15 Movies Like Grown Ups: “Instant Family” Leads The List

Looking for some interesting yet funny family movies? Then this is the right place for you. From Billy Madison to Instant Family, there is no doubt in the fact that family movies have evolved through the years. Family movies generally portray a blend of comedy and humor. One of the most celebrated comedy movies of all time was Grown Ups. But the list is bigger than you think. Intriguing storylines with a blend of funny content are here.

15 Movies Like Grown Ups

Grown Ups was released back in 2010. It is still said to be one of the most entertaining movies out there. It all started when the five friends decided to catch up with one another. They have been friends since childhood. But then life happened and they became a bit distant from one another. Different family responsibilities fell on their shoulders and they had to accept the harsh reality check of life. They are now ready to be reunited. But this is not going to be a solo vacation for them, they are bringing their family along! Just like Grown Ups, we have curated 15 other movies for you that surely deserve a place on your binge list.

15. Billy Madison 

Movies Like Grown Ups

Let’s begin the segment with one of the best American comedies of all time, none other than “Billy Madison”. The movie premiered somewhere in 1997. Can Billy prove his worth? Billy is a 27-year-old adult who has nothing to worry about. His days mostly revolve around his party culture. Heavy drinking with friends and creating chaos around his father’s lavish property is his regular habit. But when Billy disrupts the important dinner meeting at the hotel, his father Brian decides to take strict action against his obnoxious behavior. Brian is ready to hand over the hotel to Eric. 

Given Eric’s cruel personality, Billy is ready to change his father’s mind. But it is not going to be an easy game for him. Billy is shocked to learn that his father bribed his school teachers to give him passing marks. Billy is ready for a mission. Two weeks per grade! There are 12 grades in total and he must push his limits to study well. This time he must pass the grades by himself. Everything depends upon his knowledge. On the other hand, Eric, the vice president of the renowned Madison hotel will not let this opportunity go. Upon learning that Brian is about to give him the authority to be the sole in charge of the grand hotel, he will surely come up with some evil-minded plans to stop Billy from accomplishing his determined goal. 

14. Zookeeper

Movies Like Grown Ups

If you are an animal lover then this movie surely deserves a spot on your giant movie list. The story is about Griffin Keyes and his love for the zoo. For years, he has been a zookeeper. Animals are a part of his life. From getting rejected by his long-time girlfriend to becoming the head of the zoo, it has been a sweet and sour journey for Griffin. There is no doubt in the fact that Griffin is one of the best zoo heads. After five years, Griffin is ready to meet Stephanie. He will do everything possible to bring Stephanie back into his life. 

On the other hand of the tale, the animals are ready to help out Griffin. No one knows by now that animals can speak very well. As the story moves forward, we will see how Griffin starts communicating with the animals. A funny yet mesmerizing story about animal and human relationships. Can Griffin win back Stephanie’s heart? Initially, we will see how Griffin drops his job at the zoo. He starts working as a car dealer. He nails that job as well. But soon we will see how Griffin starts missing his zoo days. Things are about to change and Griffin will finally understand the true meaning of life. To watch what happens next in the land of animals you have to watch “Zookeeper”, exclusively on Prime Video.

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13. Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Movies Like Grown Ups

The movie hasn’t received much acclaim out there but Paul Blart: Mall Cop does have a very impressive storyline. Up for a mix of action and comedy? Then this movie will surely fulfill your demand. Paul always aspired to be a cop. He even got into the police academy. But his life became highly twisted when he was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. 

Eventually, he couldn’t sit for the exam, and thus he takes up the job of a security guard. He started working at the West Orange Pavilion Mall. But as the story proceeds, we will see how a heist occurred in the mall. Looks like something else has been planned for Paul. In this tense situation, Paul will come up to save the hostages. It is going to be a mad and stressed ride for him. To know how all the hostages are saved by Paul, you have to binge on the whole story of Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

12. The Hangover

Movies Like Grown Ups

The movie premiered on the giant screen in 2009. Are you ready for a bachelor’s trip? We are going to Las Vegas. Doug along with his boy gang, Phil, Stu, and Alan is ready to spend a good time in Las Vegas. But things will not go as per their mindsets. The first night was pretty high for all of them. The next morning when they wake up with a headache, their life takes a 360-degree turn. 

The groom goes missing. The trio must find Doug! That’s not the only trouble they are facing. There is a Bengal tiger locked in the bathroom while a mysterious baby appears in the cupboard. The fun trip just turned into a nightmare for them. Will things come back to normal? Will the wedding happen? To find out the answers to these questions, binge “The Hangover” just on Prime Video. 

