Is The Circle- Social Media Competition Based On True Story? Addressing Facts!

Several reality shows have been imitated in several languages, and still, they can’t stop being the highest in all their TRP ranks. Big Brother, imitated by the same name show, or Bigg Boss, gets the same eye-catching views and viewers in every season. Similarly, the other competitive shows like Survival, Splitsvilla, The Circle or anything. Whenever, it takes up a new name, with some added spices, it gets more viral. And way more loved and supported by its fans. This satisfies the need of the show’s makers, and to renew it every alternate year. The show’s plot and its contestants play a vital role in making the show a blockbuster. Other than that, it’s the new challenges that are being added by the show’s PR team.

But are you confused, why are we talking about shows? Sliding from movies, web series, and other things, why have we stopped on game shows? Well, then the clear answer is the upcoming season of “The Circle- Social Media Competition”. Thinking, what’s that? Don’t worry then. As we are heading to the next panel, we will let you know every small thing about the series. From the game’s point of view to its plot. And the contestant’s position to their winning prize money. Everything’s discussed here. You just have to maintain the connection with us. So we can clear things up for you. Alright then, without wasting even a moment, let us move further with the series’ discussion. 

Is The Circle- Social Media Competition Based On A True Story?

Well, with the commencement of the game show, there has been a question popping up so much all around the globe. The Circle first premiered on Netflix in the year 2020. And till now the game show is going on, with its 5 seasons already released. Now, with the completion of the fifth season and the arrival of the sixth one. The fans are making a huge demand to give them the answer to their query. The show is based on a true story! Yes, the allegations they enforce on the show are quite true. The series is not adapted from some real-life stories or the real Olympic games. Rather it is based on the British TV series of the same name. And since now the game adds a twist to social media, its title has an add-on to it. 

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Narrative Of The Circle Show

The show has a quite unique format in comparison with the other reality game shows. However, a few have even compared it with the eBig Brother show. The Circle features 15-16 contestants, all given a separate room to reside in in the same building. However, all these contestants can’t meet each other personally, rather they can chat and learn about each other, via unique social media. There they can see each other’s tagged photos and reels and even they can chat with each other. But here’s a twist again.

These contestants can deceive others, with wrongful information. How? A male can chat like a female with some other, or a female contestant can share some other photos that she sees to be hot. These all are termed catfishing, where one can mislead someone, from their wrong identity. The show follows the rating of the contestants depending on their looks and the way they talk. People rate them from high to low. After looking and competing for the votes, the top two highest-ranked contestants are given the title “Influencers”. However, the lowest ranked will have the threat to be eliminated from the show. 

Ending Of The Show Explained

With each two highest-ranked Influencers, the mutual decision of a contestant is eliminated. But sometimes, the elimination can be different. Two or more contestants can be eliminated, or a few other methods. The contestants being eliminated are termed as Blocked. They have to pack off their stuff and leave the villa, immediately. However, as a last chance, they get some time, to converse with their favourite active contestant, who can still help them to get unblocked and return to the villa. 

For times there can be a wildcard entry into the villa as well. Depending upon the number of contestants eliminated mid-way through the show. Wildcards receive immunity from their first elimination, and from then they are vulnerable to exit from the show. By the end, the finale is reached, and the contestants left will rate each other once again. Adding to it the viewer’s votes, and comparing the contestant’s votes. the one who wins the show receives the prize money of $100,000 and the title of “Fan Favorite” as well. 

Where Is The Show Streaming?

The Circle- Social Media Competition is streaming on Netflix.

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