosecutor. During the course of his investigations, he must conduct an inquiry into a politician suspected of corruption. Unfortunately, his inquiry is cut short when he is murdered by an anonymous man. However, he subsequently comes to, finding that he is genuinely alive. Now that he’s back in the mortal world, he has to go back to school to finish his degree while he tries to figure out what happened to him.

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5. The Adams Project

The Adam Project

The Adam Project is to time-traveling science fiction what Real Steel is to boxing movies: it has some entertaining ideas, is competently executed, features a clever child, and doesn’t try to surprise with anything groundbreaking. It’s an exciting action movie that tries to be science fiction, and Reynolds does his Deadpool impression without breaking the fourth wall. With their father, whom they haven’t spent nearly enough time getting to know, the two Adams children have a genuine bond that is, unfortunately, lacking in reciprocity. Anyone looking to kill 90 minutes can find much to enjoy here, as the focus is solely on enjoyment.

6. Timeless

It is a television show that has become a cult favorite among the audience, and it is also produced by NBC’s production. It is a show that produced turmoil in the audience that led their excitement to the next level. It is an American sci-fi series. Timeless is a story about a trio that travels through history in a time machine. As individuals, our trio is hot on their heels. They are time travelers on a mission to bring down a sinister force and all its evil deeds. A history professor, a soldier, and an engineer are put on the case when an experimental time machine goes missing. In short order, they find out that the thief intends to alter the course of history—none other than the trio—and that they are all interconnected with both him and the shadowy group that funded the creation of the time machine.

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7. Ms. Marvel


For the first time in Marvel history, a Pakistani child actress made her debut as the main lead, Ms. Marvel. It is an American series that was created on the adaptation of a comic story that is seven animated series in Marvel Comics World. It follows the turmoil In the cosmic world. The main protagonist, Kamala, was a big fan of superheroes, especially the Marvel universe. She has always struggled to fit into the world where she belongs, be it school or any other place. She thought the world of magic was closed and never thought she could have one until she realized she had powers from the Marvel universe. Isn’t it exciting? Will this power be her friend or enemy? That’s a question that aroused the audience and blew the minds of the audience throughout the television show.

8. Flash: Forward

Flash: Forward

Flash-Forward again falls into the genre of American television series. The plot of the story is quite interesting, which is why the audience is still hooked on this particular show. Flash-Forward had a constructive narrative that dealt with the incidents that caused people to be unconscious and had the ability to encounter the future of six months in 137 seconds. This vision that they encountered was good for some people and bad for others. The main leads saw their work on this investigation through the transformation of the Flash-forward. But this flashforward turned the world upside down with its scattered vision. This story actually had a deep meaning, and the events that take place in the movie are quite appreciated.

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9. D.C: Legends of Tomorrow

DC: Legends Of Tomorrow

There is always a sense of chaos regarding Marvel and DC, and there is no harm in assuming that you are a DC fan, and if you are, this TV show is a must-watch. And it’s already crossed over several times with other series like Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is a solid time-travel drama in its own right. A group of heroes known as the Waveriders travel across time in their time machine to stop various disasters from occurring.

Both ones made by other people and ones the crew have made themselves during their travels. There are prominent DC characters including Rip Hunter, Firestorm, The Atom, Kid Flash, Steel, and Vixen. Cast with several new faces, including Caity Lotz’s White Canary. Legends of Tomorrow is distinguished in large part by its high level of entertainment value. Because people often use words like “unapologetic,” “witty,” and “entertaining” while describing this time travel show. But beyond that, it provides a new and exciting dimension to the entire Arrowverse. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to see.

10. Dark


If you know which show I am talking about, you are in the right place. Dark had been a popular series on Netflix. Though Dark is a German-based series, Netflix renewed it dubbed in English. It is a sci-fi television series. The story follows the weirdness of when the children started disappearing from the town of German Winden. But all of a sudden, why? It Is all connected to the past lives of four families that had been confronted with pretty messed up events, double lives, relationships, and a horrifying dark past that was yet to be uncovered that led to the discovery of the four generations. This show time-travels the erroneous and unnatural events that actually caused the conspiracy.

