Is The Hijacking Of Flight 601 Based On A True Story?

One of the most prominent and easiest modes of transport in the world currently is the airways. While almost most of us have been on a flight at least once in our lifetime, one thing that surely has been on our minds is what will happen, if the flight ends up crashing, or if there is a hijacking in the flight. However these incidents have been limited with the advancement of science and more security and precaution procedures, we can never say it is a 100% surety that everything will go according to plan and that no untimely and unexpected events will occur during the travel.

However why we are saying this because during 1968 and 1973, one thing that surely scarred every person who had to travel a lot all over the world, was the thought of their flights being hijacked. Because in the history of the world, we have noticed that this period has been referred to as the golden age for the hijacking of flights. Now and then you would find certain news on any random newspaper regarding a new flight being Hijacked during this period and currently, we are going to talk about the longest hijacking case that we have heard in the history of Latin America.

The hijacking of Flight 601, is one of those series that didn’t just make it to us as a documentary series but it has been modified and presented in front of us as a fictional depiction of the original case that happened in history and that is one of the main reasons behind the success of this series when compared to others in this particular genre. We see an outstanding set of actors starring in this particular series, and it has also managed to receive a 6.8 out of 10 IMDB rating which is quite impressive at the same time.

The Hijacking of Flight 601 True story

Is The Hijacking Of Flight 601 Based On A True Story?

As we have already mentioned, the particular story that you get to see in this series is inspired and based on a completely true event that happened in the year 1973. However, it is not presented in front of us in a documentary version but a fictional depiction where many of the facts that happened in the original case have been modified and presented in front of us in a much more interesting manner for the success of the series and to make it a fan favourite.

However, flight 601 is a reference to a flight from the domestic SAM Colombian airline, which went by the name HK 1274, it took off on the 30th of May 1973, and finally, after two long days, it returned to Buenos Aires in Argentina. The particular case made it to the national headlines because the hijackers for this particular plane were former Paraguayan footballers, and the main motive of the hijack was considered to be a political issue, but soon it was discovered that the main issue, was money and just to aggravate the situation, they added a political aspect to the case. 

The names of the original hijackers, flight attendants, and the pilot, have been modified Due to certain reasons, many of the facts that we get to see in this particular series are also not quite relevant to the original case because instead of 43 passengers there were 84 of them on the flight. It has also been shown that the flight was leaving for Bogota but that was not the original case as we have already mentioned.

No along with that another interesting fact, is that there is a book that goes by the name Los Condenados del Aire, which tells the actual story of what happened on that aeroplane. Following that in that book it was properly described that for the hijackers Cuba seemed to be a Paradise and based on their communist ideology, they thought that they would live there happily once they got there. However, as we all know in this particular series, many of the repercussions were faced by the attendants who ended up helping the hijackers to escape, because they thought they were not originally terrorists and just wanted money. 

along with that according to our sources, and research, one of the hijackers was caught up by the cops and sent to jail, but no information is available out there regarding the other one, and maybe he is still living a life of ease somewhere out there. 

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Where Can We Watch The Hijacking Of Flight 601?

This particular series is currently available for streaming only on the Netflix platform and that is because it is a Netflix original series

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is The Hijacking Of Flight 601 Based On A True Story?

Yes, this series is completely based on a true story.

2. What was the original flight name which was shown in The Hijacking Of Flight 601?

The flight was originally a SAM Colombia flight, HK 1274.

3. How many seasons of The Hijacking Of Flight 601 are there?

This show has got only a single season as of now.

4.Will there be a second season of The Hijacking Of Flight 601?

The chances for a second season of this show is very less.

5.Where can we watch The Hijacking Of Flight 601?

This show is available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

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