25 Anime Like To Your Eternity That Are Interesting!

To Your Eternity is one of the most popular anime series of the Spring 2021 season. Yoshitoki Ooima wrote this animation, which is based on a manga. The show tells the narrative of an immortal creature who is sent to Earth to collect information on everything. There are a total of 20 episodes, all of which have moved viewers. One of the reasons for its success is because it feels different from most anime because of its mature tone and realistic fantasy setting. The story’s first arc concluded in December 2019 at 116 chapters, and the second arc began in January 2020. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for shows like this, in the drama, adventure, and supernatural genres. This article will introduce 25 anime that are similar to To Your Eternity in this list, and hope you like viewing them!

Dororo (2019)

25 Anime Like To Your Eternity

Dororo is a 2019 adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s 1967-8 manga and its 1969 anime adaptation, produced by Tezuka Productions and MAPPA. Both were decent in their day and helped to create shonen manga and anime, but they missed out on certain possibilities to explore the main character’s interaction with the human world, which he’s only just beginning to comprehend.  Dororo follows Hyakkimaru, a boy born without eyes, ears, limbs, or even skin as a result of his father’s demon bond. Hyakkimaru fights demons in artificial arms to retrieve his body parts, accompanied by a young burglar named Dororo.

The premise may not appear to be To Your Eternity at first look, but Dororo in 2019 is far more complicated. The MAPPA show, unlike earlier media linked with the story, focuses on the main character’s disability. He begins with no senses and, as a result, no traditional understanding of the universe, and the restoration of each sense comes as a shock to him. Dororo’s method of teaching him to speak, connect with others, and comprehend human notions is fascinating to witness, and it reminds you of Fushi’s method of learning about mankind through varied interactions.

Girls’ Last Tour

While both series follow their main protagonists on their adventures, it’s the concepts shared by the two series that make Girls’ Last Tour, the story of Chito and Yuuri, two of the last few living humans, and their trek across a bleak cityscape, such a suitable follow-up to To Your Eternity. Both enquire about what it is to be a person and what makes life worth living in the first place. One of the most enjoyable aspects of To Your Eternity is watching Fushi find the little pleasures of life, such as eating fruit or spending time with friends; it is these small pleasures that keep Chito and Yuuri going when they have nothing else to give.

The Promised Neverland

Characters in both Promised Neverland and To Your Eternity struggle for a better future while discovering the truths of their worlds. If you’re looking for an adventure, both anime will deliver, as they feature a lot of various locales throughout the plot. Promised Neverland is about a group of young orphans who live in an apparently ordinary orphanage. There are numerous children of various ages, but adoptions of the children are a regular occurrence. They soon learn that they are little more than cattle for brain-eating demons who raise and harvest them. Their struggle to break out from their cage begins as a result of this discovery. The incredible chemistry between the main protagonists, as well as the intriguing subject of lore, keeps the viewer glued to the screen!

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Ranking of Kings

25 Anime Like To Your Eternity

Bojji is a helpless deaf prince who can’t even hold a children’s weapon. He works hard as the firstborn son and aspires to be the greatest monarch in the world. However, behind his back, others talk about him as “a good-for-nothing prince” and “no way he can be king.” Bojji meets his first companion, “Kage” (shadow), a genuine shadow on the ground that somehow understands Bojji. (Kage is the last surviving member of the Kage assassin clan, which was nearly wiped out.) Kage, no longer a killer now survives by stealing.) Bojji’s coming-of-age is chronicled as he encounters numerous people throughout his life, beginning with his fatal encounter with Kage.


25 Anime Like To Your Eternity

There’s no program that better illustrates how awesome it can be to see immortal characters interacting than Baccano! for fans who want to witness more scar action. This fast-paced series follows feuding Mafia groups, joyously opportunistic thieves, and alchemists as they all become entangled in the quest for immortality. Although the immortals in this series are unable to turn into wolves, they can certainly aim a pistol.


Clannad is comparable to To The Eternity in that it has an emotional storyline and numerous sad incidents. Both of these anime are difficult to ignore because of the harsh realism of bleak reality.  Clannad is not a well-known show in and of itself, but the sequel, After Story, single-handedly saved the first season. Clannad is unique in that it allows viewers to see how young adults live, whereas other romantic comedy series terminate when the characters graduate from high school. It depicts the difficulties of financial difficulties, starting a family, and the anguish of losing loved ones. Clannad’s core theme is the value of family, and it’s a fantastic story!

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Spice And Wolf

25 Anime Like To Your Eternity

Spice and Wolf are a good choice for those who want their anime to include all of To Your Eternity’s research and worldbuilding, but with characters who are a little more able to hold a conversation than Fushi. The show’s two characters, merchant Kraft Lawrence and harvest deity Holo are known for their chemistry and humorous conversation. Holo is a wolf, which is good news for fans who think Fushi’s canine form is particularly cool. Thankfully or unfortunately, she spends most of the episodes in a more human shape.