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11. Continuum


Continuum Kiera, a police officer from the future, is stuck in the present in Continuum. She meets a juvenile genius, and the two forms an odd alliance to foil the plans of future killers who have time-traveled back to the past to carry out their heinous crimes. It would have been easy for Continuum to rely on tired police procedural clichés. In contrast, the futuristic setting and the intricate web of interactions between the characters made for a compelling and memorable television program. Kiera makes for a fascinating main character. In the workplace, she excels, but outside of it, she comes across as a bit eccentric.

Kiera is solving crimes while being prevented from doing the one thing she wants more than anything else: going home. Kiera’s reliable technological sidekick has surprise story arcs as the series progresses. Carlos Fonnegra Kiera’s partner in the force is a multifaceted character. Carlos is first thrilled to have a capable partner like Kiera, but he eventually develops suspicions as Kiera demonstrates behavior that seems too wonderful to be true.

The show’s antagonists are just as interesting as Kiera herself, with their own backstories and the ability to foil her plans. The cast of Continuum reads like a who’s who of Canadian acting talent, and the show’s rarity as one of the few to be filmed and set in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has made it a huge success and a must-watch for the audience.

12. The Shining Girls

The Shining Girl

The Shining Girl is considered a thriller series from the American genre. Though more than providing thrills, Shining Girls’ time-bending premise typically gives audiences headaches. It is adapted from a novel written by a South African author. The show follows the story of a strange house where the killer enters for his next victim with a key that wasn’t meant for him. The journalist Kirby, who was the shining girl, stepped into the past and found the turn that could unravel the mystery and take the killer into custody. The overview of the story seems quite interesting, but it is quite twisted, and the audience is awestruck by what happens and gets to rewind once again to capture what happens in the show.

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13. Paper Girls

Paper Girls

Paper Girls is a mixture of two genres where we get a glimpse of two shows: Struck by Lightning and Pacific Rim. It is the story of two girls, as the name suggests, who travel to the city to deliver the paper in the dark morning just before Halloween. They caught the eye of the time travelers and got into a conflict with them; unfortunately, that led to a different disaster. They were sent into time travel just to save the world. They travel between different eras, which somehow led to the discovery of their future selves as well. This time journey also denotes the change in their future fate as well as the history that can save the world.

14.The Lost

The Lost

The Lost Series is also a category of the American sci-fi drama, but with the hindrance of supernatural elements. The story deals with the survivor of the plane crash that took place in Sydney and Los Angeles. The plane crashes, and somehow they land on a mysterious island. To stay alive and find help, they had to work around a monster they didn’t know about, a group of unreliable former occupants, strange, otherworldly island residents, polar bears, and each other. Lost’s an international ensemble cast, mystery-filled plot, flashbacks, forwards, and sideways episodes are what has made the show so popular.

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15. Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap

Let’s shift a bit toward the 90s genre, which also produced TV shows about time travel. Okay, groan all you want about how Scott Bakula didn’t fit your ideal of a Star Trek: Enterprise captain, but remember that the actor was cast in the role in large part because of his work on Quantum Leap. The series is based on the premise that physicist Sam Beckett (Bakula) is conducting time travel experiments when he accidentally travels through time and “leaps” into the bodies of different people in order to “make right what once went wrong.”

They look like Bakula to the audience, but when he looks in the mirror, he sees the person whose body he is using. It wasn’t an effects extravaganza but rather a lighthearted drama with some great performances from Bakula as he played a variety of roles, including men, women, a mentally retarded teen, and even a chimpanzee. Sam is visited by the holographic version of Admiral Al Calavicci, played by Dean Stockwell.

16. Outlander


Let’s jump back to the time around 2014 when this television show made its debut in that year. In the opening scene of the show, World War II-era combat nurse Claire Randall and her husband Frank are on their second honeymoon and spending some time in Inverness, Scotland. When Claire stumbles upon the Craigh na Dun standing stones, she is suddenly teleported back to the year 1743. She must first make it through 18th-century Scotland in order to get back to her own time. And she does this by becoming involved with the Clan MacKenzie rebels and eventually marrying one of them, Jamie Fraser. But she comes to love her new husband and helps the family escape from the British redcoats.

Claire travels back and forth between the 20th and 18th centuries with her two families throughout the course of the five currently available seasons of Outlander (with a sixth on the horizon). Although it takes some time, Claire eventually reunites with Jamie.

