15 Shows Like Partner Track That You Should Try Watching!

Partner Track is a very new show. The show is about a lawyer who is trying to make a name for herself and grow in the field. All the struggles they face and all the victories they accomplish are portrayed in the show. The show has only released only two episodes and the audience are already loving it.

There are people looking for shows that are like Partner Track and also of similar genres. Here’s a list of shows that are just as amazing as Partner Track and also entertaining. They are all mostly of similar genres that the audience will love if they like Partner Track.


Shows Like Partner Track

Legal dramas are a new sensation today. Suits is a series by Peacock that has created a new drama and love for the genre. Suits is a series about Mike who is a fraud and is not a lawyer. He charms the head lawyer, Harvey Specter into hiring him. As much as Mike is a fraud, he is also a genius. He has a photographic memory which lets him memorise anything anytime.

Harvey Specter is another enigma who is one of the most important ones of the series. He is said to be the best closer in New York. Jessica Pearson is the head of the firm who truly loves Harvey and trusts him. The story revolves around the life of Mike and Harvey, then solving cases. They defeat one of the strongest ones The DA. Being one of the most loved legal dramas in the US, the show also has the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle playing the role of Rachel Zane. This is one of the most intense and serious shows that also comprises of humour and relationships.


Shows Like Partner Track

Suits has been one of the most loved legal dramas ever since it has been released. Everybody who loves suits knows that it has the most amazing cast ever. The show has gone through major changes over the seasons but it has stood strong. The episodes are all very interesting and the thirst to know what will happen later has stayed with the audience till the end of the show. The episodes are all interrelated and the way they solve them is one of the best ones.

Harvey Specter and Mike Ross together solve a lot of cases in one of the most thrilling ways ever. The firm is led by Jessica Pearson who is one of the best ever female characters ever made. Her confidence, knowledge and the way she walks are what make everybody listen to her. Her words are like commands and everything she does has a meaning. After the suits ended, there was a show called Pearson. This show was solely dedicated to Jessica Pearson. The show shows us the journey of Jessica Pearson to being an attorney as a black woman. Being a black woman in the time she studied was not easy. Despite all the odds, she rises to power and succeeds in her career. She finally is the managing director of Pearson Hardman.

Her struggles and how well she copes with the situations are a very big inspiration to many career-driven women. To see how a female lawyer rises in her career and reaches a position only through her own dedication and hard work is what the show is about. For aspiring lawyers and women, this show is a must-watch.

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Better Call Saul

Shows Like Partner Track

There are always some shows that remain in our hearts even after they’ve ended. We in some corner hope to see the show in some other form yet again. Some character or some story related to it on another show again. Just like Dumbledore returned in the Fantastic Beasts after Harry Potter, we’ve awaited for many characters to come back. We all loved Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, and we did get another chance to watch Sheldon in another show. Young Sheldon was about how Sheldon Cooper grew up.

Same way, Better Call Saul is also a spin-off of a very dearly loved show. The show is on the top five list of every fan. Yes, Breaking Bad is the show. Breaking Bad is one of the finest shows ever made and all the fans have loved it thoroughly. It is about Saul Goodman. But, the show’s spin-off is yet more exciting and interesting too. It is about how he rises to power. From being a young struggling attorney, how he sets his own life on a very great path that has turned out great later.

The show is both a prequel and a sequel to the mind-blowing Breaking Bad. The show shows a small lawyer, Jimmy McGill. Being a young struggling man, he’s still trying to make a name for himself, and become well known in society. Jimmy McGill is now turning into someone that the whole of the city hasn’t seen. He’s turning into Saul Goodman. Saul Goodman is someone who works and hustles all day. He’s one of the best criminal lawyers that anybody’s ever seen. He’s one of the best criminal lawyers that television has ever seen.

But this is all set in a previous time. This is set six years before he meets a dealer. He’s a meth dealer.

House Of Cards

Shows Like Partner Track

House Of Cards is one of the most loved recent shows. It is about a democrat who is appointed. He’s appointed as the secretary of the state. Frank Underwood is the democrat. He is now on a very crazy quest. This quest is to seek revenge on those who betrayed him.

Frank along with his wife is set to seek revenge on those who helped him rise to power. But at the same time, they betrayed him. This political thriller will surely blow the minds of everyone to see what the plots are and how thrilling they can be. This is one of the most loved shows in recent times. House of Cards is a show that everybody watched and loved. The show can be streamed on Netflix.

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Criminal Minds

Shows Like Partner Track

Criminal Minds is yet another thrilling and amazing series. This is about criminal minds. A group of very smart profilers come together for yet another plan. They analyse the national most criminal minds for their upcoming plan.

The team of these people are analysing the criminals to know their next move which is very essential to the plan. They are trying to anticipate their new moves so that they know about their plan. Before they strike again, they want to know what will happen and how to prevent it.

