25 Shows Like Young Sheldon That You Can Enjoy Watching!

Young Sheldon is one of the most loved series of American sitcoms recently. The show has completed 5 seasons and has increased its audience significantly. The show revolves around young genius Sheldon Cooper and his upbringing. The Coopers live in Texas and this is where their life is filmed. Taking care of a prodigy like Sheldon Cooper is not easy. There are a lot of exceptions to make and a lot of sacrifices to be made. The uniqueness in his personality is what makes it worthwhile watching his upbringing.

Sheldon Cooper is solely dependent on his mother, Mary Cooper for all his daily needs. Being a devoted Christian, Mary Cooper has dedicated herself to aiding Sheldon’s needs and wants. She took care of him like a baby even though he thought he was a grown genius who can take care of himself. She later started working at the church along with Pastor Jeff. George Cooper is his father who is a football coach at Medford High. Sheldon’s twin sister Melissa Cooper is now in middle school while Georgie is in his own mess right now.

The show’s best character Sheldon’s grandmother, Connie. She’s also called Meemaw. Meemaw is the one who pushed Sheldon to be better and also spoils him with her love. They are a sweet little family who is just adapting to new changes. The show is getting more intense as the seasons go on. The show has ended on a cliffhanger now about Georgie and his whole situation. The story ahead lies in the family and how they tackle this new situation by being together and strengthening their bond.

While the next season might take a while to release, there are other shows just like Young Sheldon that can be watched. Today, here’s a list of twenty-five shows that are like Young Sheldon. If you like the show about Cooper, then you’ll surely like these.

The Big Bang Theory

Everybody loves Young Sheldon. He’s very adorable and also a genius who loves talking about science and Professor Proton. But, the initial idea to even create a show called Young Sheldon came from the show, The Big Bang Theory. The lead character of this show is Sheldon Cooper. He’s a theoretical physicist and is living in Pasadena. He has a roommate named Leonard and both of them work at Caltech.

The show revolves around four science geeks who work at Caltech and how their lives change over the seasons. All of this starts when Penny moves into the flat on the same floor as Sheldon and Leonard. Penny brings in a lot of change to their life and Leonard is interested in her. Penny is a waitress at The Cheesecake Factory. After Penny’s arrival, the other three boys get girlfriends too. How their lives turn from being nerds to finally being men with a family and responsibilities.


Friends is one of the world’s most loved sitcoms that started its journey in 1994. The show has ten beautiful seasons that have been loved worldwide. The show revolves around six friends who are in different stages in their lives. The show is about how their lives turn around in their careers and personally.

We all will have heard our friends talk about the show multiple times and watches it too. But for those who haven’t watched the show, it is mind-blowing and a very good entertainer. The show revolves around the lives of Ross, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, and Rachel and how they go about in their lives. Some friendships are sacrificed, and some relationships are formed, overall it shows us what friendship truly is and how it affects a truly beautiful life.

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Two Broke Girls

Two Broke Girls is yet another amazing sitcom that has been loved by a lot of viewers. The show is about two waitresses and their dream to start a cupcake empire. The story starts off with Max Black, a waitress who is working in a small restaurant. The addition of yet another waitress there starts the drama. This other waitress is Caroline Channing, the daughter of Mr Channing who’s a very rich man. Due to a money laundering case, he goes to prison leaving her alone without any money. Having no other option, this Wharton Business graduate joins the job of a waitress in a small restaurant run by Han Lee.

Having sympathy, Max lets Caroline live with her. The speciality here is max is a very good Baker and prepares delicious cupcakes. Being the business mind, Caroline helps her start a cuck business and they also open a store. The store is named Max’s Homemade Cupcakes and goes on well for a while. The riches to rags story of Caroline and how their business goes is the plot. This is a good watch for those who like a business-driven sitcom that also involves a lot of relationship drama.


Bridgerton is one of the most recent and most sensational dramas to be released on Netflix. The show is a periodic piece which makes it stand unique among all the other dramas. This is sort of a sitcom but more of an interesting dramedy that everybody who loves vintage would want to watch. The show is about the lives of the Bridgertons. The family and everything they go through every marriage season. Back then there used to be a season when the suitors would ask for the hand of the lady in marriage. They would get to choose the lady in a ball hosted by the queen.

Season one of the show came out beautifully. The season was based on Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset. Simon is a Duke and the story of how they get married is narrated in season one. For people who love movies like Pride & Prejudice, Little women and series like Downtown Abbey, this is a must-watch.

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This Is Us

This is us is a sitcom that is loved by audiences of a type. The series is a bit serious and also about real life. The show is more of the reality side than the comedy. It is about triplets and how their life turns around as they grow up.