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17. Life on Mars

Life On Mars

This television series is a UK version of an American movie that deals with crime, friction, and lots of drama. Well, it is an adaptation of the well-known British series of the same title. The series narrates the story of New York City life, where the protagonist is a police detective in the city. He got stuck in a traffic jam, and somehow he got into the Era of 1973.

When the protagonist landed on the situation, he was confused about what had happened over there. The series Is all about the continuous transfer of the genres that are intervening in the show, such as crime, fantasy, thriller, and sci-fi friction. The time travel that took place in the series was nothing but the only way the protagonist could find out about the mystery that he had been assigned so that he could know what this was all about.

18. See you yesterday

See You Yesterday

See You Yesterday is a sci-fi movie that is generally meant for kids but trusts me, anyone can explore this show to release their stress. The story deprives us of basic racism and introduces us to a black protagonist. These two characters were the ambitious black science prodigies who decided to go on a mission to save their brother by inventing the time machine. Their brother killed a policeman because of the racism that was inbuilt into that era. So they decided to rewrite history and bring their brother back to life.

Though they do that, as it is said that if you mess with time, you have to face the consequences, they did, but how that happened is the mystery that the audience needs to find out. To know more, you must watch this movie. This movie received a lot of appreciation because of its concept and also because it pointed out the real issue of the society that lay beneath the earthy, happy atmosphere.

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19. The Man in the High Castle

The Man In High Castle

This movie is an exception because even though it is a representation of the genre of an American movie, it also falls into the dystopian alternative history category. It is an interpretation of Dick’s novel in a television series.

The show Is set on a depiction of how the world would look after World War I where, in the parallel universe, the Axis powers of Nazi Germany and Japan ruled the world together as a pact. It was entirely based on small footage that could make it more realistic and make people believe that it was the era of 1962. It was a show that created turmoil of emotion within the audience, but mainly, as the title suggests, it was a mystery in itself that the audience discovered at the end of the movie.

20. Russian Doll

Russian Doll

We have gotten into so much series drama. Phew! We need a relaxing environment right now. Don’t worry, we’ve got the right show for you. Russian Doll is a comedy-drama that is perfect for a cozy movie night where you just want to forget your bad afternoon. It follows the story of a game developer who died in the middle of the game.

Well, the protagonist is Nadia, who is caught in the event of a guest of honor and got into a time loop where she is being killed every time she puts her step ahead. Even if she dies repeatedly, she gets back to that same place and the same event that was happening, again dying in a different way. She was quite frustrated until she met with someone who was struck in the same time loop but with a different event. And what happened next is what you need to find out. But there is no doubt that it is the perfect dose of comedy that everyone desires.

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21. Attack the Block

Attack The Block

A group of teenagers in South London stumbles upon what they at first believe to be an alien invasion on Guy Fawkes Night, a distinctly British event that features tonnes of fireworks. If they succeed in killing one, they won’t know that the dead animal’s pheromones have contaminated their clothing and will draw more of them.

Now they have to flee for their lives as they fight to protect their apartment building from an assault by these blind wolf-apes. Their pheromone contamination is only revealed when they enter a marijuana production chamber illuminated by UV lights. The remaining members of the gang must set aside their differences and work together to devise a strategy to ambush the creatures. It falls Into the genre of British sci-fi comedy horror film because of the supernatural events in the show.

22. Voyagers


The story itself involves time travel into the 1980s. The show is about the voyagers, as the title suggests, and a secret society that they had for themselves. It is the story of time travel, where our main character Phineas decides to go to the previous era to inspect whether everything is going the same way or if nothing would be in the same place. Though for his era he is not so good at his job. He met a man named Jeffery during his trip to the past, and somehow he lost the book to which he was referring, according to the history. Now he had no option other than relying on the young Jeffery, who could educate him about the correct history and thus solve his mission as well.

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23. Being Erica

Being Erica

Being Erica is out of the box because it doesn’t fall into the genre of either British or American television; rather, it is a Canadian comedy genre television show. As the title suggests, this is a story about a weird girl named Erica, who is smart and well-educated but has been failing in her career as well as with her love interest. The young woman was in desperate need to lift these two aspects of her life. Her bad luck follows her so much that she ends up having a hazelnut-flavored drink, which causes her a severe allergy and makes her go to the hospital. But here is the twist, where he meets the doctor, who assures her that he can fix whatever is going on in her life. But she was confused, how?

