25 Anime Characters With Red Hair That You Shouldn’t Miss

When it comes to the anime world, one thing that must be noted is the number of characters we get in one anime. We can list down just 1000s and 1000s of characters who have got a special place in our hearts and can be replaced by none. Following this for all those people who still think of anime to be just for children and adults, we would like to wake you up to the reality, because every anime has got its own moral story and have taught millions of people all over the people something, which has helped them to evolve as a person in life. some anime is so deep and sensitive that, they are specially targeted towards a teenage and early 20s crowd. Now one thing that makes this anime’s moral stories so meaningful is the characters. They have got their own personal characteristics which teach us a lot and along with that many people also try to replicate some character’s personalities for self-growth. All over we are in a world where animes are just not limited to cartons and once you all give them a try, you will be very well aware of the fact.

Now following this a unique thing about the anime characters are their hair color. Although Japanese commoners don’t often dye their hair so much as it is shown in the anime world, it gives a quick interesting look which develops the character more. Now recently we have received many requests regarding the characters with red hair and some other colors too. Thus, in the following article, we will list 25 characters who have red hair and rank them based on their personality and the love they have received from the anime community.

1. Shanks

25 Anime Characters With Red Hair

The first name that had to be listed in this list was none other than Shanks from the red-haired pirates. His crew’s name only has red hair pirates, which makes it quite inevitable from naming him first on the list. For all those who don’t know Shanks, he is a character from the one-piece anime series and has got a huge fan base all over the world. His character is basically a head of a pirate crew and not just any, it is one of the strongest ones present out there. He is also one of the emperors of the sea, which makes him stand beside Kaido, big mom, and white beard which are some of the other big names of the pirate world.

Shanks though hasn’t got much screen time, but his character carries a lot of weightage as he was the character who influenced Luffy to embark on a pirate journey, and in the recent one-piece film, we finally get to see Shanks in action after a long time.

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2. Shoto Todoroki

This name is also one of those which we can’t miss out how, the fan base that this character has got, though after being just a side character and not a protagonist in the anime is just amazing. Following this, shoto is basically a character from my hero Academia anime. He has got a unique hairstyle, which has got shades of both red and white, because of his parents, and his superhero powers are also influenced in the same way. He can use both ice and fire as his superpower. From the start of the anime, we have seen him as a very calm and compact person, and along with that, he is quite powerful as well.

He studies in the hero academy, with the main protagonist and he is also the son of Endeavor, who is the current no 1 pro hero. The way Shoto was brought up, is quite tragic and the only purpose he has been given in life is to beat All Might.

3. Gaara

The third name is another fan favorite whom we have just fallen in love with since the start of the Naruto anime. Though many people expected his character to be much better looking in the Boruto sequence, it was quite a disappointment. Following this for those who don’t know, he is basically the fifth Kazekage and is also the vessel of the one-tailed beast, shukaku. Gaara’s character has been showered with love all the time because the only thing he has received in his life is pain and many people find his childhood to be very similar to Naruto’s. following this the friendship he shares with Naruto is also admired by many people.

He basically has got the skill to use sand at his will. He also belongs to the family of Kazekage and plays quite an important role in the third great war.

4. Taiga Kagami

Coming to the world of sports anime, one of the biggest names that we have got is the Kuroko no basket anime, and the lead character there, continually partnering with Tetsuya, taiga has also got red hair. He is basically an American kid who has come to Japan and is very fond of basketball. Now for the first time, he is getting to know how good players in Japan can be in this particular game. Soon he finds a partnership with Tetsuya, and together they go on a journey to chase their dream and goals following which we see the rise of Seirin high school.

Kagami is quite a tall, red-haired, dumb guy, who understands nothing other than basketball. However, when it comes to basketball, he is second to none. He has got a lot of skills and the continuous urge to evolve

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5. Seijuro Akashi

As we move forward, we are going to name another character from the same anime as before. Akashi Seijuro is another very well-known name in the world of anime. He is another red-haired character whom we have got on the list and the entire story is just the race to bet the actual genius of basketball which is none other than Akashi himself. As we know Kuroko no basketball is based on the story of a group of prodigies, who have gone their own ways to different high schools and are competing against each other, to prove who is the best. However, the main character of Tetsuya is actually found out by none other than Akashi himself and there are a lot of other dramas related to it.

Akashi’s character is quite admirable following that, he has got two personalities which is quite scary at some point and we get to see them finally towards the end season of the show.

