Is The Lady of Silence: The Mataviejitas Murders A True Story? Truth Is Revealed

Netflix has been continuously releasing crime series, featuring the real-life victims, family, and friends interviewing and recording photos from the crime scene to be disclosed in the series. Netflix thus is releasing so many crime stories this week. 

Out of those one of the recent releases of Netflix’s crime series includes Mexico’s serial and most wanted serial killer of the 90s. The police expected it to be a male person doing such a heinous crime, but the criminal turns out to be a female, and that too a former athlete. 

Today’s topic of discussion for the article will be all about this mysterious serial killer lady known by the name The Lady Of Silence. If you too are interested in knowing more about this serial killer and her reasons behind it, you are in the same place. We have covered everything for you that you must know. 

Is The Lady of Silence: The Mataviejitas Murders Based On A True Story?

After the release of these crime documentaries, people feel if the series is based on some real-life incident or is an imaginary story. but the truth behind this is, the series is a true crime documentary series released by Netflix these weeks.

All the scenes in the series are from places of real-life crime scenes and the interviews and recordings of the victims’ true friends and family telling the story behind the crime and about the victims. These stories shake up the souls of audiences after they get to know about such heinous crimes and ruthless activities of humans towards humans only.  

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Who Is The Lady Of Silence?

The lady of silence is a Mexican former wrestler named Juana Barraza, she was born on December 27, 1857, in the rural area of Mexico City. She was startled and pissed off by her childhood days. The lady was born to a couple where her father left her and her mother sold her three beer bottles to a man. The man often raped and made her pregnant.

Juana says after the arrest during her prosecution in the court that she was so damn tired thinking of her past childhood life, that she decided to take revenge and become a merciless criminal. She entered the world of crime by murdering an old woman in the early 1990 and remained in the world of crime till the year 2003.

Juana was believed to have murdered around 40-48 elderly women of Mexiococity. The crime was all planned and the murders were of only the elderly woman of age above 60 years who lived alone. Juana used to gain their trust by helping them with groceries and other household chores. Once the trust is gained her plan was executed.

She would reach their home and murder them usually by the telephone cords or bathrobes and used to rob things from their houses to make police feel the case was of robbery and not murder. Time passed and the number of murders increased with each passing year.

The Mexican people were scared of this unknown serial killer. And a time came when Juana made one of the mistakes in her last crime on November 17, 2003, and her face was seen. The people and police on one side were expecting it to be a male, but they were shocked to know its a female criminal and that too a well-known wrestler. The arrest warrant was issued against her and she was searched all over the place. 

What Happened To Juana Barraza Later?

 After years of searching and finding her in all the places of Mexico, police finally got a catch up on this serial killer who has done such great crimes, and when arrested she was asked a lot of questions to which her only answer was to take revenge on the old females because of her mother.

She was believed to be a psychopath who felt no emotions or mercy to kill such an elderly woman. but when asked she replied, she was in the mood o take revenge on these women as a result of her mother’s deed and was never a merciful woman. 

She said she was helping society by doing these crimes and said she would often dress up and behave and introduced herself as a government official working for the welfare of the elderly woman and gaining their trust, Reached their houses several times and executed the plans. Juana is now imprisoned for almost 700 years and is now sent to the jail for rest of her life. She is serving there as a gym instructor. 

Overall, the crime documentary “The Lady of Silence: The Mataviejitas Murders” was already released on July 27, 2023, on Netlfix and is streaming on Netlfix for audiences to watch and get entertained by watching these crimes thriller true documentaries. 

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