The show speaks about three people, of which two are twins and the third is adopted. Randall is the most successful one in his career. The other two twins, one is a singer and the other is an actor in a famous character name Manny. The show takes us through the lives of these twins and how their parents brought them up. It shows today’s scenes and also their lives of them as kids in flashbacks.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is a classic sitcom that has been around for years now. The show is about a mother-daughter duo who are used to doing all by themselves. The story started when Rory Gilmore is accepted to Chilton and has to pay a huge sum as the fees. Lorelai Gilmore is Rory’s mother. She thus has to ask her parents for the money. The involvement of the parents in their lives changes a lot of things.

The show goes on about how Rory graduates and the love lives of both these amazing women.

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Never Have I Ever

Shows Like Young Sheldon

Never Have I Ever is one of the most recent teen series that’s been watched and loved. The show just released its third season which the audience are loving. The show is about Devi Vishwakumar. She is an American with Indian parents. She is always along with her two other friends and also known are the nerds. To break this, she decides to get a high school boyfriend and live a fun life.

But things turn around when she realises she will be moving back to India. She does some stuff that are very harmful to her social reputation. She has always loved Paxton Hall-Yoshida. But, the minute there’s a love triangle between Devi, Paxton and Ben, the story gets more interesting. The high school drama is about who Devi finally ends up with. If you are looking for a fun drama with a love triangle, this could be your pick.

The Middle

The Middle is another American sitcom that is about a family and their dramas. This family is of five. The parents Frankie and Mike are responsible for their three kids Axl, Sue, and Brick. The three of them are of three different types which the family is finding really hard to manage. Both Frankie and Mike are not earning well. The fun element of this sitcom is how they manage their life with the limited amount they get paid every week.

With Frankie going back to school to study, the family gets into a bigger mess. Brick is another young genius who is weirder than you think. If you are looking for a fun family entertainer with a good twist, this show might interest you.

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Mrs Fletcher

Shows Like Young Sheldon

Mrs Fletcher is a classic HBO drama. This show is about a single mother who dearly loves her son. But when the time comes for him to move to college, she finds it very difficult to move on by herself. Her son realises that college actually requires effort from his side and that using others will get him nowhere. The show revolves around how Mrs Fletcher turns her life around and finds happiness in herself. But things turn around when she has a party at her place and one thing leads to another. The show is a good watch if you like drama and controversy.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Shows Like Young Sheldon

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an amazing show about detectives. The show is a comedy-drama that is about the detectives of the 99th precinct. These guys are very smart and use various new ways to solve cases. Even though they are colleagues, they are like a family. Jake is the lead and is the funniest one. Charles is his best friend who initially likes Rosa. Jake and Amy seem like they are destined together. Watching the detectives solve cases and also continue to be like a family is what the show is about.

The Captian, Raymond Holt is very disciplined and Amy has always considered him her mentor. The show revolves around the lives of these people and their relationship drama. If you like mystery and a lot of fun, this show might be the one for you.

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Shows Like Young Sheldon

The show Joey was a loved one after Matt LeBlanc starred. The show is a spin-off of the very classic, Friends. Joey Tribbiani is the roommate of Chandler Bing. He is an aspiring actor in friends and of the most loved. The series Joey is about Joey moving to Hollywood to persuade a career in acting.

How his life turns around and all the incidents that occur in his life while being there is what the show covers. It is a good one that is also entertaining.

End Of The F*****g World

End of the F***ing World is a Netflix original that gained popularity for its very unique theme. This story is a bit different and weird. It is about the lives of two students of a school in a very remote city or town. Both of them being maniacs who live in a small town, decide to leave the town and go to the city. James is firstly a man who tries to murder Alyssa first. But, later this plan turns around.

They both leave the city and then end up crashing the car. Not knowing what to do, they both go to a huge Bungalow that’s empty. Later this leads to a lot of consequences that again lead to murder. If this is something that interests you, this should is a must-watch.

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I’m Not Okay With This

Shows Like Young Sheldon

This show is yet another Netflix original that is a bit sci-fi based. Young Sheldon loves the Star Trek franchise and a lot of sci-fi shows.  The show of I’m Not Okay With This is about a girl with superpowers who later discovers the power she holds. Sydney is a girl in a small town who has always felt different from others. Every time she loses her temper, something weird happens.

A guy who likes her is behind her. Stanley works at the bowling place and tries to help her understand herself. The show ends on a cliffhanger finally. There has not been another season but the first season is a good one to watch.

Schitt’s Creek

Shows Like Young Sheldon

Being rich is the trait of the Schitts. This family is a very rich one that has always splurged money and been in luxury. But when they lose all their money due to some circumstance, the actual story starts. They will have bought a village as a joke for their son. Surprisingly, this is the only asset they are left with. Thus, how they live in that village and lead their new life is what the story is about. This riches-to-rags story is quite entertaining and is a good watch.

