Still Time Review And Ending Explained: A Simple Yet Powerful Ending!

You can finally enjoy Era Ora on Netflix. “Still Time” is now available on the popular OTT platform and you know what this brand-new Italian movie has truly enlightened us with hope and joy. Someone has said it right, nowadays we are too busy and drowned with our work and success. Somehow we have forgotten how to make the best of our lives and thus, “Still Time” has come to our rescue. Get ready to meet Dante and his wife, Alice, two exactly opposite personalities who are about to share a life together. It all started in 2008, after all, how could we forget about the time when Dante met Alice? They say one kiss is enough to realize that you have found “the one”, and Dante couldn’t agree more. That New Year Party truly changed their lives forever but guess what, that’s just the beginning of the tale, you haven’t explored the whole story yet!

Still Time Review 

Still Time - Review 

Success is important and so is life. This movie tells us why one should always maintain a balance between his work and his personal life. It’s very important nowadays that we concentrate on our mental health as well. Dante was so involved in his work and success that he forgot that there is a word called break as well. A person who will do everything to make his family life secure will eventually face the consequences of losing it all, that’s what happens when time slips by and you stand still doing nothing about it. The movie takes us through Dante’s 40th birthday, which was October 2010 and he still remembers that day clearly. As always Dante was late for work and was jam-packed with a bunch of tasks and deadlines and thus begins another tiring day of his life. 

As we mentioned above, Alice is exactly opposite to Dante. She is an artist and thus knows how to utilize her time wisely, we all saw her genuine love for Dante. From making fresh pancakes to organizing the backyard party, Alice truly planned the best birthday bash for Dante. But guess what, it didn’t go as she planned, or should we just say it was all Dante’s fault? He made everyone wait but finally, he made it to his birthday party and that’s when we saw him cutting his birthday cake. On this 40th birthday, he truly wished for more time in life but it seems like fortune has different cards for Dante. With each night, he passes one year of life and within a blink of an eye, he is transported to October 2019! Nine years, nine weird experiences of life, separation from Alice, remembering nothing about his daughter, and whatnot! This film truly reminds us of the importance of time and family! 

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“Still Time” – Ending Explained

Still Time - Review 

It was indeed a beautiful ending! Unlike other films, “Still Time” has got a crisp and solid conclusion point. What ends well is well, Dante finally realizes how jumbled his life has become. He was madly chasing success but in the meantime, he started neglecting his wife and that led to his separation from Alice. Not only that, but he also couldn’t spend more time with his daughter! From becoming the director of his company to attending counseling sessions with his wife to having an affair with his colleague Francesca to losing his father, wife, and daughter, Dante has truly experienced it all. 

But when his father died, he realized that somehow or the other he too has been living a very chaotic, boring, and self-centered life. Another character who caught our attention the most was Valerio, Dante’s best friend, and well-wisher. It was indeed highly emotional when we saw Dante being worried over the fact that he might lose his best friend as well. But guess what, Dante finally learns from his mistakes and decides to take a long break from his work! From apologizing to Alice for his past behaviors to becoming a good father to Galadriel, Dante finally understands the meaning of happiness and life. If you still haven’t binged Still Time, then what are you waiting for? Don’t hold back any further, stream Era Ora exclusively just on Netflix

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