12 French Films To Watch On Netflix!

Here is a list of some beautiful yet enthralling French movies that will definitely make you fall in love with the French language and culture! If you love watching French movies with diversified themes here are some recommendations of 12 French movies that are available on Netflix.

The Climb

French Films To Watch On Netflix

The Climb is a 2017 French adventurous comedy film written and directed by Ludovic Bernard on Nadir Dendoune’s real experience. Samy Diakhaté is a Senegalese-born young fellow from La Courneuve’s Cité des 4000. He, like so many of his pals, is jobless and desperate to find work. He had been in love with Nadia, a grocery cashier since he was in elementary school. He tries to win her over with his compassion, but she rejects him out of fear of falling in love with a careless guy who will let her down.

Samy tells her that he would conquer Mount Everest out of affection for her, but Nadia thinks it’s a joke. Samy begins hunting for cash for his trip in order to please Nadia. He jumps into the expedition with no prior climbing expertise or even fitness conditioning, but rapidly sees his flaws and the massive struggle he faces.

The Most Assassinated Woman In The World

French Films To Watch On Netflix

Franck Ribière’s debut feature film is a 2018 French mystery thriller directed and produced by him. Niels Schneider, Anna Mouglalis, Eric Godon,  André Wilms, Sissi Duparc, Michel Fau are among the cast members. Paula Maxa is a leading performer at the Grand Guignol Theatre in Paris in the early 1930s. Maxa describes herself as the “world’s most massacred lady,” having been mercilessly slain in public well over 10,000 times. The Grand Guignol’s theatrical director is famed for his brutal storylines and genuine gruesome visual effects, which frequently shock and offend people in the crowd.

During the play, the actual Jean De Lancry appears and slits Paula’s throat with a genuine knife, just before she is about to be killed on stage. The crowd shouts in cheers at first but then realizes that the blood on them is real and begins to worry. Paul swaps the body of deceased Violette with “apparently dead” Paula’s before the medics find her. The theatre shutters after he is convicted for the death of Paula Maxa. Paula is seen living and well at the graveyard, where Violette’s remains is entombed in her tomb. Still plagued by visions, she summons Jean from among the tombs to meet her in a vehicle. Only she sees him, pallid and grinning, clearly dead. Paul drives Paula away in his car. Jean De Lancry is now out on the streets looking for Paula, whom he feels he has eventually killed, and proceeds to kill women who look like her.


I Am Not An Easy Man

French Films To Watch On Netflix

 Je ne suis pas un homme facile is a love story produced by Éléonore Pourriat that premiered in France in 2018. Vincent Elbaz plays a chauvinist who finds himself in an alternate dimension in which social roles are reversed. Netflix launched the movie globally on April 13, 2018. It is the first French-language film produced by Netflix and the 2nd French-language Netflix original movie.

Damien is a blatant chauvinist who enjoys all of the privileges that come with living in a misogynistic culture. Damien drops out after a hit to the head. When he awakens, he discovers himself in an alternative universe in which gender roles have been flipped and females are in charge. Damien is perplexed; now that he has encountered sexism, he is unsure of his position in this new universe. He encounters and entices Alexandra, a powerful author who is a chauvinist herself.

I Lost My Body

French Films To Watch On Netflix

Jérémy Clapin directed this 2019 French (J’ai perdu mon corps) adult animation film. It debuted in the International Critics’ Week segment of the 2019 Cannes Picture Festival. Where it has been awarded the Nespresso Grand Prize, making it the first illustrated movie in the segment’s history to accomplish so. At the 92nd Academy Awards, the movie was nominated for Best Animated Feature.

The film opens with a dismembered thumb fleeing from a laboratory freezer and embarking on a trip across the Paris suburbs in search of its body, a young guy named Naoufel. Memories are used to tell his story. Naoufel desires to be a pianist and an astronaut as a child in Morocco, and he keeps a recording device of his daily existence. During a car trip, he interrupts his father from driving, resulting in a collision.

Both of his parents are dead, but he lives. He is compelled to remain with his emotionally detached uncle and his crass cousins in France. Naoufel serves as a pizza deliveryman as a young adult, and his employer frequently criticizes him for being tardy. Naoufel once delivered a pizza to Gabrielle, a beautiful woman who lives in her apartment complex. They never meet each other since Naoufel is unable to pass past the lobby’s faulty locked door, but they converse over the telephone, and Naoufel develops feelings for her.

Lost Bullet

Lost Bullet (Balle perdue) is a 2020 French action film directed by Guillaume Pierret and featuring Alban Lenoir, Nicolas Duvauchelle, and Ramzy Bedia. It was scripted by Guillaume Pierret, Alban Lenoir, and Kamel Guemra. A vehicle mechanic with a criminal history finds himself in the middle of a shootout involving good and bad officers. To establish his integrity and rescue himself, he should now locate the missing bullet that murdered his teacher.


