The Night Agent: Were Peter And Chelsea Able To Save Maddie?

The Night Agent is here, it couldn’t get any better than this! If you still haven’t got a chance to binge this one, then what are you waiting for? All 10 episodes of the series are now available on Netflix and guess what, some sources claim that the series has been recently renewed for Season 2. Well, there are a bunch of theories around the renewal of the series but let’s keep that discussion for some other day. Our discussion for today will remain confined to the intriguing plot of The Night Agent Season 1. Here is everything you need to know about the first season of this highly interesting crime thriller series. Spoilers alert, as this segment will give you a closer look at The Night Agent Season 1. 

Were Peter And Chelsea Able To Save Maddie?

The Night Agent - Did President Michelle Die In The Camp Blast?

Who could have thought that Colin would go ahead and kidnap Maddie Redfield? The story initially started with the brutal murder of Henry and Emma and as we move ahead in this tale of conspiracies and mysteries, we will learn how Maddie falls for her art teacher! Given the fact that she is the vice president’s daughter, her security always stays with her 24*7. But guess what, it all went down the drain, especially when Maddie agreed to follow Paulo! It was all a trap laid down for her, but little did Maddie know that she was walking through a line of fire. 

On the other hand, Peter and Rose were able to encrypt the hard drive and now the truth is out! They know very well that Diane Farr is not at all innocent, she is among the ones who were involved in the mysterious metro bombing. The truth has been revealed to us, it was all a bluffing act, set up by them. Their main motive was to kill Omar Zadar, but fortunately, the Russian mole was able to escape the attack. Knowing that Peter is aware of Diane’s deeds, she decides to frame a strong case against Peter and Rose! The blame game is on them, they have been charged with kidnapping the vice president’s daughter. 

Meanwhile, special security agents, Erik and Chelsea, decide to hunt down the culprit involved in this terrifying kidnapping case. This will lead them to Colin and thus slowly and steadily they unfold all the twisted tales in the story. As they go ahead in search of Maddie, they come across Peter and Rose, who finally convince them about not being the main suspects in the case! One thing leads to another and they finally get a hold of Colin and Maddie! To know more about Maddie’s kidnapping case, you have to watch all the episodes of The Night Agent Season 1. 

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Did President Michelle Die In The Camp Blast? 

The Night Agent - Did President Michelle Die In The Camp Blast?

Another interesting question that came up to us was this one. By the end of The Night Agent Season 1, we realized everything which was going on within Vice President Redfield’s mind! He was an evil man from the beginning! He has always neglected his kids and that’s the main reason why he lost his first daughter! In fact, Maddie as well wasn’t very much fond of his father. Again, if we consider everything, then we can sum it up by saying that he wasn’t a good father or a vice president. Yes, Omar Zadar was a threat to the US government but we cannot overlook the fact that to kill him, he didn’t think twice before risking the lives of too many Americans. 

Again, by the end of Season 1, his motives got crystal clear. President Michelle came under his radar, the vice president was now eagerly eyeing for an opportunity to kill the president of the country. How could we forget about the deadliest David Camp? That’s where we witnessed two failed bomb blast attempts, one bomb was planted at the meeting house while the other one was positioned inside the chopper of the helicopter. Fortunately, in the first case, Chelsea was there to keep the situation in control! Not only did she save the president’s life but also managed to save Maddie’s life from the accident. While in the second attempt, Peter was there to help out President Michelle. So the answer to the question is “No”, president Michelle didn’t die in the bomb blast. 

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