6. Karam Akabane

Sometimes looks can be deceiving and that is what we get to see in the case of Karam Akabane. He belongs to the anime assassinations classroom and has got a huge role in the anime series. he is a very close friend of the protagonist of the series and followed by that, he has also got his own distinct character which has been loved by fans all over the world.

Now for all those who don’t know about Akabane, he was suspended when the series actually started and that was mainly because of his violent and indisciplined attitude. He may seem like a lazy kid, but he is quite intelligent and never plays by the rules.

7. Erza Scarlet

Now moving forward, finally, we have come to a female character, and as we all know otakus all around the world have got a special place in their heart for their favorite female anime characters even if they are dating someone. Ezra is one of those dominating characters whom we all are scared of, but love her from the bottom of her heart. She belongs to the anime fairytale and is a part of the fairytale guild. She is a very high-raked mage. All over she is very well known for her anger issues and how much people are scared of her.

Her backstory is something that is very beautiful and she keeps the members of the guild in check because she doesn’t like indiscipline. Following this when it comes to skill, she has got a lot of skill in every aspect of being made, starting from sword skills, to hand to hand combats. All over she is just a package.

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8. Yukihira Soma

We can just miss this legend when it comes to red-haired characters, at some point we would also like to put his father at the same point because he also has got red hair and has impressed a hell lot of people with his own skills. Yukihira belongs to the anime Shokugeki no Soma which is a cooking-based anime. Yukihira is also the main character of the anime and is immensely skilled when it comes to the world of cooking because he has been training with his father since a very small age and never understood how big of a chef his father is and also never understood how valuable the world of cooking is.

9. Kushina Uzumaki

Coming back to the world of Naruto, one of the characters because of whom the entire Naruto verse exists, is none other than Kushina Uzumaki or the mother of Naruto whom we don’t get see much in the entire story, but we all know from whom Naruto gets his jolly character from. Kushina was the red-haired one, and for all those who have watched the entire series, you all will be very well aware of the fact that she was very much bullied for her red hair. Kushina Uzumaki was also a notable shinobi because she belongs to the Uzumaki clan, which is one of the strongest clans to ever exist but had gone extinct due to some reasons.

10. Rias Gremory

Now this name had to come within the top 10 names on the list and most people are very familiar with why we are putting her here. Rias has been a crush for many of the otakus out there since the start of anime culture and that is just because of how fascinating the high school DxD anime has been. Rias Gremory is the main female character of the anime and she is also one of the fiancés of our protagonist.

Along with that, she goes to the same high school as the protagonist and is also the most beautiful girl in the entire school. She has got a very enigmatic personality and people get charmed by her very easily. However, her powers of destruction are second to none.

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11. Renji Abarai

Coming to the world of bleach, we have also got a very famous and loved red-haired personality in this anime. Renji may not be a main character, but he lists high up when it comes to side characters who have won the audience’s hearts. Following this he is a very good friend of our protagonist and also belongs to the Soul society. He has been a very fascinating character both in the manga as well as the anime.

His bankai is surely notable among the bankais of the other Shinigami. Following that his hairstyle is surely one of the most unique ones among all the characters on the list.

12. Sora

Many of you may be confusing this character with some other character, but yes, this sora has got red hair, it belongs to the anime called no game no life, and this anime is mainly for all of those fantasy-based anime lovers, who have always dreamt of being transported into a world of the game which they show in animes. The same thing happens in this anime, and our main character sora, is on a mission to get out of that world and protect his sister at all costs. There are many different adventures, fights villains, and many other things in this anime. Sora overall is a loved character by its own community.

13. Satori Tendou

Now moving back to the world of sports, satori may not be remembered by his name at first, but we are damn sure that once you see his picture you will be very well aware of who this guy is. He used to be a part of the Haikyu anime series, and he was on the same team as Ushijima, who always used to look down on Hinata and Kageyama. Satori was quite an annoying personality to play against, as he could predict very well and was able to block the opponent’s shots like anything. However, in the end, he surely ended up accepting that those two are actually monsters.

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14. Hisoka

coming to one of the most iconic animes of all time. Almost every otaku out there has been a fan of the Hunter x Hunter series. now we all know how much Gon and Killua used to be creeped out by the character Hisoka and he must be on this list because his fan base is surely a considerable one. This clown-like villain, who may not be the actual villain by the end of the series, was surely dun the watch and enjoy as Killua and Gon journeyed their way to become a hunter.

