15 Movies Like Barbie To Watch: Curated List For You!

Movies like Barbie have a unique impact on viewers. So in this article, we will talk about 15 movies like Barbie to watch. As Barbie hasn’t been released yet we will talk about the alternate movies that we can watch. Barbie is the most awaited movie now as all of us have seen Barbie as a doll since childhood. Read this article carefully till the end to know about the movies that are worth watching and similar to Barbie. Till the time you wait for the movie “Barbie” to release, you can watch these movies.

1. Lady Bird

This is one of the movies that Barbie fans can watch till it gets released. It is directed by Greta Gerwig who is known for her great movies. This movie tells us the story of a young girl who wishes to leave her hometown after her high school. She calls herself the “Lady Bird”. Basically, this movie shows us the life of a teenager. Also, the cast of the movie has done an incredible job due to which it has become so popular. Cast members who were in the movie include Laurie Metcalf, Saoirse Ronan, and so on. This movie came in the year 2017 and one can watch this as it is very similar to Barbie.

2. Toy Story

This is a movie which is very similar to Barbie. The first ever movie of this franchise came in 1995. After its release, it has become a fan favourite and there are no 90’s children who would know this movie. This movie takes us to the world of toys. It shows how toys come alive and how they face challenges. Also, it explains the bond between a child and the toy. It is a movie about trust, friendship, loyalty, action, and many more things packed inside. There are characters like Buzz Lightyear and Woody who are fan favourites and made the film franchise so successful.

3. Mean Girls

This is another movie which Barbie fans can watch. It was released in 2004. This movie shows us about the teens in high school and the dangers of cliques. We can see Cady, a teen girl who is a new student in high school. She is stopped from being close to Regina, another girl who is the leader of the group named “Plastics”. But as time passes by Cady finds herself getting closer to this group. This movie has become the best teen flick movie. Due to its scenes and dialogues which are unique and interesting, it has become so popular. This becomes a must-watch for Barbie fans.

4. Legally Blonde

Yet another movie released in 2001 and which can be watched before Barbie. This movie shows us the story of a blonde girl named Elle. Now, she joins Harvard Law School to get her boyfriend back. She sets her journey to get a man but after staying there for a while she has become obsessed with Law. Now she has understood how good she is in the law world. This movie gives us the reality that girls can be more than what they are thought to be. They can become anything which they seem not capable of. This is a hilarious movie with serious teaching.

5. La La Land

This 2016 movie becomes one of the movies that can be watched before Barbie. As in Barbie, we can watch that it shows us celebrate, wonder, and it is full of music. So this movie is similar to that and is a great choice for Barbie fans. This is the story of two artists who fall in love. Professionally they both are not in a good state and they are struggling for their career. It is the story of Mia and Seb who are the lead characters. Seb is played by Ryan Gosling who is also in Barbie. So fans can watch his acting skills through this movie which is great. This movie contains romance, drama, passion, and nostalgia which makes it somewhat similar to Barbie.

6. Barbie As The Princess And Pauper

Talking about movies similar to Barbie it would be a sin if we don’t talk about the Barbie movie. It was released in 2004. This movie shows the story of two identical Barbie girls with different backgrounds. This is a musical movie that tells us how one can follow their dream. Also, it shows how we can find ourselves and be honest with ourselves. This is a movie which Barbie fans can watch before it gets released.

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7. Marriage Story

This 2019 movie is another one which can be watched before watching Barbie. The story of this movie is related to marriage and divorce as the name of the movie says. It tells about the challenges and difficulties in the divorce process. The lead cast of this movie is Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver. This movie tells us the reality of relationships and the emotional side of it. It shows how hard it is to be in a dying relationship and what loss feels like. So this movie will give you information on relationships.

8. The Princess Diaries

Released in 2001 this became another movie to watch before Barbie due to its fairytale-like story. This is the story of Mia who is a high school student and comes to know that she is heir of a European country. Initially, she is shy, awkward, and away from the public kind of a person. Everything changes in her world after she meets her grandmother. So this comedy movie will show you about royal life and its charm is similar to that of Barbie.

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9. 13 Going On 30

This romantic comedy movie was released in 2004. The story of this movie is about Jenna who is seen to be a thriving woman after she has finished her high school. She dreams of becoming beautiful and successful in her life. To her amazement, this dream of hers came true. This day she becomes what she wanted and what happens then is the story. It tells us that the real thing is not to become glamorous and get attention. This is a must-watch movie before Barbie.

10. The Wizard Of Oz

This magical movie released in 1939 will take us to a world similar to Barbie. Dorothy is the lead character in this movie who finds herself in the world of magic and now has to find a way to return to her own world. A movie about friendship and belief which is still remembered for its songs and scenes. This movie is for those who love magic and want to get transported to a magical world. Barbie fans should watch this before the movie gets released.

11. Frances Ha

This is another movie by Greta which was released in 2012. Greta is the writer as well as the actress of this movie. She has done the role of Frances in this movie who is a struggling dancer. She wants to get famous in the world of dance. This is a black-and-white movie that tells us the importance of family as well as friends. It shows how friends and family support us in our worst situations. This movie is about finding yourself a place in this harsh world.

12. Wreck-It Ralph

This is the story of Ralph who wants to be a hero. He is a villain in a video game but wishes to become a hero. Released in 2012, this movie is popular for its scene and message of friendship and acceptance. It becomes similar to Barbie as in this movie the character steps out of his world and faces the harshities and realities of the world. So for Barbie fans, this movie is also a must-watch.

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13. Clueless

This movie is a romantic comedy which was released in 1995. It shows the student of a girl who is very famous in her high school. Now what happens is that she takes up the challenge of making an ordinary new girl famous in the school. This movie is popular due to its fashion, humour and dynamics shown in the teenage culture. It is a movie that should be watched before Barbie.

14. The Grand Budapest Hotel

This 2014 movie is similar to Barbie in terms of the colours used in the movie. Like Barbie is a colourful movie, so is this movie. It is the story of Ralph and his story of robbery. He and a boy named Tony were involved in the robbery of a Renaissance Painting. This movie became famous due to the costumes of the cast members and the colour of the movie.

15. Coraline

This 2009 movie is similar to Barbie due to the colourful cinematography. It is an animated movie which features Coraline who mysteriously goes to an alternate world. This movie shows how some of Coraline’s life aspects are seen as great in this world while some are dangerous. It is a childhood imagination movie with its vivid color making it more interesting.

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