Charlotte had the ability to determine the story’s direction right from the start. The plot centres around a group of kids who have superpowers and are on a mission to hide them from the government while collecting and examining them. The main character sought to utilize his ability to take control of his target’s mind for a few seconds in order to become popular and attract ladies, but he was quickly discovered by a group of kids with superpowers, who compelled him to join them. After that, they go to mysterious situations of gifted children and try to fix the problem by attracting as little attention as possible.

Psycho Pass

Psycho Pass is a science fiction/police drama set in the future. Holograms, robotics, and futuristic weapons are commonplace. Psycho Pass will teach you: To put away the extreme violence and gloomy themes, Psycho Pass will teach you:

Why it’s so important to keep your cool while you’re under duress, To defy established wisdom without fear, Empathy’s strength, especially in difficult situations

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Made in Abyss

25 Anime Like To Your Eternity

Riko has dreamed of visiting the Abyss since she was a child, an immense pit and labyrinth of tunnels packed with marvels and terrors that only the bravest Cave Raiders have survived to bring ancient artifacts back from its depths. Nobody knows how deep the hole is, but Riko’s mother fell into it years ago, leaving her daughter with a strong desire to follow in her footsteps and discover the Abyss’ mysteries for herself. Riko one day comes into a boy who purports to be a robot and appears to have come from the Abyss. Is he able to assist the little girl in her search for her mother? Or will the children be the next victims of the Abyss?

A Silent Voice

25 Anime Like To Your Eternity

The Kyoto animation demonstrates A Silent Voice isn’t a fantasy novel, but it couldn’t reasonably be left off our list because it is a deeply emotional work based on a Yoshitoki Ooima manga. The show is about a boy who used to bully his deaf classmate, forcing her to change schools. Shouya becomes the subject of his classmates’ bullying from then on. He comes to regret his actions as he grows older, and he tries to make amends to the girl he once bullied. Although a slice-of-life school anime and a supernatural shonen work don’t appear to have much in common, they both involve substantial emotional journeys that result in character growth, and because they’re both written by the same author, you’re likely to notice the similarities.


AnoHana, like Clannad, is concerned with the emotional agony of losing loved ones. It has a lot in common with To Your Eternity in terms of character struggles. Both series include scenes where characters must deal with loneliness and bid their goodbyes to loved ones. Despite its annoyingly long original title, AnoHana centres its entire tale on a single event: the death of Menma, a little girl who was loved by her friends, and their battle to forget about her at the same time. Except for the protagonist, Jintan, who begins to experience visions about Menma, the majority of them seemed to have given up on her. He tries to bring the group back together and force them to confront their history. This anime is one of a kind because of the anguish that both the characters and the audience go through!

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Golden Kamuy

Although to Your Eternity is not a fantasy work, Golden Kamuy by Studio Geno is an effort you might love if you enjoy To Your Eternity. Although the protagonist is not really immortal, he is known as “Sugimoto the Immortal” due to his incredible feats in warfare. Following the war’s end, Sugimoto and a young Ainu girl set off on a quest to collect gold and fulfill Sugimoto’s fallen friend’s dying desire. Golden Kamuy, like To Your Eternity, is set in the past, and both are daring, fascinating stories about the main figure whose acts evoke a sense.

Kimi no Nawa

On a spiritual level, are there inexplicable strings that transcend borders? Maybe, but fate is a more straightforward term. Both anime series are about people striving to break free from their fates, and some people have it easier than others. Your Name is regarded as one of the most successful anime films ever, as evidenced by its second-highest rating in the movies category and the enormous sums of money it produced. The plot revolves around two teens who are tied by fate and have the ability to switch bodies. However, their attempt to meet up results in a collision of timelines and they are forced to confront the reality of a terrifying natural calamity. They are once again linked by the strange “red string” as they fight to save a community from the future.

Scrapped Princess

To Your Eternity rapidly immersed viewers in the world of March, a young girl chosen for sacrifice by the Yanome tribe, and her attempts to flee after the first episode’s dramatic tour de force. This arc appears to be over as of Episode 6, but viewers who enjoyed it may want to check out Scrapped Princess, which has a similar story. Pacifica Casull is a princess who was attempted to be slain by the royal family after it was foretold that she would blow up the world. She, like March, survives thanks to the generosity and bravery of the other characters.

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Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina 

25 Anime Like To Your Eternity

The concept of an everlasting voyage appears to be a recurrent theme in many fantasy anime. Elaina, a girl who has always been attracted by the stories she enjoys reading, starts on a journey to become a witch in the latest C2C anime. She meets and learns about a variety of critters along the journey.  This may appear to be a more traditional fantasy book than To Your Eternity, but if Fushi’s quest for feelings and the use of his ever-evolving skills to benefit humanity connects with you, Wandering Witch deserves the chance.

