How Did Justin Mildwater Die? Finding For The Truths & Facts!

Families and friends are always around you to help and are thus meant to be the ones helping you out. Unfortunately being so busy in their own life, sometimes they can’t choose to entertain any of your problems. As a result many a time, they have to lose their close ones. But why do we talk and discuss this topic today? It’s because of the suicide of a man, in the year 1997 that has tumbled the worldwide humans. The reason was yet not known. And remained undisclosed till the time his very close friend came up and said all the truth. But who’s the victim? And closed one? Let us know the truth now!

This is the case of the year 1997 when a studio recorder committed suicide in his room. The day of Christmas when the entire city was celebrating, and having a feast. This young man was going through a lot in his life. Unfortunately, none of them were there with him. All his friends, family, and spouse were busy celebrating and fixing up their lives. None were able to feel and see his pain. The victim and the dead man were Justin Mildwater. He was married to a woman, who left him unattended due to her work. The man thought his married life was ruined, and so his life was ruined. As a result, he attempted to hang himself to death. And the woman Justin Mildwater was married to is Nadia Sawalha. 

How Did Justin Mildwater Die?

A sad news flashed on the TVs of the world on Christmas of 1997. A good-looking man, and just 31-year-old Justin Mildwater, has committed suicide, by hanging himself in the ceiling of his apartment. But with the news, there was a storm of rumours and doubts regarding his death. Some said it was a planned murder, while some said it was a suicide. However, the friends confirmed it to be a suicide. Because Justin was mentally ill for a few days. Not just days, but even months. and the reason was the separation between, Justin and his wife, Nadia. Everyone who knew Justin said, he was stressed about them getting apart due to divorce. However, the reason with truth and fact was revealed by Justin’s wife, Nadia back in the year 2019. Let’s see what was the truth!

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Who Is Nadia Sawalha?

Born on November 18, 1964, Nadia Sawalha is an actress, writer, television personality, cook, and as well an influencer. She has done a lot of movies and has been featured in some TV serials as well. Now, as we move ahead to her life. She was a well-known woman, with brave personae. and while struggling with her career. Nadia met her ex-husband Justin Mildwater through a family friend and actor Dexter Fletcher. The two fell in love at the same time. And were forced to marry each other out of love.

Everything went well, till four years of a happy married life. Until then, Nadia decided to leave the city and make her career instead. Justin had a small recording studio, through which it was difficult to earn enough money. As a result, Nadia joined the film industry. And after working in different posts, Nadia got a job in Eastender. Everyone including Justin was very happy. But none knew that this marriage would come to an end, except Justin. Soon Justin only destroyed himself. Later in the year 2002, Nadia Sawalha got married to Mark Adderley and is now living a happy married life. 

Why Did Justin Mildwater Suicide?

Nadia Sawalha, in one of her TV talk, shows, Loose Women, talked on this matter. In the year 2019, she revealed to the world, the reasons behind her ex-husband’s death. Justin freaked out, with the matter that NAdiais leaving him after living together for over 4 years. Jutsn always roamed around and met his friends, saying that the marriage wouldn’t work anymore, and they will end up divorcing t each other. She revealed, that his friends were always made to hear about the emotional illness, Justin suffered from.

Justin was always scared of getting separated from his love. He always asked him to return. But since Nadia was quite busy making her life and career a golden one. She always ignored Justin and his efforts to save their relationship. As a result, on Christmas, Justin’s brother Lucien came up to look at him in the apartment. Justin Mildwater was found dead, in his room. and the neighbours heard an ear-choking noise of someone screaming out loud. 

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