12 Shows Like X-Factor That One Must Try!

X-factor has been the most exciting reality show. The contestants in the show have to compete with each other every week to bag a record deal. The show brought mixed contestants. The show has hilariously bad auditions with some know music artists of all time. The show has come to an end so it is time to watch similar shows like X-factor. 

1. Britain’s Got Talent

12 Shows Like X-Factor

The main element of the X factor was Simon Cowell who adds an element of entertainment to the show. The show X factor had him as a judge and he is also in this show. Fans who loved to watch X-factor can also watch this show to get the entertainment. In this show, auditions take place and show. It is not only in singing talent but covers all varieties of talent which makes it a true reality. It is similar to the X-Factor show.

England’s Got Talent is a broadcast British ability show contest, and part of the worldwide Got Talent establishment made by Simon Cowell. Introduced by Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly. It is delivered by both Thames (previously Talkback Thames) and Syco Entertainment, conveyed by Fremantle, and broadcast on ITV consistently (barring 2021) from pre-summer to late spring.

2. Strictly Come Dancing

12 Shows Like X-Factor

The show is very similar to X-Factor. X-factor is a show which reflects the participants mainly celebrities who participate in this show to dance. The show has been very enjoyable. The judgment can be very harsh sometimes with a lot of fun in the show. This show and X=Factor were used to target similar audiences. This show is very fun to watch. Rigorously Come Dancing is a British TV dance challenge in which famous people band together with proficient artists to contend in essentially assembly hall and Latin dance.

Each couple is scored by a board of judges. The title of the show is a continuation of the long-running series Come Dancing, with an inference to the film Strictly Ballroom. The arrangement has been traded to 60 different nations under the title Dancing with the Stars-authorized by BBC Worldwide and prompted a cutting edge dance-themed spin-off Strictly Dance Fever. The Guinness World Records has named Strictly be the world’s best-unscripted tv design.


The group that came from the X-Factor. This is a full-circle moment. They have their show in which they are all together with a brand. Little Mix The Search was a British unscripted tv music contest that was declared in October 2019 and started circulating on BBC One on 26 September 2020, finishing up with the last on 7 November 2020. The series was decided by a British young lady bunch Little Mix, with the triumphant demonstration from the series set to go along with them on their impending The Confetti Tour (2022). In August 2021 it was declared that the show had been placed on “endless hold” after one series.

4. Over The Rainbow

12 Shows Like X-Factor

The x-factor is a show which mainly focuses on pop music but This show focuses on musical theatre. Andrew Lloyd Webber runs this show. In this show, different singers battled with each other. This show became thrilling to watch. Musical theatre is a massive industry.

5. American Idol

American Idol is an ideal series for fans who have an X-Factor-molded void in their lives. It has a practically indistinguishable format as far as how the show is run, as hopeful vocalists fight it out to acquire a record bargain. Simon Cowell has additionally been engaged with this show as an adjudicator, close by other experienced names from the music business. Very much like The X-Factor, the show has a few cleverly terrible vocalists, however ultimately a few incredible exhibitions to be delighted in also, with many significant names being conceived out of this show.


6. The Great British Baking Show

12 Shows Like X-Factor

This show brings reality just like the X factor. This show has fun which makes people watch the show. This show is light-hearted and easy to jump in and out of. Every week, the pastry specialists tackle alternate expertise, the trouble of which increments as the opposition unfurls. Mary Berry, the main cookbook essayist, and Paul Hollywood, a top craftsman pastry specialist, fill in as judges. Along with hosts and comic foils Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc, Berry and Hollywood quest for the nation’s best beginner cook by testing the contenders’ abilities on cakes, pieces of bread, cakes, and sweets, delegated a champ following 10 weeks of rivalry.

7. The Eurovision Song Contest

This opposition happens yearly and sees various nations around Europe go up against one another in one of the greatest singing rivalries on the planet. For nation brings an alternate music craftsman and they generally set on colossal exhibitions. Every nation then, at that point, scores the exhibitions, with the most elevated score bringing home the prize. It’s a genuine assortment execution with a genuine scope of artists and classifications occurring, which is by and large what The X-Factor gives.

The Eurovision Song Contest (French: Concours Eurovision de la chanson), once in a while shortened to ESC and regularly referred to just as Eurovision, is a worldwide songwriting rivalry coordinated every year by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), highlighting members addressing principally European nations. Each taking part country presents a unique melody to be performed on live TV and radio, sent to public telecasters through the EBU’s Eurovision and Euroradio organizations, with contending nations then, at that point, projecting decisions in favor of the other nations’ tunes to decide a champ.

8. The’Apprentice

12 Shows Like X-Factor

The Apprentice doesn’t have anything to do with singing, however, it is the opposition and reality series parts of it that make the two shows comparative. In this show, sprouting money managers and ladies contend to win a business association with Sir Alan Sugar, going through various undertakings en route. The show follows them as they attempt to dazzle and demonstrate their insight, with a lot of warmed contentions occurring, particularly in the meeting room with Sir Alan. These minutes are like when the vocalists get warmed with the adjudicators, which is regularly perhaps the most entertaining piece of the show.

9. The Voice

The Voice is a similar reality show to The X-Factor, which brings great singers to the world as they wow judges from the music industry. The judges have to listen to the artists as they cannot see the contestant’s faces. They have to pick purely based on their musical ability. Every episode of The Glee Project was given a general subject and covered occasions that had occurred with regards to the period of seven days. The series utilizes a board of four mentors who scrutinize the craftsmen’s exhibitions and guide their groups of chosen specialists through the rest of the period.


10. The Masked Singer

12 Shows Like X-Factor

Regardless of whether it’s the American or UK form, this series is one that X-Factor fans make certain to adore. The Masked Singer carries the pleasant contest component along with judges that extraordinarily have gigantic characters. The turn here however is that it is VIPs as the vocalists, and not individuals attempting to win an expert recording contract.

The series sees the big names conceal their personalities under sumptuous ensembles, uncovering little signs every week as the adjudicators, and the crowd at home, attempt to work out who is behind the veil. The component of the secret makes a tomfoolery speculating game that is loads of amusing to cooperate with and rethinking various VIPs is fun 100% of the time.

11. The Glee Project

12 Shows Like X-Factor

The Glee Project is a reality television series from Oxygen. It is a similar kind of show to X-Factor. The show’s first season was telecasted on June 12, 2011, in the US. The show ended on August 21, 2011. Every episode of The Glee Project was given a general subject and covered occasions that had occurred with regards to the period of seven days. Joy chief makers Ryan Murphy and Dante Di Loreto leader delivered for The Glee Project. Joy’s projecting chief, Robert J. Ulrich, was projecting chief for the venture, while Glee’s on-screen non-talking backup, Brad Ellis, assisted Ulrich with training 80 expected competitors as found in the music section. 

12. Let It Shine

12 Shows Like X-Factor

Let It Shine is a British reality television music competition that searches for young men to star in The Band. This is a new stage musical featuring the songs of taking That. The show aired in January and February 2017 on BBC One channel. Five to Five won the show and was declared the winner. This band won the part as the band in the new musical The Band. They started touring in September 2017. Graham Norton and Mel Giedroyc introduced the show.

Gary Barlow, Dannii Minogue, and Martin Kemp fill in as judges all through the series. Kris, at last, tells Roxie that Cyrus is an extraordinary individual and just imagined he was not Truth for Kris, and they didn’t attempt to hurt Roxie: he likewise says Cyrus is genuine and that is who she should be with. However, exactly when there is no cheerful consummation, Roxie goes to the chapel and embraces Cyrus as they sing “Let it Shine”.