Johnny Ending Explained And Review: What Happens At The End?

Johnny is one of those movies, which is not a single time watch for most people out there, the life that has been put up, the characters that have been portrayed in the movie, and the overall story that has been covered or depicted in the movie, is just beyond human imagination. After watching the movie, most of the audiences have told them that it is one of the most heart-touching and heartwarming movies they have watched in a while. This movie has started with the utter downs of life, of two completely different human beings, who have got their own struggles, but with the help, of each other, they have turned their lives more beautiful.

Father Johnny whom we see in this movie, is just not a character whom we find in the fictional world, it is actually based on a real-life person, Jan Adam Kaczkowski, and it’s also based on one of the ventures and most beautiful projects he has been a [part of, the Puck Hospice at St. st. Padre Pio. The movie didn’t actually release just now, it came out back in the year 2022 and was one of the most popular and famous polish films of that year. However, it never went out to the entire world, and that is what Netflix has done this time.

However the character of Patrick has been something that many people have been very curious about and towards the last couple of scenes which includes Patrick not going for the job interview that father johnny set up for him, followed by the last few moments of father, was surely something which left us at the shock and was followed by such unprecedented events, that the audience was a bit confused. However, no worries, we are here to explain the complete ending of the movie along with the reviews about it.

Johnny Ending Explained

Johnny Ending Explained And Review!

For the ending of the movie, we don’t really know where to start, we have already seen that johnny has been in the hospice for rehabilitation duty and to serve his social hours, and during this period it is via the hands of father Jan that he goes through much change in himself. He now starts to value his life, change things for himself and the people around him, and finally realizes that hospice is not a very bad place. The defects in him were not trying to be changed by his father himself, but the circumstances in which he existed slowly turned him into a better person.

However, we see that the jail sentence was not been removed and he has to serve jail for 3 years. Before that, we also get to see that Patrick proposed to Aneta and though there was a lot of chaos, she accepted it. Then we see Patrick decides to not be treated as a jailbird when he enters the jail and he makes it clear that he is not going to come back ever after. Soon we see that it is father johnny who talks with the warden and everything and gets his jail sentence reduced after which he returns back to his new home which is the hospice.

We get to see that Aneta gets pregnant soon after, we have seen Pablo and Patrick’s relationship already, but that gets much better because this time Pablo’s mother is in the hospice and he lets Patrick off the hook and supports him. Meanwhile, Jan’s health is not doing well and as we move forward, we get to see Jan even collapse once alone in the room, it is getting more and more difficult for him to work around the hospice and other social work that he did, and Patrick was the one who helps Jan when he collapses.

Another notable scene is when Jan makes an appointment for Patrick in a fine restaurant to be the cook there, but Patrick doesn’t show up there, soon we find out that it was Mr. Roman’s wish to bring back his son to him, and so Patrick tried to abduct him but he failed. After which Jan is a bit disappointed in him but at the same time makes him realize his mistake.

Soon at the end, we get to see Jan taking his final breaths and everyone from his family is by his side, but before that, it was Patrick who came to meet him, and even though he wasn’t there at the end, we all knew he suffered the most because Jan was like the second father to him and the story ends with Jan running and crying with to let out all the emotion he has inside him.

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Johnny Review

Overall johnny has been one of the most beautiful films you will find out there and it can be treated as one of those movies, which you can watch more than once whenever you want to watch something which touches you and gives you hope. The story of Jan Adam Kaczkowski has been portrayed in the most delicate form that we can see, and the relationship that Patrick and he shared throughout the movie, was just something different that we don’t find in anyone else. It was Jan who gave Patrick a last chance and it was Patrick who took it without even thinking once.

The entire story is about how a person can turn himself with guidance and the nature of Jan whom many of us know as father johnny. It is a completely true story and the actors along with the makers have done their roles splendidly. Every scene has got a special meaning and a special place in the story and you just can’t get enough of it.

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