The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 14 Recap And Ending Explained!

The Star Wars bad batch series has been doing extremely great this year. Season 2 has been a massive hit and for the last couple of episodes, no predictions have matched from any online sources regarding what the next possible story outcome can be and that is one of the main reasons people all over the world have been more and more intrigued to know about what will happen to the bad batch very soon.

 Now as we all know season 2 is slowly proceeding an end, but it will surely not be a bogus one, where we are left without a huge clash between the imperial forces and the bad batch, and the bad batch is surely supposed to take some big steps against the destruction or replacement of the clones program that has started by the imperial forces. However, at the same time, the safety of omega is getting at risk day by day, echo though being on the side of the bad batch has left the squad to work on his own at the same time, the condition of cross hair is deteriorating day by day.

Now moving forward, the 13 episodes of season 2 were a massive hit, as for the first time in the show the bad batch have found a place which they can treat or call home. They have been welcomed and they haven’t even been asked to work, which is a great thing for them, while at the same time, this thing has brought about immense changes in the mindset of tech whom we all know to be a bit insensible. Now the 14th episode has just released, and no worries we have recapped it completely and explained the ending well because no worries this time cross-hair realized what he has to do, and echo is finally back with the bad batch crew.

The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 14 Recap

The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 14 Recap And Ending Explained!

The 14 episode of the show starts with a lot of chaos, and we get to see echo in the first scene only, echo has gone alone working with his own group of men, who are clones as well, and some other forces, and this time, we get to see the imperial forces taking away the clones into the safe location where we get to see dr Royce hemlock is in charge. Now we are all well aware of dr hemlock whom we have seen in the previous episodes as well, he is in charge of the mission where he deals with the drones and he needs to get his hand on omega for some bigger cause. Now echo and his crew was dead serious about saving the clones being transported and thus they hijacked the ship and got some data off the ship before reinforcements from the imperial forces arrived echo and his team somehow managed to escape.

Following that we get to see cross-hair, too whom we saw in a very miserable condition where dr hemlock is going to deal with him because he attacked his officer in charge and as we know hemlock after getting any information on bad batch, he tried to torment cross-hair till he gives up something, but he ends up escaping and seeing a signal to bad batch that they are being sought, by then he again gets caught up by the imperial soldiers and hemlock starts back with all his tortures.

Now other than that we move back to the island of Pabu,  where we get to see that the bad batch is still there and they are helping them to rebuild the island, everyone is very happy there and even they are being offered by the chief to choose pabu as their permanent settlement while we get to see that tech is teaching omega how to fly the ship and she is just acing it but at the same time being a  bit too dangerous, which is breaking a sweat off tech. now here we get to see the entry of echo who is back to recover any data that they find on the ship back then and for that, he needs to help of tech.

Omega is very happy to see echo again and soon we jump to the scene where tech retrieves some information about the clone and the shipment where he discloses the mission being absolutely secret and the head being dr hemlock other than that they also come to know about cross hair being there and that he has turned against the imperial forces along with his messages.

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 The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 14 Ending Explained

Towards the end of the bad batch, we don’t see a lot of action, but we do get to see echo back and that’s a big relief we all know how much omega was affected by the fact that echo won’t be with them anymore, and how much close she was to him, however, everything changed when she got to meet him again and spend time with him. Following that tech retrieving all the information from the so-called deleted data, made the bad batch understand a lot about the mission they have to embark on very soon.

Firstly they got to know that dr hemlock is the one to whom the clones are being taken, however, the particular location is still not revealed, and at the same time the sudden change in crosshair and the fact that he has come to know about the realities of imperial forces have finally been known by the bad batcha and we can hope they won’t leave their old crew member to suffer much longer

Following that, we also get to see in the last scene that crosshair is being injected with a certain substance to torment him and retrieve all the information about the bad batch, however, what will happen, to him, and whatever he will survive such high dosages will be a question we get to see in the next episode.

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