15 Best Anime On Disney Plus Hotstar: The Curated List For You!

There has been a sudden increase in the number of animated movies and series nowadays due to their increasing demand. People love to watch animated movies and series. These animated series and movies can be watched on various platforms such as Disney Plus Hotstar, Netflix, and so on. In this article, we will talk about the 15 best anime available on Disney Plus Hotstar so if you are new to the anime world or if you love to watch anime series then give this article a read to watch the best anime available.

1. Stone Ryusui

Stone Ryusui or Dr Stone Ryusui is an animated series based on an adventure story and released in the year 2022. The story tells about a 15-years old boy Senku Ishigami and his quest to save humanity. He reads books to find out the reason for the deprivation of human life and the cure for this. He wants to bring back the human race back to life as he came and he finds out the cure for the problem. This series is about his hard work and the hardships faced during the process of cure. The series has one episode in total and has a very different plot. This series is a must-watch.

2. Faraway Paladin

This is a fantasy anime series released in the year 2021. There are 12 episodes in the series. This series shows the story of Will who lives in the city of the dead. There are no humans other than him in this city. Will doesn’t have human parents instead he is raised by a mummy, a skeleton and a ghost. Everything ran smoothly but one day Will thought that what was he? Who was he? So this is a story of Will who sets out on a journey to find out all his questions about himself and the city. This story will show how Will becomes a Paladin.

3. Tomodachi Game

This is another fantasy anime series which was released in 2022. There are 12 episodes to watch in this series. This series is about Yūichi Katagiri and her four friends. They are best of friends and Yūichi learns friendship from the four friends only. They enjoy their high school life but one day they were to go for a school trip and then they got the news that the trip’s funds had been robbed. This starts the story of the Tomodachi Game which these friends play and they have to pass the test of their friendship.

4. Overlord

Overlord is an anime series based on fantasy, adventure and science fiction. Season one of the series contains 13 episodes in total. This series was released in 2015. This series is about a virtual reality game Yggdrasil. The speciality of this game is that the players can interact with the game. The story shows a guild in the game which consisted of 41 members but as the servers are closed down only 4 members of the guild remain to play the game and the rest 37 leave the game. People who love games and anime should watch this series.

5. Black Rock Shooter Downfall

This is an action and fantasy anime series which was released in 2022. The series consists of 8 episodes to watch. This series sets the story in 2062 earth where AI has gained control over the earth. Artemis is the artificial intelligence in the series that is seen to attack human life on Earth and has declared war against the Earth. This happened as a result of the failure of the automation project which included a massive workforce. This series should be watched to know what happens when AI and humans are at war. In the series, there are also the guardians of humanity who were three human soldiers leading the war on behalf of humans.

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6. Dance Dance Danseur

This is a drama anime series consisting of 11 episodes and was released in 2022. This is a story about a man Junpei Murao who doesn’t like ballet dance at all but after a certain period when he saw a man performing it very fantastically, he got a feeling of liking the dance form. After his father dies in an accident he gives up on his dream of ballet and decides to become masculine. But after meeting Miyako Godai he again loves ballet and comes back to his original dream. This series is a must-watch as it is filled with emotions and drama.

7. Platinum End

This anime series is again a fantasy series having 24 episodes to watch. This series was released in 2022. Mirai Kakehashi is the orphan boy of the series who is the main actor of the series and who lives with his bad uncle and aunt. They are very rude and abusive towards him. So one day Mirai decides to attempt suicide but he is saved by Nasse the guardian angel who not only saves him but gives magical powers to him. Now Mirai is selected for a contest for becoming the next god. The series shows what it takes to become a god and the challenges faced by Mirai on his way.

8. Aa Oshi

This anime series is about a young boy Ashito Aoi who studies at Ehime City middle school. The story follows how Ashito plays football by overcoming all the difficulties and challenges on his way to setting a mark in the sport. Fukuda took Ashito into his team as according to him Ashito has latent talent inside him which will unfold sometime. Ashito has belief and trust in himself so he faces every obstacle and wins them so this makes the series a must-watch. This is not worth watching but also it will teach how to self believe in oneself in any circumstances.

9. Tokyo Revengers

This anime has many spine-chilling moments that make the audience bite their nails. And this anime will not bore you for a second. Takemichi is the lead of the anime who is a bored and drained-out adult. The story is about when he went back to his high school days. He has a task to save his love and to do so he has to fight with a dangerous gang. This anime has a lot of twists and it’s full of action that the audience doesn’t feel to watch the series. This story has everything in it may it be action, time travel or thrill. One who loves any of this can watch and enjoy the series without getting bored or uninterested.

10. Star Wars: Visions

This is an anime from the stars wars universe released in the year 2021. This series depicts star wars in their own exciting and different stories. The world of Jedi or the Sith’s dealings everything is there in this series and that too in different styles. It is a compilation of different short stories from the stars wars universe. One watching the series will become a fan of the series’s visual effects, stories and music. So if you are a star wars fan and if you want to join with your favourite heroes or villains of the star wars then this is the series for you.

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11. Tengoku Daimakyou

This is another anime to watch on Disney Plus Hotstar. The anime contains two episodes. This is the story of Yumi and her revenge. She takes help from Tenshi to fight the evil sorcerer. Her father was killed by this sorcerer. This story will show you how Yumi and her friend will meet different supernatural creatures in their journey to take revenge. This anime is full of action and also it has emotions like sacrifice and revenge.

12. Summer Time Rendering

This is a suspense and mystery-filled anime series. The story of Shinpei Ajiro who is back I’m his hometown as his childhood friend died. But soon after he investigates the body of his friend he found something fishy in the situation. So this anime will show how Shinpei will prove that it was a murder. Will he be successful in his mission? Watch the anime series to find it out.

13. The Tatami Time Machine Blues

This is an anime about a time machine but in a different way. This anime shows four friends and their journey in time through a passage. Also, the story of this anime will show how their actions are done some time in the past change the present. Will these friends will able to fix the mistakes? This anime should be watched to find it out.

14. The Rising of the Shield Hero

This action-packed anime series was released in the year 2019. This is the story of four men who go to a parallel universe to fight monsters there who are known as Waves. Naofumi is the lead actor who has the legendary shield. This anime is about Naofumi and how he stops waves who possess threats to all worlds.

15. Spy × Family

This anime series is released in 2022 and it contains 25 episodes. Twilight an agent is assigned the task to set up peace between Ostania and Westalis. This anime shows how Twilight adopted a girl and married a woman who has their secrets. Yor the woman he married is an assassin while Loid the girl can read minds. Lord knows who are her parents but her parents don’t know about each other. Will Twilight be able to complete the task given to him? Find out by giving this series a watch.

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