15. Nagato

The Naruto universe has always given us subtle hints to understand the storyline which could not be portrayed in the series well, and among all of those, there was also this hint, that all red hairs in the series actually belong to the Uzumaki clan, just like Kushina. Nagato as we know whom we also know as Pain, was one of the students of pervy sage and he was also the one against whom Naruto unleashed the 9-tailed fox completely. However, in the end, it was Minato who sealed it back again. Nagato is a character from whom we can learn a lot about sacrifice and making bad decisions.

16. Zora

Now many of you may not be considering this character as a fan favorite, but still when we look at the stats people from all over the world, were very influenced by the unique looks of these characters. Following that his magic was also quite unique which made him an intangible part of the black bulls. Zora has also got a very interesting and heart-touching back story which is shown in the black clover series. for all those black Clover fans, we know how much Zora means to you all out there.

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17. Eijiro Kirishima

We come back to the world of my hero academia; we have got another great name that we can’t forget at all. Kirishima was one of those people in the series, who though was not the main character earned everyone’s respect. He is one of those guys who actually deserves to be a pro hero. Following this, his quirk is basically the capacity of hardening his own body which helps him fight like anything. Along with that, he is very bold and brave, has an unbreakable will, and likes to help everyone out in a manly manner.

18. Sho Shirakawa

This name is quite well known and cursed at by many otakus out there. Sho Hinakawa, a character from psycho pass who was very intimidating according to many critics out there is actually an enforcer in the anime series. along with that, he had quite a shy personality, however, that didn’t affect his intellect at all. He was actually cleverer than most other guys out there and he could use the hologram better than any of his peers which made him an exclusive asset in this series. Following this he was also able to distinguish between drugs very easily, however, he himself was a drug addict.

19. Sasori

If we are looking for someone beautiful on this list, it is none other than Sasori. Sasori is a character from the Naruto anime, and he is originally a part of the Akatsuki group which is one of the main villains in the first arc of the anime series. from first looks, Sasori looks very bad and just like a monster, however soon we get to see his real body which is as beautiful as it can be, and we even see Sakura crushing on him once, before starting to fight him. Sasori has got beautiful eyes and great red hair, and he has the capability of controlling anything with strings.

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20. Kallen Kozuki

You all must be remembering this name from the Code Geass anime. If you don’t, you probably haven’t watched the anime well, because Kallen was one of those characters whom we just couldn’t miss in any season of the show. We see her as the head of the zero squads, which used to be the elite guards of zero. Following that her family history is also something that is very interesting. Kallen is a young girl with red hair, who is quite pretty, but she is more well-known for her intellect and her fighting skills.

21.Tanjiro Kamado

Another name that couldn’t be missed on the list is none other than Tanjiro. Now almost the entire anime community is very well aware of him from the demon slayer universe. However, he ranks a bit lower in this list because his hair color isn’t completely red, but a shade of maroon we can say. However, Tanjiro, as we know, is the main protagonist of the show and along with that, he has earned so much liver from fans all over the world, because of his never-dying will and love for his sister, which is actually genuinely adorable.


Many people actually used to hip Sasuke with Karin, because practically speaking Karin was much more obsessed with Sasuke than Saskura was, and come on who likes Sakura at all? Karin as the other redhead also belongs to the Uzumaki clan and she is one of the last alive members. She was a part of Orochimaru’s squad for a long time and then we see her following Sasuke everywhere because of her love for him and him using her special Uzumaki skills to gain power.

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23.Eustass Captain Kid

How could we even forget this name, one of the new generation members, captain kid is a fellow pirate of Luffy, whom Luffy himself acknowledges. He is also after the title of the pirate king just like Luffy himself, and in the Wano arc, we get to see a lot from him which actually genuinely impresses the fans out there. Following this Eustass has got red hair just like Shanks, though he is in no way related to him, following that he has got magnetic powers from his special devil fruit and one of his hands is made from metal.

24. Endeavor

Now we may have mentioned Shoto at the start of the list, but we surely can miss out on the currently number one pro hero, who was always a direct competitor to all might. Endeavor has got a very rigged personality and many fans have got a negative attitude towards him, because of his relations with his children, but at the same time when it comes to his quirks, he is surely overpowered at some point and every villain out there, is quite scared of him.

25. Mei Terumi

We can’t just end the list without mentioning the absolutely gorgeous Mizukage, whom almost every otaku out there has had a crush on. Mei is one of those characters in the Naruto series who played a hugely important role in the third great ninja war, and she was also the one who ended up paving the way for the further generation to take over. Mei has got a beautiful physique with great ninjutsu skills. Following that she is also extremely powerful, unless she wouldn’t have managed to acquire the title of mizukage at such a young age.

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