25 Best Fat Cartoon Characters: Check The List For All Your Favourites!

Almost all of us have fond memories of our childhood which is still hidden somewhere in our heart, thanks to cartoons. As a generation, we have watched them and loved them over and over again. Irrespective of any character being the hero or lead, we always had a special place for the fat ones. They made us laugh a little harder, isn’t it? In this article below, we have listed the 25 best fat cartoon characters who were, are and always will be our favourites!

1. Obelix 

Asterix is one of the favourite cartoons of all the 90s kids out there. Obelix is one character or precisely stated as the most loved one in Asterix. Not only that but is also one of the best friends of Asterix. He works as a deliveryman and menhir sculptor. Known for his extreme strength, which allows him to carry menhirs on his back with ease.

Obelix accidentally ingested a magical elixir made by the Gauls when he was a newborn, turning him into the only Gaul in Asterix’s hamlet to have superhuman abilities on a continuous basis. He was also forbidden from ingesting the magic potion ever again for this reason, a prohibition he felt was incredibly harsh.

2. Mrs Poppy Puff

Remember Spongebob Squarepants? As a kid, it used to be one of our favourites! Mrs Poppy Puff is one of the 10 central figures in the Spongebob Squarepants universe. She wears a sailor uniform, owns a boating school in Bikini Bottom, and frequently has paranoid episodes.

Spongebob constantly upsets her, which adds to her severe mental instability and her dangerous driving despite the fact that she is incredibly nice and friendly to all of her students. However, she does occasionally show him her compassionate side by showing sympathy for him.

She is primarily to blame for Spongebob’s lack of a driver’s licence in the first place. Having said that, she does have a criminal history against her that dates back long before she met Spongebob, thus it is reasonable to say that she also serves as a minor antagonist.

3. Teddy

Teddy, Theodore’s stage name, is one of the main characters in Bob’s Burgers. Possessing many skills and working as a contractor, handyman, hockey player, and carpenter, Teddy has made our childhood memorable. He is shown as a divorcee and is perceived as a reserved and lonely person. A personal friend of the family and a frequent shopper at the establishment.

Even if he sometimes imparts social skills, he frequently loses his temper. However, he generally has good intentions and is kind. He has difficulty relating to others and frequently displays awkward behaviour, such as failing to respect others’ personal space, making odd decisions, and becoming agitated about little matters. You can relate him to one of your short fuse and strict uncle, who always makes a disappointed face.

4. Mr Smee

Peter Pan is an animated movie which almost everyone in the 1950s will remember. So in Peter Pan, there was the character of Mr. Smee who was the secondary antagonist. He often used to be a negotiator. 

Mr Smee was a loyal crew of the master even though as the series has shown that in situations when needed, he was of zero use. He was a very gentle and calm person and was the one who could actually communicate with the captain very well. 

Also, he always wanted a happy and good life so he had a wish to stop these pirate works and return back to normal life and live as a normal being. He was a very unique and interesting character whom everyone remembers who has watched Peter Pan. This was another fat character in an animated movie and series.

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5. Garfield 

The series itself is the star of one of the longest-running franchises ever, Garfield. He is an enormous orange tabby cat. It’s his qualities of being lazy, sarcastic, and haughty which make him quite famous in the show.

A big foodie who lives with his awkward and nerdy owner, John Arbuckle, and their stupid dog, Odie. Garfield constantly gives Odie pain, insults, and trouble despite the fact that he loves him and can’t live without him. Regarding Jon, Garfield constantly makes disparaging remarks about him and takes a sadistic delight in doing so, mostly because he can’t have the girl he really wants.

Additionally, he owns a teddy bear by the name of Pooky, which he likes and frequently holds in his arms. With any luck, our list will make you smile and reminisce about the good ol’ days when reading and watching cartoons was actually a joy.

6. Paxton

Timmy Time is another animated series in which there is a character called Paxton. This little chubby character remains hungry all the time and also he loves playing with toys.

Paxton has an attribute that his nose keeps moving while eating making it look like he is using his nose to eat something. Also, his favourite food as shown in the series is apples. He can be identified by his oversized blue sweater. Other than playing with toys and eating he flies kites.

7. ‘Fred’ Flinstone

One of the main characters of the renowned and adored animated sitcom The Flintstones was Fredrick J. “Fred” Flinstone. Remember the famous catchphrase “Yabba- Dabba-Doo”? Well, he is the patent owner of that phrase! The Flinstone family resides in a lovely, cosy cave in the prehistoric town of Bedrock as Fred, Wilma’s husband and Pebbles’ father.

He was formerly a caveman. Although he can be a bit juvenile and has a very loud mouth, Fred is a really loving and caring husband and father. Instead, despite how loudly he shouts and how much it annoys those around him, he is actually rather kind.

8. Fat Albert

Another fat character was the lead character of the famous animated series “Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids”. Bill Cosby was the creator of this series and he himself was the voice of the lead character in this series. 

