25 Best Chinese Drama On Netflix That Are Full Of Entertainment!

Chinese dramas (also known as C dramas) are becoming famous day by day because of their amazing plotlines and twists. While so many platforms are providing Chinese dramas to binge-watch, Netflix is offering some of the most famous and high-rated Chinese dramas in all kinds of genres. China produces the most number of television dramas compared to any other country in the world, which makes it a top player in the entertainment industry. As there are so many options when it comes to Chinese dramas people get confused about what should they watch and which ones are the best. To make it easier for you to decide what you should add to your watch list here are the 25 best Chinese dramas available on Netflix.

Use For My Talent

Best Chinese Drama On Netflix

Use For My Talent is a romantic Chinese drama that was released in 2021. The drama is about people falling in love and helping each other get over their past traumas. The lead character Gu Renqi is germophobic and owns a cleaning company. He had an incomplete family since he was a child due to which he is an introvert and doesn’t enjoy much of anyone’s company. On the other hand, his employee is an unkempt person who had a perfect family but everything was ruined after his mother had a car accident. The cast of the show involves Jasper Liu, Shen Yue, Dai Yunfan, Yan An, Charles Lin, and Tan Quan.

Word Of Honor

Best Chinese Drama On Netflix

Word Of Honour is a fantasy and adventure Chinese drama that was released in 2021. The drama has one season with a total of 36 episodes. The drama is about two leaders, one is the leader of an assassin organization who quits his power for pursuing freedom and the other one is the leader of Ghost Valley who seeks revenge. Both of the leaders become soulmates as they are on their journey to find five pieces of treasure along with 20 years of grievances and two destinies that are closely related to thousands of years of jianghu dreams. The main Kaun cast of the show involves Zhang Zhehsn Yang and Gong Jun Xiaoli.

The Rational Life

Best Chinese Drama On Netflix

The Rational Life is a romantic drama released in 2021. The show received a good rating of 8.1 on IMDb and 94% likes by Google users. The show is about a woman who is in her 30s named Shen Ruoxin (played by Qin Lan) who is standing against the unfair societal expectations in a workplace from women in a company that is dominated and led by males. As she goes on to fight her company’s unfair system she realizes that she has fallen in love with her assistant Qi Xiao (played by Dylan Wang). If you are looking for a good romantic drama portraying amazing chemistry then this drama is a must-watch for you.

Till Death Do Us Apart

Best Chinese Drama On Netflix

This Chinese historical romantic drama was released in 2017. The drama is about a man from a very rich family in China who went abroad to study. As he returns from abroad he learns that all his family members have stolen his inheritance. In these circumstances, he is forced to work as a teacher in a small school to make his living. While he is going to all these things he meets his old friend who immensely hates communists like many other Chinese. They fall for each other but she still has to know that the person she loves has connections with communists.

Salute To My Youth

Best Chinese Drama On Netflix

Salute To My Youth is a 2017 released romantic drama. The show is about six friends who are experiencing the taste of adulthood as they manage their love life, career, family, money, and heartbreaks. It is a light drama that portrays the hardships of adulthood and how youngsters have to manage themselves while going through all this. The drama has a rating of 8 out of 10 on IMDb. This drama is something that every adult should watch. The cast of the show involves Zhao Yiqin, Nicky Li, Li Geylang, Miles Wei, Mengyuan Xu, and Wu Shuang Yi as a group of friends.

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Unrequited Love

Best Chinese Drama On Netflix

Unrequited Love is a romantic series released in 2021. The show is about two childhood best friends Luo Zhi and Sheng Huai Nan who had the strongest bond. Both of them went to the same school as a child but as they reach teenagers, their friendship disappeared as both of them started focusing on their own things. But Luo Zhi never got over her best friend and always loved him. By destiny, both of them meet again as they are in the same University and same class. While Luo is convinced that she has lost her first love and nothing can happen between both of them, they are thrown together on an excursion where they find the lost friendship which further turns into love.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Best Chinese Drama On Netflix

Put Your Head On My Shoulder is one of the most famous Chinese rom-com dramas having a high rating of 8.4 on IMDb. The drama is about two graduating students, Situ Mo is an accounting student who is in 3rd year and Gu Weiyi is an extraordinary physics student in his first year. Both of them are completely opposite to each other which makes them dislike each other at first, but later it turns out to be that their mothers are good friends due to which they are forced to live in the same apartment together. As they started living with each other they discover a lovely bond.

Find Yourself

Best Chinese Drama On Netflix

Find Yourself is also or rom-com drama that was released in 2020. The show is about He Fanxing and Yuan Song discovering their relationship as they have a huge age gap where He Fanxing is much elder than Yuan Song. She is the director of administration and of which she is concerned about her parent’s reactions and other people’s reactions to her relationship with her company’s intern Yuan Song. In order to save themselves from the limelight, they make a secret contract where they will keep their relationship a secret from everyone. But what will happen when everyone will discover their relationship in the company and in their families?

