20 Weirdest Sports Anime That You Must Add To Your Watchlist!

Sport is a genre that is as popular as romance and suspense when it comes to anime. If you are reading this article, you too, like us, might be a fan of the genre. If not then it’s not too late to sign up! There is plenty of anime content available, waiting for you to discover. But what if the genre is not just sport but also weird? Guilty pleasure is what anime lovers are known for. It’s our identity! Sometimes we watch good anime and the good weird ones just for the purpose of laughing, cringing or confused. We have made a list of the 20 weirdest sports anime for you to choose your future favourite. We’ll also be providing you with a short review so you can find exactly what you are looking for. 


Free! is an anime which is what you need to fulfil your visual fantasies. All the main protagonists are male and ideal types of men. Four swimmer friends who were separated from middle school meet each other again in high school and form a swim club. The anime is about their journey together as swimmers. With 12 episodes each season, this anime could be completed in a day and is perfect for binge-watching. It has a good storyline and character build-up. The weird element would be the visuals distracting you from the story. Free! is available on Crunchyroll and Netflix in some countries. 

Air Gear

20 Weirdest Sports Anime 

Air Gear is a 2006 anime, has one season with 25 episodes and a 3 episode OVA. The anime starts showing a distant future universe where Air trex is a popular sport using an AT device (basically skates which can make u fly). Itsuki Minami is a middle school boy who has great skills when it comes to this sport. He wants to reach the top, increasing his skills and techniques. He creates his own gang and their journey starts. What makes this anime weird is that the story mainly consists of characters in their early 20’s and late teens. Which means the scenes are really funny and weird. You can watch the anime at Hulu and Crunchyroll

Tiger mask

20 Weirdest Sports Anime 

Tiger mask is a wrestling anime whose first season is lost. So here’s your weird aspect. You have to rack your brains trying to understand some scenes which are fun. Perfect! If you are tired of racking your brains there are articles which help you understand the story. The story is about two friends who are wrestlers and they have different reasons for pursuing the sport. While in the ring they aren’t aware of each other’s identity as they wear masks. The series has the most realistic art when it comes to fight scenes. Worth watching we’d say arousing your inner wrestler. It’s available on Crunchyroll and Funimation but you might have to use a VPN to access it. 

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Hajime no Ippo

20 Weirdest Sports Anime 

Hajime no Ippo is the story of an underdog boxer, Ippo Makunouchi. You’ll find a lot of likeable characters. And the show is brilliant with mind blowing storyline and details. Ippo started from a total weakling and during the anime, you can actually watch his growth almost like you are with him. His techniques and abilities are filtered again and again in the most realistic way possible. In school, ippo is bullied and is convinced to learn boxing with his saviour Mamoru Takamura. The weird part would be his personality. He has a really kind, sweet polite type of personality which makes him respect his opponents and everyone around him. He’s a sunflower we’d say. It’s available on Crunchyroll. 

Prince of stride

20 Weirdest Sports Anime 

The story is about a sport named stride which is basically a relay race but passing through obstacles and weird terrains. This means you don’t the cliche track but corridors, pillars, and a lot of jumping while on the run. The sport needs 6 players, 5 runners and a navigator. Nana wants to be a part of the Hōnan stride club after watching a stride video two years ago. The stride group is not promising, until Riku Yagami and Takaru Fujiwara arrive. The group is re-established with Nana as the navigator. The weird part would be the dangerous game itself, almost as if we’re watching an Avengers movie minus the villains and this being a race. It is available in Hulu. 

One outs

20 Weirdest Sports Anime 

One out is an underrated baseball anime where Hiromichi Kojima, is a popular batter but is a part of the team which only brings him down. He gets involved in a gambling game, One Outs. The rules are if the pitcher strikeouts the batter, he gets the money but if the batter hits the ball out of the field, the money is his. Tokushi Toa is a champion of the game. Kojima loses to him and gets depressed. After pulling himself together he recruits him as a player for his team. The anime shows a serious approach to the game followed by Toa’s manipulation. The weird part would be how Toa manages to earn money from the game. Curious? Watch it on Crunchyroll or Netflix. 

Eyeshield 21

Eyeshield is an anime based on American Football. The series has plenty of comic elements. Sena Kobayakawa is a high school student who is basically an errand boy and is bullied. Hiruma Yoichi of the football team notices his swift movements and reflexes and drags him to join the football team. He gives him the number 21 and a helmet which has an eyeshield to protect his identity from the other high schoolers. He is nicknamed Eyeshild 21. Hiruma turns out as the star player. The weird part of this anime would be how Hiruma, a guy who should be the last person to play this extreme sport, manages to make a name for himself. The series is available on Crunchyroll. 

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Hikaru no Go

20 Weirdest Sports Anime 

First of all, this series has a good soundtrack. This anime is about Go (an ancient game with unlimited possibilities and strategies) and has authentic and captivating artstyle. Hikaru is a boy who wants a Go board from his grandpa’s attic. But, the board is possessed and the ghost possessing the board named Fujiwara no Sai was a Go player. He attaches himself to Hikaru and teaches him his skills. Sai’s dream is to create a move never created before. The weird part would be the ghost playing Go. You can watch this anime on Crunchyroll, Netflix and Hulu. 

Yuri!!! on ice

20 Weirdest Sports Anime 

Yuri on ice is based on ice skating, which means beautiful skating scenes in anime art. Yuri Katsuki, a skater, has hit his bottom losing matches and decides to give up on skating. He returns to his hometown and tries out a professional technique to show his friend and it gets recorded. His video brings him a lot of attention even from Victor the creator of the movie. He approaches him and decides to be his coach. The series also promotes the romance between Yuri and Victor. The weird element would be the great character designs that get good focus no matter how small the role. It’s available on Crunchyroll, Funimation, VRV and Hulu. 