As time revealed its folds, she realized that the doctor had given her a chance to go back to her past life and change her past for a better future. Each time she would encounter a problem in her present life, she would run back to her past to fix it. Though at the beginning of the therapy she was feeling happy that she could fix everything, with time she learned to accept what was happening in her life and learned to tackle her problem over time with the help of a doctor.

The series portrays the sessions as serving to reveal some of the limitations, complications, and metaphysical implications of the therapy process, such as whether a patient can intervene to change somebody else’s destiny besides their own, whether the therapist can intervene in the patient’s behalf to change the past without the patient’s knowledge, whether a patient is allowed to reveal the future to another person during a session, and whether the therapist can intervene to change the past without the patient’s knowledge. A group therapy session is introduced in later seasons, wherein multiple patients get together to discuss and share their thoughts on one patient’s time travel sessions.

24. The Librarians

The Librarians

The Librarians are the series of characters that are protecting the library, as the name suggests, but why? Let’s drive deep inside the information. The Librarians are none other than an ancient organization that is dealing with bad energy to protect innocent people from magic and fantasy. The Librarians are of four types: a historian, a thief, a mathematician, and a warrior. They are not only protecting the world but also a book of magic that can destroy it forever. They travel through different time periods to fight evil deeds, find precious things that need to be protected, and bring them to the library to preserve them.

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25. Frequency


The effect of the idea that even a seemingly insignificant alteration in one timeline can have far-reaching consequences in another is central to the study of time travel. The principle Is beautifully shown through frequency. The investigator Raimy Sullivan learns she can talk to her late father via his ham radio following a freak weather event. She initially suspected he was a corrupt officer, but after discovering the truth, she managed to save his life by forewarning him. Nonetheless, this will have far-reaching consequences for the future and the present Raimy. This forces them to coordinate their efforts across time and space in order to save her dad and the present.

26. Always A Witch The Colombian show

Always A Witch The Colombian show

Always a Witch takes place in both modern-day Colombia and the country’s colonial era in the 17th century. In 1646 colonial Colombia, the protagonist, Carmen Eguiliuz, is a young witch set to be killed at the stake for the crime of falling in love with a white man. The enigmatic wizard Aldemar offers her a way out of her current situation by offering to free the man she loves from his curse if she agrees to go into the future and get the lady who can break it.

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27. Future Man

Future Man

Future Man belongs to a comedy genre that tells the story of an unsuccessful janitor who was ordered to save the world. The janitor was playing a game in his home, and somehow, at the end of the game, the two characters of the game, a tiger and a wolf turned towards him and gave him the duty of saving the world. The janitor had to time travel just to save the future world.

28. The Crossing

The Crossing

The show is considered to be in the genre of American science fiction horror. It is a show about refugees who fled their asylum and went into town from the future. Though the recent government was trying to keep the country calm and not inform it about the situation, it turned out that one of the refugees had power and was inhuman in nature. So how are they going to save their country?

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29. Signal


Signal is based on the American film Frequency from 2000, but what really sets this South Korean show apart is that the crimes that are being investigated in it actually happened. In the 2015 film Signal, we follow a cold case profiler who makes contact with a detective from 1989 and vice versa; the two characters learn they can communicate with one another via a walkie-talkie from the 1980s. By combining their investigative skills with this special ability, they are able to find the perpetrators and, in some cases, stop further atrocities.

30. Dark Shadow

Dark Shadow

The last one is from the genre of American dark horror fantasy movie entirely based on the gothic concept and adapted from the novel of the same name. It is the story of the Collins family, who came to America and started a fishing empire that eventually gave rise to the vampire Barnabas Collins. Burton’s work is quite famous for his orchestral evocation of gothic sensibility as one of his trademark visual styles. He demonstrates the construction of the architectural masterpiece known as Collinwood Manor atop a hill overlooking the brand new Maine town of Collinsport. To our dismay, we see young Barnabas reject Angelique for the angelic Josette. But he fell in love, and that’s where the problem began.

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