The Trial

Shows Like Partner Track

The Trial is yet another thrilling series that one should not miss. The show is very popular and its original title is Il Processo. The show is about a girl called Angelica who has been murdered. The murder of this 17-year-old rises a lot of questions. She was involved in something that was not right. It was bigger than her and this led to the scenario. A group of people are shown in the show for this. The attorney or the prosecutor seems very close to the victim.

There’s another lawyer called Ruggero who considers this as a very great opportunity. He considers it as the trial of a lifetime. There is just one defendant ad she claims her innocence. What happens later is a mystery that will be revealed only when one watches the show.

The show is very popular. It casts Michal Morrone! The show can be streamed online on Netflix.

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When They See Us

Shows Like Partner Track

When they see us is another well-narrated series. It is a mini-series that speaks about the incident at Central Park. There are five who are labelled as the Central Park Five. They are accused of rape and assault. The five constantly fight for years to prove their innocence. The show is about the process and the struggle they go through. It shows from their first questioning in 1989 till the settlement in 2014 in the city of New York. The show is very thrilling and also intimidating. To know if they are truly innocent or just pretending and are culprits, one has to watch the show.

The show was very popular and its cast is full of Emmy and other award winners and nominees. The show of When They See Us can be streamed on Netflix.


NCIS is one of the most popular shows on the internet. The show has a huge fan base and very vast audience who have followed the show for many many seasons. The show has already had 21 seasons and the audience has loved all of them. The show is about a very skilled investigator and his team solving back-to-back cases. They also do criminal investigations. The show is very fun and interesting for those who are interested in the genre. Leroy Gibbs is the special agent who leads the Naval Criminal Investigation Services Major Case Response team.

The show has gained an audience all over and it is a very loved show. The show can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.


Shows Like Partner Track

Ozark is one of the most loved series on Netflix. The 2017 show has already completed four seasons and the audience is already waiting for more. The show is about a financial planner. Marty Burden is the financial planner who is now relocating. From Chicago, he is moving his family to a resort community. They move to the Ozarks. But when a money laundering case goes wrong and things are difficult, the life of Marty gets hard. Marty has to pay off some drug overlords in order to survive. He has to do what he’s doing just to keep his family safe. In this situation, the family is getting closer. The broken family is now turning into a sweet one.

The show can be streamed on Netflix.

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Tokyo Trial

Shows Like Partner Track

Tokyo Trial is a Japanese series that is very intense and interesting. It is based during a historical period which makes it more loving and interesting. Judges from 11 nations join together in taking one decision. After World War II, many judges joined together to decide what to do about the judgement of the Japanese war criminals.

Regarding the Japanese war criminals, the judges of eleven allied nations take a decision to pass a judgement. The show is very interesting for those who love the process of how judges make decisions. The show can be streamed on Netflix.

Anatomy Of A Scandal

Anatomy Of A Scandal is a very new 2022 series that gained the attention of the audience through its very amazing plot. The show is about a minister who is later stuck in a very bad scandal that changes his life. James Whitehouse is a parliamentary minister who is later caught in a scandal. The man is one with a very happy family but what happens later is revealed in the show itself.

The show is a thriller which will blow the audience’s minds off. It is a very good drama to watch. It can be streamed on Netflix.

Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna is a 2022 series that is about a journalist investigating a case. Anna Delvey is someone who is liked by everyone in the beginning. She is an Instagram heiress who later turns out to be someone different. Anna steals the money of the elites. She has already stolen all their hearts but stealing the money of all the New York elites is what she does. The series is inspired by a book written by Jessica Pressler.

The show can be watched on Netflix. It is a very good watch to see how she turns the story around and charms everyone. It is more interesting to see what will occur later too.

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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is one of the most loved series of all time. The series has always been in the top five on every watcher’s list due to its amazing story and plot. The story revolves around a chemistry teacher. The teacher is very well versed with chemicals and the world of science. This leads him to find his own path to make money.

The teacher discovers he has cancer. After the treatment, he has to pay off all his debts and thus, he’s looking for a shortcut. He gets into the business of meth-making. What happens later and what he’s stuck in is shown in the series


Hyena is a drama about two very ambitious attorneys. These attorneys are very talented and they are willing to do anything that will help them reach their goals. The battle between the two rival attorneys is a very interesting one to watch as they are always up to something that will benefit their careers.

The trial drama can be watched on Netflix

The Practice

The Practice is a very good drama that is about law and lawyers. The head of a law firm is Bobby Donnell. His firm only deals with high-profile cases. The attorneys are led to a very difficult situation due to the circumstances. The attorneys are to choose between ethics or morality.

The show is very thrilling and interesting for legal drama fans. It can be streamed on Hulu.

Where To Watch Partner Track Online?

Partner Track is a very new series that is now becoming very popular for its amazing plot. Partner Track can be watched online on many platforms. It can be streamed on Netflix.

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