11. Hot Tub Time Machine 

Movies Like Grown Ups

If you get a chance to change your regular life, will you take it up? Years have passed by but friendship stands still. Are you up for a blend of adventure and science? The story kicks off with the trio, Adam, Nick, and Lou. A chaotic yet highly interesting comedy movie that throws light on the concept of friendship and life. Once the time is gone, it might never return. But this group of four is ready to go back to their younger selves. 

They are determined to make their lives better. Are you up for time travel? When the two friends learn about Lou’s critical condition, they decide to meet their old pal. In this same context, we will also see how Adam’s nephew Jacob enters the story. As the four meet and catch up on life we will see how they go back to 1986. To see how these four are going to transform their depressed lives, you have to watch Hot Tub Time Machine! 

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10. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Movies Like Grown Ups

Another comedy movie that comes with a gripping storyline happens to be “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry”. It all started when Chuck and Larry started pretending to be a gay couple. Chuck is a bachelor whose sexual life is pretty much on. While Larry is a single parent who is looking after his two kids. Things take a massive turn when Larry decides to raise his life insurance policy. He must look for a beneficiary but who will become his spouse? This is where his colleague and long-time best friend Chuck come into play. How long can they hold up this lie? A story about true friendship. The mountain of lies will get shattered and the pretentious gay couple will head to the court. A story that is filled with confusing twists and turns. As you think the problem is over, the next trouble knocks at their door. 

9. “Grown Ups” 2 

Movies Like Grown Ups

When talking about “Grown Ups”, we cannot forget about the sequel movie. Both the “Grown Ups” has been highly acclaimed by binge watchers out there. Grown Ups 2 was released back in 2013. Almost all the original cast members of the show were captured in the sequel film. Looks like Lenny along with his whole family has returned to their long-forgotten hometown.

Lenny is planning to reunite with his old group of friends. They all are struggling in their own lives. From elders to young minds everyone is trying to handle the pressure of life. A story that is filled with humor and entertainment. This story goes beyond the concept of a comedy movie. From chaotic family relationships to regular downturns of life, it is going to be a hectic journey for all of them. 

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8. The Change-Up

Movies Like Grown Ups

Up for a life switch? What if your wish comes true? Let’s be true, we all think every other person’s life is better than ours. The same happened with this duo. They have been best friends for life but their lives are extremely opposite to one another. Dave is married and he is blessed with three cute who are extremely notorious on the other hand we have Mitch who has been forever single but his sexual life is exactly up to point. 

It all took place when they urinated in that mysterious fountain. As the light of dawn reaches their house, they realize their wish has come true. They have exchanged their bodies and the trouble starts from here. Can they get back to their original selves? We know this question is troubling you. So what are you waiting for? Binge on “The Change-Up”, exclusively just on Netflix. 

7. Just Go With It

Movies Like Grown Ups

Up for some cheesy romance? Then, Just Go With It must be on your binge list. The comedy movie is highly twisted. Featuring the renowned and talented Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, the story depicts a heartwarming story about love, friendship, and everything in between these complicated riddles of life. Daniel decides to leave the altar! The truth is out, Veruca is nothing but just another gold-digger. That’s not all, she is also cheating on him. Fast forward, we come to the time when Danny established his name as a world-popular plastic surgeon. But just when Daniel has given up his hope on marriages and relationships, he bumps into Palmer.  

The confusion began when Palmer saw the ring in his pocket and instantly assumed he was married. Feeling guilty about sleeping with him, Palmer immediately starts regretting the whole thing. But Danny comes up with a story that he is about to get divorced soon. Little did he know that Palmer would want to meet Delvin. That’s where Katherine, Danny’s assistant who is also a single mother, comes into the picture. She has been with him in every situation and now she will be playing the role of his wife. In these complex twists and turns of life, Danny will find out the real meaning of love. The story will get even more complex when the real Delvin along with Ian appears in the story.

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6. Blended 

Movies Like Grown Ups

Next on our list is Blended. The movie premiered in 2014. An intriguing family comedy that revolves around two families. It’s about Jim and Lauren. The story starts with a blind date which surely went worse than you could have imagined. But the chaotic roller coaster of life has just begun. 

Things will become upside down when these two single parents will find themselves stuck in a resort, that too with their lovely kids. As the movie proceeds, we will see the children warm up with one another, we will see how Jim and Lauren fall in love. When the vacation comes to an end, there comes separation and that’s when the difficult phase of love begins. To know what is the result of this love story, you have to binge on Blended.

