Sexify Season 2 Release Date And Season 1 Spoilers!

Sexify, a polish series has recently dropped on Netflix. As you can suggest by the name the show is all about ‘sex education, and why wouldn’t someone watch this mind-blowing show? I binged watch the first season in a single go, nothing was able to distract me (tells how much interesting the story is). Consisting of 8 episodes, the show has made it to the top 10 on the biggest streaming platform Netflix.

Those of you who watched season 1 might know that there could be a season 2 for the show, for those who don’t know about it, Yes! There will be Sexify season 2 for the audience. The ending of the show left many questions unanswered and it also revealed that they will continue the story. Since season 1 ended, I can’t think of anything but makeup stories for season 2. And that’s why here’s every small information you need about Sexify season 2.

Sexify Season 2 Release Date

This comedy-drama series was first premiered on Netflix for the audience on 28th April 2021 and since then it has become the favorites of the fans. Since the show has just dropped on Netflix, no official announcement regarding the second season of the show has been made yet. Though, some of the tweets from Sexify cast have kind of confirmed that they will return with season 2, but when? We don’t know it yet.

If we talk about season 2 being renewed then of course there will be Sexify season 2. There are many questions they have to answer to the fans, and this will be done in season 2. We can expect Sexify Season 2 Release Date somewhere between Late 2022 or early 2023. There are chances that the show could return in late 2022, but the ongoing pandemic might affect the shooting schedule and there could be a delay in season 2 if the pandemic continues to 2022.

But we are hoping that pandemic will end soon and your favorite shows will start shooting for upcoming seasons. Till now, there is no Sexfiy season 2 release date.

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Sexify Season 2 Story

So, the first season left many questions unanswered. This will possibly be answered in season 2. In the last episode of Sexify season 1, we saw that three girls decided not to let go of the app and continue to work on it. The last episode consisted of many turns and twists and at some point, I thought okay, this is the end but no, the show kept bringing new and creative turns. There are many possible storylines for season 2, let’s explore them first:

Will The Three Girls Stick Together?

Sexify Season 2 Story
Monika, Natalia And Paulina

The main and the most important question for season 2 will be whether they will stick together till the end or they will part their ways in between. We saw how Paulina, Monika, and Natalia kept having issues between them due to the app or their personal life. And you cannot imagine a show without some twists, right? So, you might see three of them parting their ways in between the show and then finally ending up together as they know they need each other, They are best friends! You can also see some teaming up, two of them might team up against one. For this, we just have to wait for season 2 to arrive.

Professor Krynicki And The Girls

We saw how the professor helped the girls to reach the competition stage till the end of the show. He helped them in every way possible. When the girls were expelled from college, Professor was also expelled for helping them. The question arises could the professor join the girls in the next season? There are great probabilities for this to happen, but we can only predict till season 2 comes. If you want to know the answers to these unanswered questions, I have answered them briefly in Sexify Season 1 Ending Explained. You must read that in order to understand the story clearly.

The App Question.

Sexify Season 2 trailer
Natalia And Rafal

So, what about the app, what will the girls do as the app is already been developed and Monika has tested its working, and Voila, It works! The last episode mentioned that they may start selling these apps and earn a fortune or they may keep developing them to make the best app available for sex. Monika’s father who is a business man might also join the girls so that they can initiate their own startup by giving them some funds or investments. The second season will basically revolve around what they do with the app.

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The Romantic Approach

Well, All the three beautiful girls are single, so how can the show not bring a romantic approach to the story? The show will also highlight the love life of these girls. In the ending episode we saw Natalia going to tell Adam that she likes him and the show ends. So, there will definitely be a love story of them in next season. As Paulina has decided she is not going to marry her boyfriend, she might find someone else in season 2. Monika who was struggling with her feelings about her ex-boyfriend, Konrad (in a negative way), she might also bring an interesting love story.

Sexify Season 1 Recap

The first season of the show ranges from 37-51 minutes episode each. The show basically revolves around three totally different college girls, Natalia, Paulina, and Monika. They are totally different, Natalia is kind of a geek and she spent her college life developing a project for the National Ministry Start-up competition in Digitalisation. Earlier, she developed a sleep optimization app but professor Krynicki didn’t found the project going into the competition. Rafal who studies in the same college is basically her competition.

Now, Natalia has to develop an app that is as Professor Krynicki said ‘Sexy and turns you on’. With the help of her other two friends, Paulina who is struggling with her sex life with her boyfriend, and Monika, who is very much active in her sex life.

Sexify Season 2 Release Date
Natalia Trying To Make The App

So, what Natalia decides? She decides to develop a Female simulation App for females to achieve their simulation . As Paulina’s boyfriend does not satisfy her sexually, she says yes to join the team and as Monika wants to make her father believe she is capable of something, she says yes to it too. While developing the app, they faced many problems but they overcome them.

Graduation Or Their App

Natalia also met Adam in the sex store and they started developing feelings for each other. And yes, they also created a ‘Sex Dunegon’ to observe couples having sex in their dorm room. Everything came to a possible end when the Dean got to know that they are developing a ‘ Female simulation App- Sexfiy’. He gave them Graduation Vs The App as their choice and they only get to pick one time. Professor Krynicki selects their project but they didn’t get to present it.

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In the final episode, Professor managed to take the girls to present the app, they finally presented it, but, unfortunately, they didn’t win. They thought everything came to an end when Monika, at last, said that they wouldn’t let their app go, and will continue working on it when she found out that the app works. At last, something was unanswered, What will they do with the app?

Sexify Season 2 Cast

Sexify Season 2 Cast
Warsaw University

Sandra Drzymalska will definitely return as Monika. The geek of the show, Aleksandra Skarba will return as Natalia. The role of Paulina is played by Maria Sobocinska. These three girls will definitely return as per my guess, but there has been no information regarding the cast of the show revealed by the production house.

Wojciech Solarz might be seen returning as Professor Krynicki, as he may have a great role in season 2 of the show. Natalia’s love, Jan Wieteska aka Adam, sex store owner will definitely return as their love story has just started. Paulina’s boyfriend, Piotr Pacek aka Mariusz could also return but we may not see him a lot in season 2 as Paulina decided not to get married.

If you haven’t watched season 1, tune in to Netflix to watch this amazing show (reminder- do not watch it with family).

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