10 Animes Like My Happy Marriage You Should Add To Your List Right Now!

Now recently Netflix has brought to us a big name from the anime community which many people had forgotten because the manga got finished quite a long time back and there was never much interest shown by any of the other studios in animating this manga, whereas when the Netflix studio saw this gap and decided to animate this manga, it became a hot seller and people from all over the world started hyping up about this anime since the very starting. For all those who haven’t heard the name or don’t know anything about the anime series “My Happy Marriage” don’t worry, it’s the basic story of how a marriage can change an entire person’s life and make it worth living. The main character in the story is someone, who has lost her hope in life as she is always mistreated by her stepmother and father after her mother died and now when it has come to her marriage, this time too she wasn’t allowed to marry the person she loved, however the person to whom she is sent off for marriage, is rumored to be a very rude and inhuman person. When she reaches the scene, when things turn around and the real nature of the person comes out, a gentle soul who is rumored to be harsh becomes her source of power and hope very soon.

Now many of you who have watched this series or have read the manga, do know how great of an anime this is, and many people who don’t have the patience to wait for the upcoming episodes of the show, we have got a list of animes which you can enjoy while waiting for the further seasons of My Happy Marriage.

Below we have listed 10 such amines which fall in the same genre as the above anime and are worth a watch.

1. More Than A Married Couple But Not Lovers

10 Animes Like My Happy Marriage!

The first name on the list is a very subtle anime, which got a  lot of appreciation when it came out a few years back. The story is mainly based on the idea that in a school, the art of being carried peacefully has been taken up as a subject and is being taught among the students in a practical living together format. Now both our main characters never wanted to be paired with each other while, one is a very introverted shy person, and the other is a very cool intimidating person. The story revolves around this fake marriage where both our protagonists start falling in love with each other, while they still can’t accept the fact, and that bothers them a lot. Altogether this is quite a beautiful anime and worth a watch for all.

Where to watch: this anime is available for streaming on Netflix and the Crunchyroll platform.

2. My Bride Is A Mermaid

This 2007 anime is another very well-known anime, and many otakus out there may be very well aware of this name. it’s a simple anime that belongs to the fantasy and romance genre just like our “My Happy Marriage”. The main story that we follow in this anime is about a mermaid and a small boy who end up being married because of the mermaid law. The boy was drowning one day and the mermaid saved her life, now according to the mermaid law, either of the two has to be killed, for the safety of their existence. For this to save both of them they end up being married, but that comes with a lot of repercussions to both our protagonists. However, somewhere we also see a new blooming love between them.

Where to watch: this anime series is available for streaming on the amazon prime videos platform.

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3. A Couple Of Cuckoos

This anime is another fan favorite and people from all over the world have shown a lot of appreciation for this anime. It is based on the story which is fun to watch and has not got any dark truths hidden or something to ruin your mood in any way. The story is basically of two high school students who have actually switched places in the hospital when they were just born. Now the families are trying to do the right thing, by marrying them both which will end up making none of the families lose their loved ones.

Where to watch: this anime is available for streaming on Netflix and the Crunchyroll platform.

4. Fly Me To The Moon

The fourth anime on the list is actually a weird marriage anime. It may seem very cute and lovely when it comes to the romantic aspect but the entire concept is a bit weird. The story starts with a high school student falling in love with a girl after seeing her only once on the road and then getting into an accident while trying to meet her. This is followed by him asking her to be his girlfriend while he is being taken to the hospital, and the girl replies with only if they marry first. Then soon we see the guy not finding her after he wakes up from sleep in the hospital bed, he is heartbroken until it’s finally his 18th birthday when the girl magically appears on his doorstep with a marriage agreement. This anime follows their love story.

Where to watch: this anime is available for streaming on the Amazon instant purchase platform.

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5. Bibliophile Princess

This anime is another great watch where we see the discovery of existing love that was never accepted. This anime is also a great story on marriage and follows a royal setting where the crowned prince marries a lady from a family known to be bookworms. The main clause of the marriage is, if they marry the lady can spend all her time reading books, however, she believed this was just a gaining proposal for her, and she had to be in part of no romantic sentiment towards the prince. However, in the four years of marriage, she never realized that she is getting closer to the man day by day, and when finally she sees him getting close to another woman. They start discovering their love engraved love.

Where to watch: this anime is available for streaming on the Disney+ platform.

6. Engaged To The Unidentified

We find a huge aspect of “my happy marriage” in this anime as well, the main character in this story is a high school student, who is happy but everything changes when she ends up being 16 years old. The protagonist finds out that her marriage has already been decided by her late grandfather and now her fiancé and his kid sister have come from his home, to live with her so that they can end up bonding and there are no problems after they get married. However, it is very skeptical and they are both opposites are something they find out.

Where to watch:  this anime is available for streaming on the Crunchyroll platform.

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7. Ai Yori Aoshi

Another great watch for sure, this is one of our personal favorites. This anime follows a very simple theme which is very similar to the previous anime on the list. It follows the story of a high school student who ends up guiding a beautiful girl, to an address in her neighborhood which ends up being the wrong one, so in order to help her, he asks for other clues but in turn of events, end up finding that it was his childhood fiancé who has come in search for him and to marry her. But will he be willing to marry her and what was the main reason he took his farewell from the girl’s family, we will only know after watching the anime.

Where to watch: this anime is available for streaming on the Funimation platform.

8. Akaneiro Ni Somaru Saka

This anime series again holds a lot of similarities to the previous few anime. We find the story of two high schoolers, who are just on the verge of passing school, but at the key time, a new student gets into their class, who was previously saved by a boy who was infamous for his rebellious attitude. However, this is the same guy who ends up stealing the girl’s first kiss because of a misunderstanding and that is the time since when the hatred for each begins in their heart. However, they both are soon shocked when they get to know that they have already decided to marry very soon according to their family.

Where to watch: this anime is available for streaming on the Crunchyroll platform.

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9. Love And Lies

As we move towards the end of the list, this anime was all destined to make it to the list. We see a very peculiar story in the anime where the students of the age of 16 are assigned partners according to compatibility calculation and if they defy the marriage proposal to the assigned partner, then they are punished. Now pour protagonist is already in love with his classmate and they both like each other, but he has also been assigned a new partner, who is not interested in him but surely his ex-love relationship, which leads to a web of love and lies.

Where to watch: this anime series is available for streaming on the Amazon Prime Videos platform.

10. I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

This anime is quite a unique one and though it is not very similar to the anime in talk, we see the daily lives of a married couple, one being an office lady, the other being an otaku vlogger. Now using the various anime and manga references they end up enjoying their day-to-day life and also find different similarities between them and reality. Now this anime is just a humorous show which is very peaceful and fun to watch, with no particular message in it.

Where to watch: this anime is available for streaming on the Crunchyroll platform.

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