15 Movies Like La La Land You Would Love To Watch!

Audiences forever have been the greatest fans of romantic and musical movies. This La La Land is the most romantic and musical film of all time released in the year 2016 of the American film industry. The movie very gently depicts the love story of the hardworking and struggling jazz piano artist and beautiful actresses.

The movie is the best fit for fans of romance, music, struggles, and dreamers. The fans of the movie demand the same genre movie list. so here we have come with the must-watch movies of the same genre as La La Land.

1 Whiplash

Whiplash is the story of a drummer in high school who loves to lay drums and feels he will become the best of his generation. Soon, he meets his mentor who is very strict and is abusive to his students to get perfection out of them. 

Terence Fletcher, the mentor pushes his student Andrew Neiman, the drummer to exceed his limits and become the best drummer of all time. The movie very clearly depicts the student-teacher bond and the strictness of a teacher that can change their student into a milestone.

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2 Singin’ In The Rain

Silent movies have been loved and mist watched not only by the old generation but also by the new generation people. This is a musical silent and full of comedy movies, showing the artist and his best friend struggling hard to get a name and fame in the film industry.

The film celebrates the golden era of the film industry equally loved by the new generation of people. It depicts the joys of rain, songs, and dance in the real life of people.

3 Rebel Without A Cause

The film is a teen drama showcasing the boy facing all the problems and struggles in his adolescence age. The movie shows a boy facing problems in his school, but after getting into a new school, Jim, the teenager along with his new friends decided to explore and overcome all his struggles, mental health, depression, and everything.

The movie depicts the anger issues in a teen and how much comfort the child at his teenage wants his parents to understand his stuff and support him. It gives a social message as well to the parents to grow friendships with their children.

4 The Band Wagon

The film is a beautiful masterpiece of romance and comedy about the old musical artist name Tony Hunter, who wants to revive his career by making a band and performing on Broadway night. He along with the other artist and a ballet queen, formed a band and went through so many struggles and emotional damages till the band’s first show night. 

The movie shows how the band member, after all the fights and misunderstandings still went to the finals and released their first show of the newly formed band.

5 West Side Story 

The most rival story is of two gangs fighting with each other as their family members fall in love with each other. The movie is an adaptation of its original release, that follows the same story of a fight between the two gangs Jets and Sharks. 

The brawler of Jets and the sister of Sharks fall in love in high school and face a lot of challenges to keep their love united. And at the end, their love wins over the fight between the two gangsters and their territory.

6 Dreamgirls

The movie shows three girls’ epic journey, making their musical group a well-known group from being the backstage performer. Their fascinating journey from back to the front stage. The challenges they had to face not only in their personal lives as individuals but also in the teams as group members they have to fight and win challenges among each other

The film shows the strong bond of friendship between the three girls, leading them to be together not only in their struggling days but also when they are successful enough.

7 The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

The movie is one of the most unique films in the world’s film industry as all its dialogues instead of being spoken are sung by the actors of the movie. It shows the story of two passionate lovers who are separated due to financial crises but their love reunites them although they have to face so many difficulties and problems to be with each other.

8 Moulin Rouge!

The film through its plot celebrates the immense love of a struggling poet and a successful actress. The movie shows them falling in love with each other despite the huge difference in their age gaps and their success as well. 

But, when there is love people can go to any extent to win their love is the best part shown here. They go through all kinds of challenges and problems in their life and finally win over each other, and their love.

9 Hairspray

The movie shows the life of a girl changing after she is successful in achieving her dreams. Once she was bullied and discriminated against the society for not having a good figure and all. But she never did stop chasing her dreams.

The film explores how the girl participated in her dream dancing show, and because of her talent became a social media sensation overnight and occupied the hearts of people all over the world.

10 Inside Llewyn Davis

The movie is about the hard struggling days of a renowned music artist name Llewyn Davis. The movie is a masterpiece showing every twists and turns of the musician’s life, during his struggling days. When all his possessions were lost and he was left with nothing, how he managed to work on it again and gain his name back is all shown very clearly in the movie.

The film in common shows the life of every artist in the film industry and all the same struggles everyone has to face as they enter the entertainment industry before they gain a name and dame in the world.

11 The Artist

The movie is a beautiful love story of a couple, one whose career is declining while the other’s career is gaining name and fame. It is showing a male actor who is a famous silent actor but now he will be no more in the cinema as silent films are already replaced with sound movies, and his love for the female artist’s career is rising due to talkies.

The film as well pays tribute to the silent cinemas and all its talented actors and actresses. It shows the power of love and presents heartfelt nostalgic moments for the audience of the movie.

12 The Greatest Showman

The movie is the life story of a musical artist name P.T. Barnum who gathered unique beings from different parts of the world, formed a group, and presented them in front of the world, giving them a new identity and gaining some success for his own.

But, despite his good works he has to face many challenges in his personal and love life from not being accepted to his accepted all over the world. It depicts the journey of a poor boy to the richest man if the industry, and all the struggles he has to go through.

13 A Star Is Born

The movie shows a romantic bond between a known and popular singer and a girl who is unknown but with a beautiful voice singing in a bar. Jackson Maine is a well-known yet abusive singer who is a drunkard and finds Ally the girl from a small town performing at bars to earn money. 

The two fall in love and Jackson helps Ally to gain name and fame in the industry but, forgets to continue for himself and soon experiences loss from all where leading to him choosing for the end of his life.

14 Once

 The movie shows a beautiful and emerging love story of young ones who are struggling to gain success and are also fighting with their personal life challenges. But these two form a deep bond and soon fall in love with each other sharing an intimate bond.

The couple had emotional challenges along with their career problems, by the two-faced them together and gained name and fame together, making their love win over all the hardships and challenges of life.

15 Begin Again

The movie explores the beautiful theme of regaining love and achieving dreams with the love of life and getting successful together. Gretta an unknown songwriter who is ditched by her boyfriend after he gains a name in the film industry. She then meets Dan a music producer who decide to collaborate and make some music in New York City.

The two while making the music not only find different artists in the city but also find good partners in each other, and get successful through their music video soon, showing the power of love.

This was all about the movies of musical, comedy, and romantic genre that are alike to La La Land and is must watch by the fans of the movie. Stay tuned!

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