Bill Cosby has included memories of his childhood. This series is a fun and comedy one. The main character that is our Albert Jackson was loved by all who watched the series and they all remember him now by his famous catchphrase” Hey, Hey, Hey”. 

Albert was an athletic person and loved sports but no one could make out this from his fat body. This character was shown wearing blue jeans and a pullover sweater. He was shown as a gentle and well-mannered man.

9. Wimpy

Wimpy is another fat character who was very famous for animated series like Popeye and Thimble Theatre. Although he was not the lead or a major character, fans still love to see him. 

In Popeye, he got the role of a close friend of Popeye. Talking about his personality traits in the series, he was very intelligent but a lazy character. He was very gentle and patient and could bear even the outbursts of Popeye. Also, his love for hamburgers is another thing to get entertained with. He always had a hamburger with himself but that was not paid by himself but someone else. Never pays for his hamburgers which can be seen very frequently in the series.

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10. Patrick Star 

One of the 10 central figures in the animated series Spongebob Squarepants is Patrick Star. The Patrick Star Show was another of his spin-off programmes. He and Sandy Squirrel are Spongebob’s two closest friends and neighbours, respectively. Squidward Tentacles is the other.

Patrick is a coral-pink starfish that is overweight and naive. He resides in Bikini Bottom, beneath a large rock. He regularly irritates and troubles Squidward along with Spongebob, albeit accidentally and generally with good intentions. Without a nose or ears (although he can still hear things fine without them), Patrick is typically seen sporting a pair of lime-green shorts with purple flowers on them.

As a result of Patrick’s goofiness, laziness, ignorance, and general dimwittedness, Spongebob frequently finds himself in problems. Occasionally, Patrick may attempt to use common sense, but this typically backfires.

11. Muriel Bagge

You just cannot deny the fact of watching Courage The Cowardly Dog as a kid all the time! As a kid, we used to be all the time hooked on the TV, watching Courage and the hard time Muriel Bagge used to give him. No kidding, but that woman was one of her biggest enemies back then. 

Although she is shown as a kind and loving woman, she really gets annoyed by any kind of mischievous activity done by her husband or Courage, their dog. Even after the bad qualities in her, she is very protective towards Courage, the dog. She takes his stand and also warns her husband if he behaves rudely with the dog.

Due to Muriel’s vulnerability and the fact that their remote home is a frequent target for criminals and monsters, Courage frequently needs to intervene to save and shield her. The love is vice versa here. She is mostly seen knitting sweaters all around the show.

12. Chef

South Park is another animated series in which we could see Jerome as the fat character. In this series, he got the title of chef. The role he plays in this animated series is of a cafeteria worker. He can be seen as a more intelligent person than others around. Due to his wisdom, he gets the child protagonists to reach him for advice.

As the children come to him, they get what they seek and the chef doesn’t do anything wrong by not giving them any ideas or advice. As his character was an idea generated by many soul singers so he can also be seen giving his advice in the form of a soul song in the series.

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13. Pumbaa

Timon is our fat warthog whom no one can forget. He is featured in the animated series Timon and Pumbaa. From the name we can make out that there are two characters so one is Pumbaa and the other one is Timon. They both are best friends and do a lot of mischief together.  

Other than Timon and Pumbaa they are featured in the movie “The Lion King”. Timon and Pumbaa are always ready for adventures and they always stay together whatever happens. Pumba is not much loved by other animals due to his body odour but Timon stays with him leaving all these things behind. Also, this series has given viewers a new teaching that means living happily and solving all your problems is “Hakuna Matata”.

14. Peter Griffin 

Our next character is Griffin from the animated series ” Family Guy”. Talking about fat characters in animated series this is one of the names that the viewers remember. This series is about Griffin and his family as they live in Quahog, Rhode Island. Other than Griffin there is Griffin’s wife and three children in the series. Also, there are some other characters like the talking dog and Brian who is Griffin’s best friend. 

Griffin is obsessed with watching television and he loves many other series to watch. Also, he has a tendency to get angry if anyone wants to prove him wrong. He cannot bear getting wrong. Griffin always becomes competitive as and when he is to be proven wrong or any contradictory words are said against him. 

Peter Griffin is seen to be a worker in a toy factory in Quahog itself. He can also be seen in “The Drunken Clam” which is a bar in which he drinks with his other friends and enjoys it there.

15. Homer

Homer is a fat character who can be seen as a lazy and ignorant character. Also, he is portrayed as selfish and a character with anger issues. But as of the series, he seems to deal with situations and fail which makes him extremely stupid and these all happen due to his laziness in doing something. Even he doesn’t think of doing anything. 

We can see that whenever Homer wants to do something that is needed he makes it more tough and bigger than before. Also, he is seen in the bar drinking and enjoying with his friends. Due to his bad temper, he gets out of control and which results in outbursts very frequently. Also, he is not a man of focus and there is no connection between him and the attention word.