5. Vacation 

Movies Like Grown Ups

Next on our big list is Vacation. The movie was released somewhere in 2015. Wanting to see Chris Hemsworth in some other role? Then this movie deserves a place on your binge list. Rusty is ready to focus on his nostalgic decision. He misses family gatherings. Vacation was always an escape space for him, where he could refresh his mind and catch up with his parents. Rusty along with his wife Debbie and their two notorious kids are planning to take a mad road trip to Walley World. The journey starts in Chicago! Over the years, Rusty has grown distant from his family. They have lost their connections but this trip might bring the family together. The story is filled with numerous twists and turns which also comes with a high dose of fun and comedy. It is going to be a life-changing journey for them.

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4. Bad Moms

Movies Like Grown Ups

These three young ladies are ready to lead their lives. All eyes are stuck on Amy, Carla, and Kiki. Amy is married and has two beautiful kids. Things were initially normal for her but then she learned about his husband’s extra-marital affair. He is cheating on her. While Carla is a single mom who is trying to make her life better. Last but not the least, we have Kiki, the mother of four kids. She is a housewife which eventually means the burden of the house falls on her shoulder. Just like Amy, she is also married and her husband is good for nothing. 

Her husband is highly dominating and finally Amy and Carla decide to rescue Kiki from her current marriage. We will see how these single mothers will cope with their suddenly changed regular environment. As the saying goes, society is always hard on single women. But don’t you dare underestimate this trio. They might be alone but they are not weak, they are here to fight for a better life. They are ready to find themselves again, they are about to chase their happiness. That’s not all, in this story, we will also see how these three mothers will bond deeply with their kids. To learn more about Bad Moms, watch the movie just on Prime Video.

3. Yes Day 

Movies Like Grown Ups

Released last year, Yes Day is a comedy movie worth binging with your whole family. Featuring the highly popular and talented Jennifer Garner, Édgar Ramírez, and Jenna Ortega. The story revolves around the Torres family. Allison and Carlos have been married for years and now they are parents of three kids. Young age was pretty spellbound for this couple, they were always active and ready for exciting challenges in life. But as time went by, the duo felt under the grip of pressure. Just like every other parent out there, they too just want to protect their kids. 

But sometimes too much protection might become a suffocation sign for the kids. Their parents only have a one-word answer for them, they deny everything they ask for. Things become a bit embarrassing for the Terros when they were called by the school. Katie and Nando, both think their mother is nothing but a dictator. Disheartened by this latest information, Allison starts complaining to her husband Carlos. That’s when she bumped into Mr. Deacon, a recognized personality in school. He was the one who came up with the concept of “Yes Day”. 

For one full day, Allison and Carlos have to say “Yes” to their three kids. The kids can demand anything and the parents must not deny any of it. Katie, Nando, and Ellie are ready to make the most of “Yes Day”. This one day will become a nightmare for Allison and Carlos. But in this notorious journey, the parents will bond with their kids. Watch “Yes Day” just on Netflix.

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2. Daddy’s Home

Movies Like Grown Ups

Can Brad Whitaker win their heart? It all takes place with the return of Dusty Mayron. Accepting Sara with her two kids, Dylan and Megan, was not difficult for Brad. He tries every day to be the ideal father to them. But things get startled when their biological father decides to step back into their lives. Dusty wants Sara back in his life, and after years, finally he realized his mistake. 

But don’t you dare underestimate Brad’s capacity, he will do everything possible to keep his family intact. Daddy’s Home is a perfect blend of comedy and entertainment. Blood relations are important but you cannot forget about your loved ones, especially those who have taken care of you when no one was standing beside you. Daddy’s Home is an excellent comedy-drama movie and is surely worth binging once. To know what stays in Brad’s future, watch the whole movie on Netflix

1. Instant Family 

Movies Like Grown Ups

Last but not the least, we have Instant Family, a crazy Netflix comedy movie that surely marks up to our expectations. Welcome the Wagners! Pete and Ellie Wagner have been together for years. They are happy in their married life but their relatives are heavily worried about them. Even after so many years of marriage, they don’t have any kids. That’s where the gossip and tantrums begin. Their relatives suggest they should consider adoption and before they knew it, they had enrolled themselves in foster care. 

Lizzie, a teenager, along with his younger siblings Juan and Lita are about to step into the family picture. If the Wagners decide to adopt, then they have to take the three together. We will see how the couple manages to adapt themselves to parenting. It is going to be a hustling ride for them. Not only the duo, but the kids will also face some difficulties. Lizzie will take her time to warm up to her new parents. From adopting the trio to meeting their biological mother who is now out of prison, it is going to be a troublesome journey for them. Can the newly made family of five balance it out? Will the Wagners win the court case? From not wanting the kids to fighting for their adopted trio in court, this movie will surely bring tears to your eyes.

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