Ping Pong the animation

The weird part about ping pong is its animation. You’ll find it particularly unique as the colours are bland and details filled with asymmetry and sloppiness. This became its very own plus point, unique art style. Makoto Tsuhimoto nicknamed ‘Smile’ and Yutaka Hoshino nicknamed ‘Peco’ are promising table tennis players in Katase High. Their coach Koizumi finds great potential in Smile who is planning on quitting the sport after a major loss. The anime covers the story of mainly 5 players and their troubles with a serious approach. 

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Keppeki danshi Aoyama kun

This anime is a light-hearted comedy anime with tons of funny scenes to watch on loop. Aoyama Kun is a brilliant student. Good at soccer, is top of his class, is good at cooking, and has a cool personality. Here comes the weird element, he’s a neat freak and can’t handle a single speck of dust. Regardless of his disability Aoyama gives his all in his soccer matches and seems to do fine as long as it’s not overdone. The art style and storyline are good with his funny classmate interactions. The anime is available on Crunchyroll. 

Ahiru no Sora

Ahiru no Sora is an anime based on basketball. The weird part is the anime almost looks like a mix of other sports anime and lacks the hooking part. Still, with good characters and a definite motive, this anime has gained recognition. Sora Kurumatani is a freshman who loves basketball. He made a promise to his mom and wants to fulfil it in high school. His height becomes a major disadvantage for him and he is mocked by his basketball seniors who don’t take the sport seriously. He defeats all of them and inspires them toward the sport. The anime is available on Netflix. 


Chihaya Arase is a girl who is introduced to a game called karuta by a fellow classmate. She comes to like the game as they play together. Karuta is a card game based on memory and reflex. She gets super indulged in the game and becomes a karuta freak. She brings together members with the same passion and aims to go to the national championship. The anime has beautiful and captivating visuals. The weird part is the second lead syndrome and her love triangle. Chihayafuru can be watched on Netflix and Crunchyroll. 

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20 Weirdest Sports Anime 

Keijo is an anime about a nonsensical sport of the same name. Keijo is played by female participants who stand on a platform floating over the water and push the opponents in the water by using their bottoms and chests. Nozomi Kaminashi is a 17-year-old who decides to play Keijo for the huge winner cash prize. As a good gymnast, she is a tough cookie for her friends and foes. A weird element would be the game in itself. The anime has great art and cheerful characters. The anime can be watched on Crunchyroll

SK8 the infinity

20 Weirdest Sports Anime 

SK8 thee infinity has dope characters and amazing competition scenes. The anime is based on hardcore skating in a dangerous downhill abandoned mine. Reiki is a sophomore who is obsessed with ‘S’ , a highly secret downhill race. Reiki brings with him Langa, an exchange student from Canada who is terrible at skating. The weird factor is Langa, the person who never skates taking part in the dangerous competition. Does he have some kind of plan? The animation is available on Crunchyroll, Funimation Now, Amazon Video and Microsoft Store. 

Ballroom e Youkoso 

Tatara Fujita is an introverted third-year middle school student who is often getting bullied and harassed. One day while being harassed, he is rescued by Sengoku and ends up at her dance studio. There, he meets Hanaoka, his high schoolmate and idol. He starts to develop an interest in ballroom dancing. The weird part would be Tatara being too sensitive and weak in contrast to the other female dancers who are bold and headstrong. The anime has beautiful art and dance scenes. It is available on amazon prime and Crunchyroll. 

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Slam dunk

20 Weirdest Sports Anime 

Slam dunk is one of the most iconic anime of all time and had to be on this list. The anime is based on basketball. Hanamitchi Sakuragi is a delinquent. He falls in love with Haruko Akagi who is in love with Kaede Rukawa, a popular basketball player. Jealous Sakuragi wants to defeat Rukawa and prove his charms and worth to Haruko. He joins the Shohoku High basketball team and falls in love with the sport. The weird character is the weird aspect for this anime. Sakuragi is childish and annoying beyond comparison. A must watch anime. Slam dunk is available on Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll and Prime video. 

Grand Blue

Forget sport, Grand Blue is straight up weird. With jokes that’ll make you laugh your stomach out, this anime is terrific! Although the anime is about diving there aren’t many diving scenes included in the anime which makes it even weirder. Kitahara Iori moves to his uncle’s diving shop ‘Grand blue’ in Izu city for college. He joins the peek-a-boo diving club in his college along with Kouhei Imamura (tricked and against his will). The anime has tons of punchlines and comic art styles to die for. The anime is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Crunchyroll. 

Tribe Nine

Tribe Nine takes place in the future where gangs from tribes are fueled by youth who become active members who are violent and cause huge damage. The government of Neo-Tokyo passes the XB law which stands for Extreme Baseball where tribes will compete and the match would be judged by electronic empires. The only way to leave is by striking out and tagging the baserunner. The weird element is their restriction on gadgets. Even though they are restricted to use some they are still allowed to use gadgets for playing baseball. It is currently available on Funimation.

Shakunetsu Kabaddi

20 Weirdest Sports Anime 

Shakunetsu kabaddi is an anime which focuses on introducing and advertising the aggressive contact sport kabaddi. Tatsuya Yoiyoshi is a popular soccer player who decides to leave the school team and soccer as a whole. He is approached by a student who invites him to attend their kabaddi rehearsals. He denies at first but agrees after constant persuasion. He tries an activity and finds it interesting. He joined the club because he lost a bet made during the activity. The series is really fun and gets you hooked from the very first episode. It has good art and many fun comic sequences. The anime is available on Netflix and Crunchyroll. 

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