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16.  Bob

Bob of Oggy and the Cockroaches is our next fat character on the list. Almost everyone knows him very well as this animated series has been very famous since its release. Bob is the neighbour of Oggy and he is a strong and very huge dog as shown in the series. He can be seen becoming a friend of the cockroaches in order to make Oggy go crazy and to get entertained. 

He can be seen busy with his own life of peace and happiness only till his neighbours Oggy and the cockroaches don’t break his peace as well as his bones. He is one of the main characters in this series and also is very loved by the viewers. There are also instances in this series when he can be seen as a calm and peaceful friend of Oggy.

17. Russell

The loving 8-year-old boy from the boy scout who had to be the best in all is the character Russell. We cannot deny the fact that he was one of the biggest inspiration of us during our childhood.

Not only that, he is also a sweet little fat guy who gets everybody’s love and attention because of his nature. One particular hater of Russell is Carl who later on changes his mind and starts liking him. The reason behind it is his hardworking and curious nature. Moreover, it is hard to hate our little buddy, Russell, isn’t it?

18. Chowder 

Chowder is the next fat character from the animated series named Chowder. He is seen to work in a Mung daal company only when he shifted himself to become the owner of the catering business. Chowder’s personality traits as shown in this series are gentle, friendly, and innocent. Also, he could be seen crying quite a few times which shows that he is very emotional and sensitive.

This series has a joke which is eventually shown in many of its episodes that Chowder is a cartoon. This joke is referred to as” breaking the fourth wall”. Originally Chowder is a rabbit but it resembles two different animals. These two animals are the cat and Raccoon which is due to his pink snout and his tail which is stripped like that of a raccoon. 

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19. Bluto

One more fat character from the famous series Popeye is Bluto or you can call him Brutus. He is seen as an enemy of Popeye who always thinks about how to defeat Popeye the sailor. Professionally he too is a sailor.  He is a character who is very fierce and violent and also his works are done in full deception. 

Bluto fights with Popeye due to a girl in the series named Olive Oyl. Brutus wants to get her at any cost and defeat Popeye for it. But he couldn’t ever defeat Popeye as Popeye has spinach which makes him stronger than Brutus and he is able to defeat Bluto due to this everytime.

20. Winnie The Pooh

Talking about fat characters we cannot forget about one of the favourite animated characters of childhood Winnie the Pooh who was featured in the series of the same name. He is a teddy who is very kind, gentle and calm. Winnie can be seen as a teddy bear who always supports his friends in need and never leaves them alone. 

Winnie the Pooh is an amazing animated series which is still in the hearts of everyone. Winnie has taught us how to be simple and helpful always. Also, he can be seen getting into trouble due to his affection towards honey and for this, he does everything possible. There are also other characters who are his best friends like Rabbit, Kanga, piglet, tiger, owl, Gopher, Roo, and Eeyore. Winnie has a red shirt which he wears in this series.

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21. Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester was one of our favourite characters of ours. This bald character with a creepy and crazy smile made our stomachs hurt a bit more. The weird qualities of being a conductor of electricity made us question every possible truth of Science. Agree or not, all of us wanted to be empowered with that quality of his.

Every time he used to put electricity in his body, he used to put a light bulb in his mouth to demonstrate his capabilities. This was way too fascinating for us at that age.

22. Jake

Jake a hybrid dog character from the animated series Adventure Time is our next fat character. He is seen in the series as a magical dog as he has the ability to change his own shape and transform into different shapes. 

He also has his best friend Finn in the series. This series is about the adventures that Jake and Finn do. Now according to the animated series and certain scenes from it, Jake is 28 years old. Jake tells Finn that he is already married and also has his children with him. We can see in the series that Jake acts as a mentor for Finn. So this was another fat character from the animated series and who has magical powers too.

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23. Chris Griffin

Chris is that child of the family who is neither hated nor loved. He is shown struggling with his issues of keeping contact with school friends and girls. Not only that but he is also made fun of because of his body weight and acnes all around.

He has the character traits of his fathers with low IQ and a little dumb. In spite of that, he is kept away from fights and is never made responsible for his naive and polite nature.

24. Ursula

Remember the 1989’s animated film The Little Mermaid? Ursula is the dangerous and ugly-looking sea witch who was one of the biggest nightmares of our childhood times. 

Although she looked extremely hideous and dangerous, her main task and role were to make fulfil the wishes of the unhappy people. She used to grant the wishes of all the needy and tried to remove their sorrows. But there was a catch in it. In spite of telling the same, she was one of the worst witches. She used to lure people into this and turn them into polyps in her garden.

25. Tuntun Mausi

Are you a fan of Chotta Bheem? You cannot deny the truth. We still watch it to lift our moods sometimes. The strong bheem’s real power lies behind Tuntun Mausi’s laddoos. All of us wanted to get those delicious-looking laddoos which were the secret of the strength of Bheem in our childhood. 

Tuntun mausi is Chutki’s mother who is known for making delicious laddoos.  She is shown as a fat woman wearing a blue saree. She has a sweet- strict personality and is very protective towards her daughter and laddoos of course!

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