What Is Mushoku Tensei Based On?

While watching this particular anime, we came to know about a new and interesting term which is NEET which stands for Not in education, employment, or training, and that is the description of a person, who is currently doing nothing and almost can be considered as worthless. However though society doesn’t leave a chance is judge these kinds of people who are currently struggling in life, we have also got to understand the mindset of the people, because they are itself struggling in life.

 now this particular series is the tale of an overweight NEET character, who after the death of his parents, has no place to go and no one else to bear his burden. After being treated badly by almost everyone, he decides to do something nice for the last time, and he dies while trying to save four kids from an overspeeding truck, but everything turns different when we get to see our main character getting reincarnated in a world of sorcery by the name of Rudeus Greyrat. Following this we get to learn about his life, comprising of various adventures, heartbreaks, a mission to accomplish, and his biggest goal which is to be worth something.

Like most other fantasy genre anime, this particular series has been quite loved by fans from all over the world. The manga as well as the anime both have a huge fan base, and it has also managed to bag an 8.3 IMDb rating which is quite impressive compared to other animes in this particular genre. Now coming to the main topic of the article which is regarding what Mushoku Tensei is based on, and the story was originally available to us in the form of a webcomic, which became so popular that soon we see the manga and the light novel versions and now the most popular version, which is the anime one is also available to us.

Mushoku Tensei Story And Other Facts

What Is Mushoku Tensei Based On?

There have been many queries regarding the source of this particular anime, but we would like to assure you, that yes a manga series as well as a light novel version of the original storyline is available. This particular series is an adaption of the manga which is currently available with a a total of 25 volumes, which is quite huge compared to other mangas in this particular genre. As we have already mentioned Mushoku Tensei belongs to the fantasy and harem genre, and it is written by the very famous Rifujin Na Magonote.

This particular story was brought to in a webcomic format because nobody was willing to publish it at first. The website name is Shosetsuka Ni Naro, which is a self-publishing platform. However soon after the growth in the fan base of this particular manga, and when critics understood the potential this particular storyline has, it was decided to be adapted into a manga and a light novel which shares the same title as the anime and can originally be considered as the main source of the story

For those who have not watched this particular anime, it follows the basic storyline of reincarnation, where our main character has lost the urge to live his worthless life and soon he gets reincarnated in a world of magic and swords, where he has got a better set of skills than most other people. However this world has also not been filled with only gifts for him, and soon he has to deal with a lot of problems, adventures, and strong opponents, where he is defeated as well. This new life he has is giving him a new chance to live to his fullest and unlock the potential in himself that he never acknowledged to exist.

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Mushoku Tensei Season 3

Although nothing has been confirmed from the maker’s side as of now, we all know that a lot of storylines will be left to be adapted in the anime, and the source material is also available. Based on how well the anime is doing and the second season being over in the year 2024, we can predict that if the third season of the show happens, it will no way be happening before the year 2026. However, for any more updates, we will have to wait a little longer.

Where Can We Watch Mushoku Tensei?

This particular anime series will be available for streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos as well and the Crunchyroll platform, and it is expected that whenever the third season happens, it will also be available on the same platforms as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Is Mushoku Tensei Based On?

It is based on a manga and a light novel of the same name.

2. Is Mushoku Tensei based on a true story?

No, it is not based on a true story.

3. How many seasons of Mushoku Tensei are there?

As of now, there are two seasons of the show available.

4. Will there be a third season for Mushoku Tensei?

Yes, the chances for a third season are quite high.

5. Where can we watch Mushoku Tensei?

This anime is available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

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