Accidentally In Love

Best Chinese Drama On Netflix

Accidentally In Love is a 2018 released Chinese rom-com television series. Si Tu Feng is a very famous singer and decides to enroll in a college and Chen Qing Qing belongs to a very rich who want her to get married to the man date used but Chen I want to find love on her own. As a result, she runs from her own wedding and enrolls in the same college her parents used to study at. Both of them turn out to be classmates, as the start of the relationship is not that good. They are always seen fighting with each other but later could not resist their feelings for each other.

Well Intended Love

Best Chinese Drama On Netflix

Well-Intended Love is a romantic drama that was released in 2019. The show has two seasons and 36 episodes and total. The cast of the show involves Simona Wang as Xia Lin, Xu Kaicheng as Ling Yi Zhou, Huang Qian Shua as Wen Li, Liu Jia Xi as Jia Fei, Ian Yi as Chu Yan, and Sun Jia Qi as An Ran. The show is about an actress who is diagnosed with leukemia. In order to continue her career, she marries a CEO secretly to receive a bone marrow transplant from him only to fall in love with him later. The dramatic love story of an actress and a CEO will keep you hooked on the plot and their chemistry.

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The Dream Job

The Dream Job is a drama that has the most unique plot line. The show is about three youngsters finding a job offered by a mysterious wealthy man. This wealthy old man offers them a job to live as his children and heirs and enjoy a luxurious life with his money. This gives them the opportunity to live the best life without even doing anything and just pretending to be someone’s heir. Looking at the benefits of the job the three young men agree to the contract. But later they come to know the consequences of being the heir of a rich family. The cast of the show involves Shaun Chen, Zhang Zhenxuan, Lan Fang, Rebecca Lim, and Jeanette Aw.

Take My Brother Away

This Chinese web series was released on Netflix in 2018. The show is about two siblings Shi Miao and Shi Fen. Shi Miao is irritated by her brother every single minute of the day and both of them cannot live without fighting with each other which makes her hope that someone takes away her brother. But as things start to fall apart she discovers another side of Shi Fen who is caring and loving towards your and protects his younger sister from the evil world. The show is about the strong bond that siblings share even when they hate each other.


Chosen is a Chinese remake of an American crime and thriller series with the same name. The story of the show is set up in Australia when two doctors are forced to participate in a killer game and risk the lives of people they love. As they try their best to escape this twist-killing game they end up losing a lot of lives. If you love thriller dramas then the show is a must-watch for you. The show has two seasons, and both seasons have only 3 episodes each. So if you want to watch a quick and short Chinese drama then this is the one for you.

The Victims Game

The series is a crime and mystery drama that was released in 2020 having one season and eight episodes. The show is about a forensic detective who risks everything he has to solve the case which involves his daughter being linked to several mysterious murders. The show has everything crime, drama, thrill, and a lot of mystery as the case unfolds and the father finds out more secrets about his daughter. The cast of the show involves Moon Lee, Joseph Chang, Tiggany Hsu, River Huang, Wang Shih-Hsien, and Ruby Lin.

A Little Thing Called First Love

As the name suggests the show is a romantic drama having a rating of 7.9 on IMDB. The cast of the show involves Angel Zhao, Runze Wang, Lai Kuan-lin, Chai Wei, Wang Bowen, and Elkie Chong. The show is about a common girl in a college who ends up falling in love with the most talented, handsome, and popular guy in her college. But this ordinary girl decides to take fashion classes, improve her grades, and join other college clubs to impress her long-time crush which makes her life more colorful as she starts to discover herself more.

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The Ghost Bride

Best Chinese Drama On Netflix

The ghost bride is a horror fiction that was released in 2020. The story of the show is set up in the 1980s in Malacca when a Malaysian Chinese woman is offered by a rich family to marry their deceased son and spend the rest of her life with a ghost spouse and live a haunted life. She decides to accept this proposal to solve her family’s financial problems. As she accepts the proposal and marries him, she gets completely horrified and tries to escape but finds herself involved in a murder mystery of her deceased husband. The cast of the show involves Kuang Tian, Peijia Huang, Ludi Lin, Chris Wu, and Jordan Voon.

The Untamed

The Untamed is one of the most highly rated Chinese murder mysteries. The show has a rating of 9.1 on IMDb and is liked by 94% of Google viewers. This murder mystery series is adapted from the novel Mo Dao Zu Shi written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. The show was released in June 2019 on Tencent Video in China but later it was licensed by Netflix. The story of the show is about two best friends solving a murder mystery related to their past which was 16 years ago. The cast of the show involves Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Meng Ziyi, Wang Zhuocheng, and Xuan Lu.

