Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga Ending Explained And Review: A Riveting Tale Of Revenge, Hijack And Clandestine Secrets!

Treat yourself to Netflix’s new Indian suspense thriller, Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga, this weekend! Just a few hours ago, Netflix dropped a new suspense movie. Now, Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga has started to garner the attention of thousands of viewers. The promising trailer has been teasing us of a diamond robbery went wrong. But what the makers delivered outweighed our expectations. A bittersweet story of love, revenge and the underworld will leave you perplexed in the end. Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga is full of suspense, shocking mysteries and heart-touching moments.

Indian thrillers are known to have a unique touch of heart-warming drama and backstories, right? This new Indian suspense movie doesn’t disappoint on this parameter. If anything, Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga is brimming with characters that hail from a dark past and are driven by deadlier motives, drama that we all know Indian cinema is popular for and shocking revelations that would make your eyes glued to the screen. Let’s begin with Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga Review and Ending Explained so that you could decide whether this espionage thriller is worth watching!

Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga Ending Explained

Sometimes we don’t need an over-the-top forbidden kind of love story, we look for a sweet tale of romance, right? Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga begins with a sweet romantic couple, Ankit and Neha. Neha Grover, brought to us by the immensely talented Yami Gautam, is a flight attendant who plasters a smile on her face every day and keeps serving the passengers. While Ankit, portrayed by Sunny Kaushal, is a diamond dealer. In the opening scene, Ankit claims that Neha has delivered the wrong order. And that he got a non-vegetarian meal instead of the vegan one he demanded. When Neha shows him the order list, he relents and asks for a bottle of water instead. But Neha offers him her vegan meal, and Ankit’s smile paves the way for their sparkling relationship.

Neha generally knows how to put up boundaries and stay away from passengers who ask her for dinner and coffee. But since she is committed to her job and cannot have any passenger’s request go unnoticed, she politely declines. Ankit is relentless though, he keeps chasing her and tries to woo the woman he supposedly has fallen in love with. Dancing together, holding hands and breathing in the scent of love, the couple starts to build a world of their own which was supposed to be their reprieve.

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Ankit Sethi: A Man Stumped By Millions Of Debt

Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga Review And Ending Explained

Your past has a way of catching up with you, we all know this. And yet we keep ignoring it, trying to run faster than time to avoid being caught up with our past. Ankit is doing the same, running away from his past and ignoring the people he owes over 100 million dollars. As these debt owners keep chasing Ankit and demanding he pays their debt or bears harsh consequences, Ankit goes on ignoring them. He chooses to stay in his little bubble of happiness with Neha and ignore the outsiders. These goons want Ankit to engage in diamond robbery. If he agrees, he would have to illegally carry diamonds for a Dubai-based business mogul and the Indian home minister, Harish Sanyal.

Amid all of this mess, a piece of good news awaits Neha and Ankit–or more like a new addition to their little family. While initially, Ankit stays out of it, he has to succumb to pressure eventually. With Neha pregnant and the risk doubled over, Ankit has a solid reason now. These goons attack Neha and Ankit, trying to break Ankit’s bones and change his mind. Neha jumps in the middle of the fight. Had she known what tragic loss awaits her, Neha might have held back but she didn’t know what these people were capable of.

The Plane Hijack Has Ankit DanglingThe Edge Of Life And Death

After losing their unborn child, Neha and Ankit succumbed to pressure. They have crafted a full-proof plan to smuggle diamonds to India. Ankit has made a deal with Bhagat, Sanyal’s personal assistant and right-hand man, to get the encryption password from Sanyal. Now, he has to figure out the man who is carrying the briefcase and rob him. Only, if it were that easy.

When Neha refuses to help Ankit, he gets violent and reminds him of how her life is at stake if she doesn’t cooperate. Eventually, Neha agrees to help Ankit find the man who is harbouring the briefcase and put all of this behind her. But then the plane is hijacked and Ankit’s plan dies a painful death. The hijackers, Zaheer and crew, are activists who want Adil-Mir, a Kashmir separatist, out. When Ankit tries to outsmart them, he is left with nothing but increasing fear and a broken nose.

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Even Parvez Shaikh’s Strong Suspicion Couldn’t Hold Neha Back

At the beginning of Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga, when Ankit didn’t realize there was a non-vegetarian meal ordered for him, Neha should have got suspicious. When Ankit narrated the story of how his employee betrayed him and his diamond firm, Neha should have known there was something wrong with it. At least, when Neha told Ankit how her father worked for the underworld and both of them were shot when her father made a minor mistake, Neha should have suspected Ankit. The man showed no emotion when Neha told him about his father and cousin, Sudhanshu’s involvement with the underworld.

For almost 3/4th part of the movie, we have been thinking that Ankit was betraying Neha and planning to use her. He even claimed that everything from their meeting to the robbery was his plan and he wasn’t in any mind of debt. But then, the plane hijack ruined it. And here comes the major twist of the movie. It wasn’t Ankit but Neha who was ruling the show. When she lost her child because of the supposed goons Ankit owed millions, she woke up disoriented. She was on a call with her cousin, Sudhanshu, when this accident happened and he had the entire call recording.

This recording led Neha to follow Ankit and discover how the attack was forged. Ankit was delirious when his hired goons told him how kicking Neha in the abdomen got rid of the child Ankit didn’t want while Neha was shattered to the core. This led her to craft the entire plan from the plane hijacking to Ankit’s distorted, bleeding face. And though the investigation officer, Parvez Shaikh, suspects Neha and Sudhanshu, his suspicions hold no worth.

Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga Review

Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga Review And Ending Explained

Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga is a well-crafted, bittersweet revenge tale. It has enough suspense for us to keep going and the ending, of course, is the highlight of the movie. The gripping plot and the well-enacted story make the 2-hour-long movie enjoyable. While Ankit was violent and desperate for the diamonds, Neha was hungry for revenge. And what revenge did she exerts! Ankit ends up in a hospital, beaten to a pulp by Sanyal’s men. And Neha gets what she wanted–to see the man who promised her forever end up struggling for breaths.

The movie is fun to watch and not even a moment seems to drag. The only minor drawback we could spot is the fate of the diamonds. The makers have left it to us to think that Sudhanshu has taken those diamonds but we have no concrete idea what happened. Other than this obviously ignorable drawback, nothing seems to hold Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga back from being one of the best Indian suspense thrillers on Netflix.

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