10 Movies Like Reading 2023 You Should Add To Your Watchlist!

The concept of possession has always been something that has haunted humans for years. Ghosts do exist and people are quite okay with that concept but possessions mainly happen when those ghosts or unrested souls are seeking revenge or are unsatisfied that is what the movie the reading is all about and from the review and everything we have received from the audience, it is surely a must watch if you are a fan of the horror genre. For those who haven’t watched the movie yet, then we will be giving you a brief description of what goes on in the movie, it’s the story of Emma who is trying to cope with the death of her child and husband who passed away in a home invasion, however, she seeks the help of a group, who can bring her in contact with her dead kid and husband, however, things don’t go exactly the way it was planned, and it’s an evil spirit that invades the house where the reading is performed. The movie has got a 5.3 imdb rating which is quite impressive when it comes to this particular genre.

For all those who have loved the concept of the movie and are searching for more movies in this particular genre, we have listed below 10 movies that you may like if you like the reading.

1. The Exorcist

10 Movies That You Should Watch If You Like The Reading 2023!

The first movie that we will like to mention on the list has to be this one because all those who follow this particular genre must be very familiar with the name and the concept of possession and exorcism which happens in the movie The Reading as well. The fun fact is, in both movies, we see the character of a moth, in one of the movies we see where the mother trying to get in contact with her dead kid, whereas, in the other one, we get to see the mother trying to help her kid from the demon which has possessed the kid by bringing in some exorcist. However, everything doesn’t go according to plan in both cases, and we see a lot of mess, deaths, horrifying scenes, and goosebumps-giving moments. From our end, the advice is, if you don’t like horror, then don’t go for this movie.

Where can we watch: this movie is available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

2. US

This movie came out in the year 2019 and it may not be belonging to the same genre of possession juts like the reading, but it has got a very unique plot that has attracted a lot of people out there in the horror genre, and at the same time it is quite unique as well. We see the concept of doppelgangers taking over the entire city and the main fight starting between the Wilson family. The main character has known this since her childhood but finally witnesses the invasion when she is quite old and now, she needs to bring an end to this doppelganger invasion or else, very real human out there will soon meet their end in the hand of their doppelganger.

Where can we watch: this movie is available for streaming on the Apple Tv platform.

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3. Hereditary

Now this movie is one of those ones, which you should watch with a lot of precaution. It is not just about possession, by any demon but it’s basically related to a cult group and the devil which goes by the very name of Paimon. Yes, you heard it right, this movie came out in the year 2018 and was a massive hit among all the fans who love the genre. It is basically the story of a family who lost their child in a car accident however when it is soon looked into more deeply, we see some deep family history and a cult movement acting behind everything the family goes through. The ending scene is something that has been highly recommended because the true concept of the film is revealed there. Though there is not a lot of possession related to the movie it is surely worth a watch.

Where can we watch: this movie is available for streaming on the Amazon Prime videos platform.

4. The Wailing

When it comes to the Asian movie industry, we have previously encountered some great works from their end and particularly in the horror genre as well. Now the wailing is one of those movies which we just can’t miss when we are talking about demons and possessions. Yes, we know you may be thinking that we are moving away from the reading, but we can assure you that this will fall to your liking if you liked the readings. It’s basically the story of how a demon arrives in a town and infects the people in such a way that they end up killing their closed ones. Now the tricky part is, when the people are trying to fight the demon, they don’t know who the demon is and are confused between a Japanese man and a mysterious lady.

Where can we watch: this movie is available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

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5. Hush

from what we have seen so far, it is always not required for paranormal activities to be there, for the movie to turn out to be scary and that is the case with Hush. The movie came out in the year 2016 and is similar to the reading in only a singular way. The home which is supposed to be the safest place for us, turns out to be a nightmare. A single lady who lives alone is at the risk of a masked intruder, who is the masked intruder remains unknown till the end, but whoever it is, the lady’s life is surely at risk. The worst part being the intruder has to be kept out till help arrives for her.

Where can we watch: this movie is available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

6. Sinister

This movie is also a must-watch and something that you will be able to relate to the reading. We see a normal writer who has got into a new house with his family, but in the attic, he finds the tale of kids murdering their families, which soon is followed by the main twist of the demon actually possessing the kids in those houses and slaughtering their family. Now the main question that stays is what will the writer do, to save his family and his kids, because it’s too late now to leave and is there something the house is hiding from us.

Where can we watch: this movie is available for streaming on the HBO Max platform or Peacock.

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7. The Strangers

We move back to another movie that may not belong to the genre of paranormal activities, possession, and stuff but will still be very horrifying as it brings back the idea of not being safe in your own house which we get to encounter in the movie the reading. This movie is basically the tale of a couple who end up being stacked in their own house, by a group of masked intruders, who end up bringing them over a period of time, and finally capturing them and stabbing them to death. The motive remains unknown but something surely is very uncanny about the movie which will give you chills if you are alone in your room.

Where can we watch: this movie is available for watching on Amazon Instant Video and the Vudu platform.

8. The Conjuring

When talking about possession we needed to mention this movie otherwise the list would have been incomplete. The story of the witch who sacrificed herself to a demon and cursed everyone who takes her land from there on. The story has made many people fall in love with the horror genre but has also turned many people completely against it. What happens in the movie we all know, and if you don’t know, you just need to watch it without even a secondary consideration.

Where can we watch: this movie is currently available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

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9. The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

A movie that belongs to the same genre of possession and exorcism, but at the same time leaves us with the question that whether the main character who was stated to pass away at the start of the movie was actually possessed or just suffering from the disorder. The movie is shown in the form of flashbacks and following that e also see a lot of court trial scenes against the priest who exorcised Emily Rose. It was basically according to his statement that while exorcising Emily, it went out of hand and nothing could be saved.

Where can we watch: this movie is available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

10. The Rite

The last one on the list is truly a great watch and doesn’t need much explanation. It is basically the story of another exorcism case just like the ones that we have previously seen. The setting may be a bit difficult we get a much more descriptive approach towards the process of exorcism and the main demon as the soul which had invaded the body of the host, but following that it is nothing new. However, don’t skip it because the cinematography and the way of portrayal are two of the most important reasons which have pushed this movie into this list.

Where can we watch: this movie is available for streaming on the HBO Max platform.

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