Eternal Love

25 Best Chinese Drama On Netflix

Eternal Love is a 2017 released romantic drama rating of 8.3 on IMDb. The show is also known as Three Lives or Three Worlds. The story of the show is adopted from a novel written by Tang Qi Gong Zi. It is a romantic drama related to history which involves the God of War. There are a total of 58 episodes in the show, the fantasy romance makes it a perfect show to be added to your watch list. The cast of the show involves Yang Mi as Bai Qian, Mark Chao as Mo Yuan the eldest son of the heavenly father, Zhao Ge as the reincarnation of Ye Hua, Ye Hua as the prince of nine heavens, Jin Lian as the golden Lotus residing at Kunlon.

Meteor Garden

Meteor Garden is one of the most famous rom-com Chinese series. The show has one season with 49 episodes. The cast of the show involves Dylan Wang, Shen Yue, Darren Chen, Caesar Wu, Connor Leong, Annie Sun, and Nicky Li. The show is a Chinese remake of the famous Korean drama Boys over flowers starring Lee Min Ho. If you loved the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers you will definitely love this one as well. The show is about a teenage girl falling in love with the most popular, handsome, and rich guy in her school. She is an ordinary girl from not so rich family and gets a scholarship to study in one of the most prestigious schools, where children of the richest family in the city come to study, she falls in love with the son of the founder of the school.

The Rise Of Phoenixes

Best Chinese Drama On Netflix

This is a historical romance drama released in 2018 having 70 episodes and one season. The show involves history, romance, politics, and kingdoms. It is a perfect drama containing all genres. The story of the show is about Ning Yi an ambitious price whose mother has been charged by corrupt officials. In order to save his mother and himself, he establishes an information network secretly to defeat his enemies. The person that he loves thinks that he is also a corrupt king which makes her take revenge against him. The cast of the show involves Chen Kun, Ni Ni, Yuan Hong, Bai Jingting, Angel Wang, Edward Zhang, and Zhao Lixin.

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Ashes Of Love

Best Chinese Drama On Netflix

Ashes Of Love is a fantasy romance that was released in 2018. The show has one season containing 63 episodes. The cast of the show involves Deng Lun, Luo Yunxi, Yang Zi, Yukee Chen, Sa Dingding. Wang Yifei, and Xia Zhiyuan. Jin Mi is the daughter of a flower goddess who dies while giving her birth. Jenny gets imprisoned with Shui Jing who falls in love with the ignorant daughter of flower goodness Jin Mi after spending hundred years with her in jail. The show is rated 8.3 on IMDb and the English dubbed version of the show is also available on Netflix.

Handsome Siblings

Handsome Siblings was 2020 released a Chinese drama about two 20 Brothers who were separated in their youth. Both of them become martial arts Masters and never knew about each other. Later they realize that this was a conspiracy two separate both the twins and make them each other’s enemies so that both of them will kill each other. The drama contains historical, comedy, and romance genres. The show has one season which consists of 44 episodes in total. The cast of the show involves Chen Zheyuan, Vicky Liang, Hu Yitian, Liang Jie, Yingzi Zhao, and Mao Lin Lin.

A Touch Of Green

A touch of green is a historical Chinese drama with a rating of 8.4 on and liked by 91% of Google users. The show follows an air force pilots group of the Republic of China being involved in a Chinese Communist Revolution that took place in 1945 in China and The White terror period of Taiwan which took place in 1949. The main plot of the story follows three young women who were together since their school days and married the pilot of the China Air Force and how they support their husbands in these tough times for the country. The story gives a lot of information about how people and their families used to live at the time of this crisis in China. The story is also very hurting as it shows the pain and separation of families during those times. The story of the show is not based on a true event but the main plot is inspired by some true events that took place during the Chinese Communist Revolution and The White terror period.


Detentions are a horror Chinese drama with a rating of 6.3 on IMDB and liked by 82% of Google users. The show is based on the Taiwanese Supernatural horror drama which was created in collaboration with Netflix by Public Television Service. The first episode of the show premiered on 5th December 2020. The show has one season and 8 episodes with a running time of 60 minutes each episode. The show is based on white terrorism in Taiwan. A student who has been recently transferred to the Greenwood High School encounters a ghost in her school that was hidden for 30 years. The Story Goes On as she takes the help of a group of students in school and her teachers to free her school from the ghost.

The King’s Avatar

The King’s Avatar was released in 2019. It is an action Chinese drama based on the novel The King’s avatar by Hu Divan. After the novel became popular the makers of the show decided to make a series on it. The show is based on fictional esports seen in China where there are multiple players in online video games named Glory. The show consists of one season having 40 episodes in total and 45 minutes of running time for each episode. If you love video games then this show is something you can binge-watch easily.

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