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Shows Like Young Sheldon

Younger is a show that is very relatable. A woman who has taken a break from her career for years is now thinking of restarting it. She knows that if she writes she’s a woman who has taken a break, she will not find a job. Thus, she lies on her resume to be in her 20s. Her life turns around when she gets a very good job.

The fear of her liE coming out and also enjoying this new job is what the show is about. The exciting part of this show is that Daphne from Bridgerton has played a role in it.

Modern Family

Shows Like Young Sheldon

Modern Family is a very popular American sitcom. The show revolves around the life of young couples. The cute moments and the relationship struggles that they go through are shown in the series. The situations that they get into due to their children and family is what get them into hilarious situations

If a family and relationship drama interests you, this show might be your pick.

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How I Met Your Mother

Shows about relationships are very interesting. Ones that carry relationships forward are different but those who show the origin of a relationship is unique. How I Met Your Mother is yet another classic that gained popularity due to its good cast and amazing plot. The show brings out the story of how a couple met and how their life started. It shows the string of events that led to their lives today which tells us about the journey of the relationship.

The show very beautifully teaches how a relationship should work and what to do. If such a genre is why makes you happy, this show is a good watch.

The Boys

Shows Like Young Sheldon

We all have seen how superheroes are always the greatest ones that are loved. Marvel is one of the biggest superhero franchises that the world is loving. The Boys is a unique plot that is now in its third season. The show is about the unseen side of superheroes. We’ve seen superheroes saving lives, but what lies behind their masks reveals their true identity. If this is something that interests you, this might be a good watch.

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The Mindy Project

Shows Like Young Sheldon

This is yet another amazing show that is about preparing Mindy for the outside world. The show is an amazing watch for those who like good comedy and also an interesting plot.

Man With A Plan

Man With A Plan is a classic show that was really loved by the audience. The return of Matt LeBlanc was loved by everyone. The story revolves around the lives of Andi and Adam. Andi is a housewife. After being at home for a long while, she wants to restart her career. After she decides to return back, her husband takes the responsibility to take care of their three kids.

The show gets more fun and interesting to see how Adam goes on with the kids and their lives turn forever with him taking the responsibility.

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The Office

The office is a very famous classic that has gained a lot of audiences. This one is of both UK and the US. The UK version of the show has very few seasons and ended very soon. The US version gained a lot of popularity for its good plot and great humour. The show is very loved and the ones who like it have watched it multiple times. It is about an office where the employees work together as a family and also go through many situations together. The show is highly loved by the audience and is surely worth a watch. This show can be watched on Amazon Prime Video.

Two And A Half Men

Two And A Half Men is yet another comedy sitcom that has stolen the hearts of many audiences. The show is about Charlie Happer. This guy is very cool and is leading a very fun life. He has no regrets or no commitments. He’s a writer and is able to provide for himself. The show turns around when two people move in with him. He lives in a Malibu Beach House.

When his brother Alan and their nephew Jake move in with him, the fun starts. The adventures and the situations in their life are what makes the show hilarious and also interesting. The trouble these three men go through and how Charlie adjusts to living with them is the plot.

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Alexa And Katie

Best friends are what makes life better. Alexa And Katie is about two best friends who are staying by each other’s side when they need it the most. Alexa and Katie are high schoolers who are finding it hard. But, it’s extra hard for Alexa. Since she’s going through cancer treatment, life has gotten hard for her. But her best friend, Katie has stayed by her side the whole time making it better for her. Let it be in class or home or even the hospital, the girls are supporting each other and helping each other get better. Alexa is getting all the help she needs from Katie which is making it better for her. If such a cute friendship is what makes you happy, this is a good watch to remind you what true friends are all about.

Bob Hearts Abhishola

This is a very good show that is really entertaining. Half of this the show takes place in a hospital. Abhishola is a nurse at a hospital who is taking care of a patient called Bob. This man is a bit older. Abhishola has a son and is a single mother. When Bob calls for Abhishola, the show turns out to be more interesting.

Bob tries all ways he could to make Abhishola fall for him but it is hard. The story of Bob and Abhishola is very cute and also entertaining. This is a fun comedy sitcom that is worth a watch.


Mom is an American sitcom just like The Big Bang Theory and such similar shows. Being a single mother is not easy. That is what this show depicts. A newly single mother Christy is going through a lot of changes. She is trying to stay off alcohol and is also having major changes in her personal life. All the responsibility is on her shoulders and it’s new for her. But, when her mother comes home to help her, her life turns around. When her daughter likes the grandmother better than her, she starts feeling different. The show is a good watch which is full of drama between the three generations and is also hilarious.

Where To Watch Young Sheldon Online?

Young Sheldon is a very dear sitcom that revolves around the life of little Sheldon Cooper and his family. The show gained a lot of popularity for its very unique story and the appearance of Meemaw made the show better. The show can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

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