In The Corner of the World

25 Anime Like To Your Eternity

To begin with, there may not appear to be many parallels between In This Corner of the World and To Your Eternity, yet both anime follow the same premise of examining the hardships of others and learning about the world around us. Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni is a historical drama set in the final years of World War II. This inevitably spoils the plot, at least for those who are familiar with history. Suzu, the protagonist, has a difficult time living with her newlywed husband’s family due to firebombings and two nuclear bombs, which obviously affected the lives of everyone living there. Despite being clumsy and somewhat dumb, she constantly does her best.


25 Anime Like To Your Eternity

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit, like To Your Eternity, isn’t the most well-known anime, but it’s become a cult favorite because of its complex worldbuilding and endearing characters. It’s essentially a variation of To Your Eternity with Parona as the primary character, with a plot that centered on the intriguing Balsa, a bodyguard tasked with aiding a young prince in escape execution. To Your Eternity fans will undoubtedly find something comparable here, whether it’s the gorgeously rendered fantasy environment, lovable characters, or stunning action that drew them in.

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Angel Beats

25 Anime Like To Your Eternity

Angel Beats is a sitcom depicting teens who are stuck in a world of high schoolers for the rest of their lives. In the same way as To Your Eternity tackled the concept of immortality and the initial surprise of the fact, this anime does as well. Angel Beats is a tragic tale of unrealized dreams. Following their deaths, these characters are sent to a new planet where they are perpetually resurrected. They battle the so-called Angel, who is considered to be implementing “God’s” will, despite the fact that the reality is much simpler. Everyone there must accomplish something they couldn’t do in their normal life in order to be saved. The reality about Angel Beats’ universe will bring tears to your eyes!

Sunday Without God

25 Anime Like To Your Eternity

Studio’s Sunday Without God Madhouse is a fantasy anime that, like To Your Eternity, delves into the human condition and what it means to live or die. Young Ai is a Gravekeeper, one of the few people who can bring eternal peace to everyone around her in a world forsaken by God, where no children have been born in fifteen years and the deceased rise again unless properly buried. Ai discovers some odd companions and begins on a road journey with them, eager to explore her gift and learn more about the world. They encounter various catastrophes along the road, in which the lines between life and death are blurred. Because of the story’s journey-like structure, as well as the study of life and death issues – and the occasional tearjerker — lovers of To Your Eternity will likely like Sunday Without God as well.

Violet Evergarden 

Violet was utilized as a weapon by the military as a child due to her combat prowess. Major Gilbert, the girl’s only friend, and guardian, gave her a name, taught her how to speak and write, and looked after her. Violet is taken to the Evergarden household to recover after being gravely injured in the war and losing both limbs. She studies to become an Auto Memories Doll, a person who writes letters for people, deciphering and conveying their actual thoughts on paper.

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These two shows have a lot in common when it pertains to psychological problems. Monster is a unique take on anime, and it is well worth your time to watch. The plot follows Tenma, a promising doctor, and his life as a suspect in a string of killings involving middle-aged couples who fostered foster children. He wasn’t the genuine serial killer, though, as he tried to establish his innocence by tracking down Johan Liebert, the mastermind behind nearly every criminal organization in Germany. He was once a young boy who was spared by Tenma, an action Tenma later regretted because Johan turned up to be a true monster.

Somali And The Forest Spirit

25 Anime Like To Your Eternity

A forest golem is astonished to find a human youngster sitting alone in the woods, unclean, barefoot, and chained, in a world where the wrecked human species has been driven nearly to extinction by the monsters who now govern the land. Little Somali is taken under the golem’s security, and the two embark on a trip together through beautiful and hazardous regions, where the young girl’s humanity must be concealed for her own safety. The golem expects to discover Somali’s parents alive someplace, but the chances are minimal, and Somali has already found a wonderful father.


Thor and Rai are twins who live in ‘Juno,’ a technologically superior space colony. When the Federal Army’s Special Forces abduct them and strand them on the hostile prison planet Chimera, things take a deadly turn. On Chimera, a method comprises 181 days of blistering heat and 181 nights of sub-freezing temperatures, not to mention the fact that the planet is nearly exclusively inhabited by carnivorous plants. The only way for the convicts on Chimera to survive is to return to the law of beasts. Adaptation comes effortlessly to the strong-willed Thor, but not so much to his innocent and weaker sibling Rai. Thor must now summon all of his brains, strength, and courage to survive as a member of Chimeran society, rise above the rest, and become the Beast King, the only way out of this world. 


25 Anime Like To Your Eternity

You’ve already heard about some cryfest anime from me, but Maquia is coming! This drama has a lot in common with To Your Eternity in terms of being wildly emotional and the concept of immortals, but it also has a lot of other amazing aspects!  The plot revolves around the Iorphs, immortal beings, and Maquia, the title character. She fled her house, which had been devastated by the king’s army, in order to live a tranquil life abroad. Maquia discovered a lonely infant whose mother had been murdered and chose to raise him. They had to overcome several obstacles because she was of a prejudiced race, but her kid was not. Their difficulties are portrayed in-depth, which blends beautifully with the stunning artwork!

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