Furies Ending Explained And Review: Why Did Lin Betray Bi? What Was Her Ultimate Plan?

Netflix and Vietnamese action thrillers are an irresistible combination, right? Recently, Netflix has started to collaborate with the Vietnamese industry and has brought us some iconic thrillers. Netflix has brought one more Vietnamese action thriller movie entitled Furies for us to enjoy. And what a brilliant thriller it is! Brimming with spicy drama, intriguing suspense, iconic action moves and heartfelt emotions, Furies is an amazing sequel to the 2019 film Furie.

Furies dropped on Netflix a while ago ending the excruciatingly long wait of all the fans. This 2-hour long movie, brought to us by Veronica Ngo, is a deadly tale of vengeance, wrong choices and justice. Furies tackle the sensitive issues of drugs, violence, street thugs, child abuse and mental torture very carefully and are now charting high on viewers’ wishlists. Though the movie has enough suspense and action, its ending steals the show, right? In this Furies Review And Ending Explained, let’s discover what was Lin’s ultimate plan!

Furies Ending Explained

“Even as a child, I knew I was born for darkness.”

The first dialogue of the movie, narrated to us by the leading protagonist of the series, Bi, holds a deeper meaning than what we initially believe. The movie begins by introducing us to a little girl who fights through poverty and hunger while her mother does everything to keep a roof over their head. As the movie progresses further, this hopeful little girl starts to turn bitter towards life. It isn’t her fault, of course. It is the surroundings she resides in, the people who treat her like dirt and use her for their motives.

When Bi’s mother tries to protect Bi from her client, she loses her life. The blood, violence and her mother’s death shake Bi to the core, so much so that she loses the last shred of hope she was kindling. Her belief that she was born for darkness starts to seep deep into her bones as she takes shelter behind bridges and on dirt roads. Walking through the streets, selling Banh mi to survive, Bi meets a lot of vultures. Some get through her, tear her soul apart and leave her to bleed. But then she meets Lin and she is thrown back to darkness.

The Manifestation Of The Deadly Trio

Furies Review And Ending Explained

Jacqueline or Lin as we call her fights for Bi against the street thugs and shelters her. Lin is the epitome of ruthlessness and morals at first. She is cynical, is a deadly fighter and has a deeper motive. Lin wants to bring justice to every woman who has suffered on the streets at the hands of these street thugs and drug kingpins. Or more like she wants to get rid of Mad Dog Hai, the criminal lord who runs several drug and women trafficking rings. 

Lin has assembled two more girls, Hong and Thanh for the same purpose. Now, Bi is an addition to their little gang and has to follow the rules Lin has set up for them. All these women accompanied by Sau who runs a small food stall work towards getting revenge. Each of them has been robbed of life and light, they are forced to live the worst life any of us could imagine. Though Thanh doesn’t welcome Bi with an open heart, Hong is delirious to have one more girl–or more like a girl who wouldn’t keep sulking like Thanh. All these girls start training to fight against Hai and get the ultimate justice.

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Furies Ending Explained: Lin’s Facade Drops

If Lin is superbly smart, Hai is equally paranoid and powerful. He has set up an army around him that manages his clubs, drugs and trafficking rings. Scarface Teo, the man who handles Hai’s women trafficking rings. Is the first target. A deadly fight commences between these girls and Teo and of course our power girls emerge as winners. While everything seems to be going smoothly, with The Dealer Long in favour of Lin and the gang, a surprise awaits us. 

Target number 2, Half Blood Son, Hai’s bodyguard, isn’t an easy target. Though Bi, Hong and Thanh give their best and kill Son, they lose something in turn as well. Hong is killed mercilessly and they couldn’t do anything to save her. This ensures an enraged fight between Bi and Lin with Bi accusing Lin of using them for her purpose. She figures out that Lin has a dark past and the justice mantra she recited wasn’t justice but revenge. Since Hai killed Lin’s husband and child brutally, she has been fueled with anger and vengeance. Though Lin has trained Bi, Thanh and Hong and turned them into deadly warriors, she didn’t do it out of mercy or anything remotely similar.

The Aspiring Leader Of The Deadly Crime Organization Tastes Death

Furies Review And Ending Explained

When Bi is done throwing accusations at Lin, she declares that she doesn’t want to do it anymore. But Thanh’s loyalty doesn’t waver, she sticks by their plan and convinces Bi to do it for their late friend, Hong. So, they arrive in the lion’s den and capture Hai with Thanh severely injured. That’s when Lin arrives wearing her cynical expression and carrying a gun in her hand. She ends up killing Hai and gets the justice she was yearning for. Now, only if Lin were so simple.

After Lin ends up murdering Hai, she turns her eyes towards Long who has been her accomplice and has lost the love of his life, Hong, to Hai. And yes, she ends up killing him, too, because Long didn’t stop Hai when he was killing her husband and son. Lin doesn’t stop here though, she turns towards Thanh and shoots a bullet straight through her gut. Now, Lin wants Bi out as well and she gets what she wants. Bi ends up on the floor with blood oozing out of her but not before she takes down Lin with her as well. The aspiring leader of the most significant and deadliest crime organisation ends up in the blood, too. As Bi said, it is about the choices we make.

Furies Review: Is The Vietnamese Action Thriller Worth Watching?

When it comes down to Vietnamese action thrillers, there is hardly anyone who wouldn’t enjoy it. The concise dialogues, the stellar acting skills, and the deadly action move all contribute to making these thriller movies worth watching. Coming back to Furies, it is one stellar movie that narrates the story of wrong choices and fighting the fate you are bestowed on. At the beginning of the movie, when Bi is left all alone and struggling for life would most definitely steals hearts. And the ending will keep you startled.

If the cast, storyline and narration all work in the favour, there are a few points that don’t work as well. Sometimes, in the middle of the movie, you would get to see nothing but violence and unnecessary fights for a few minutes. But then, the screen turns back to Bi and her newfound family and the movie becomes worth watching. If you are looking for a suspense thriller that would keep you on your toes with its storyline and intriguing mysteries, you shouldn’t miss out on Furies!

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