The African Doctor

French Films To Watch On Netflix

Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont is a 2016 French screwball comedy it revolves around the life of singer Kamini’s father, Seyolo Zantoko. Julien Rambaldi directed the movie, which Kamini co-wrote. Marc Zinga and Assa Maga star in the film. Seyolo Zantoko is the only African guy in his class and circle of acquaintances when he graduated from medical school in Lille in 1975. He declines a position as President Joseph-Desiré Mobutu’s personal physician in Zaire because he seeks to avoid the country’s wrongdoing. Instead, the mayor of Marly-Gomont, a tiny town in northern France, hires him.

He phones his family and tells them he has a job offer in France; his wife Anne and their two children, Sivi and Kamini, are overjoyed and believe they will relocate to Paris. They quickly discover that they are residing in a remote village, which disappoints them. Seyolo’s choice to reside in France is mainly driven by the desire to provide his children with an improved school; he also aims to implement French citizenship.

Nothing to Hide

French Films To Watch On Netflix

Le Jeu is a 2018 French drama-comedy film written and directed by Fred Cavayé. It is based on Paolo Genovese’s 2016 Italian film Perfect Strangers. Marie and Vincent organize a dinner for a group of old colleagues and their spouses one evening. On the very same evening, a rare lunar eclipse is expected to take place. The team starts explaining their phone lock configurations and sharing information on their mobiles with their spouses at the dinner table after having heard Ben’s questionably comedic story about the woman who found out about her husband’s adulterous affairs only after his passing in the health center after searching through the texts on his unboxed mobile phone.

To liven up the meal, Marie offers a play in which everyone capitulates their cellphones to the table’s center, and any texts, emails, or phone calls acquired on anyone’s cellphone must be exchanged with the rest of the group. More truths emerge as the game goes, casting doubt on their relationships and partnerships.

The World Is Yours

Le Monde est à toi Romain Gavras co-wrote and filmed this 2018 French comedy movie. Karim Leklou, Isabelle Adjani, Oulaya Amamra, François Damiens, Vincent Cassel, and Philippe Katerine are among the film’s cast members. It was chosen to screen in the 2018 Cannes Film Festival’s Directors’ Fortnight category.

François, a comparatively tiny drug dealer, fantasizes about building a new life as the Maghreb region’s official distributor of Mr. Freeze ice pops. He learns, though, that his mom Dany has spent all of his money on gambling. He then attempted to start over by teaming up with Poutine, the city’s unstable kingpin, on a plot in Spain. However, François’s retinue gets involved, causing everyone’s intentions to be disrupted. Isabelle Adjani confirmed the project in an appearance with Grazia magazine on April 25, 2017. It will be “very crazy,” according to the actress, who also stated that Vincent Cassel and Oulaya Amara will be participating.

School Life

La Vie scolaire Grand Corps Malade and Mehdi Idir wrote and directed this critically praised award-winning teenage dramedy movie in 2019. Liam Pierron, Zita Hanrot, and Moussa Monsaly play the key characters in the film. The movie was released in France on August 28, 2019, to positive critical reviews and was a box office triumph. On April 10, 2020, Netflix began streaming the film. It was also nominated and won a few awards at international festivals.

Samia (Zita Hanrot), the incoming assistant principal of a junior high in the Paris district of Saint-Denis, is cautioned by her colleagues that her kids are uninspired and do not follow rules. In comparison to others, she views things in an entirely different light. When she comes to know the kids, particularly Yanis (Liam Pierron), who is keen and clever but disenchanted by a society that appears to have cast its back on him and his parents, she attempts her hardest to inspire him to better his academics and seek a career in film.



(Des Vents Contraires in French) Paul (Benoit Magimel), a prominent writer, has his life turned upside down when his spouse Sarah (Tautou) mysteriously disappears, abandoning him with two young kids to raise. Amid a police inquiry, he chooses to go from Paris to the little coastal village in Brittany where he was raised in order to start over. He gets a job as a driving instructor at his eldest brother Alex’s (Antoine Dulery) driving school and, through his interactions with people, manages to pick up the slack and begin to live anew.

Justine (Marie-Ange Casta), a flirtatious 20-year-old with whom he had a short sexual experience, Brehel (Bouli Lanners), a sales rep whose career has fallen apart after a road accident in which he murdered a cyclist, and Samir (Ramzy Bedia), a residence, are among his casual friends. When Samir, who is homeless and unemployed, kidnaps his divorced wife’s daughter for whom he has been granted visitation privileges, and when the police commander (Isabelle Carre) finally opens the inquiry into Sarah’s abduction, the movie provides plenty of suspense.

We Are Family

Gabriel Julien-Laferrière directed this 2016 French comedy film. The protagonist, Bastian, and his half-siblings are the centerpiece of the plot. Bastien’s thirteen-year-old family is everything but ordinary. Bastien was stranded in the middle of “a majority of families” and several other half-siblings due to both parents’ multiple marriages and divorces. This implies he and the other kids will spend a few days in various bedrooms eventually relocating to another parents’ home. Bastien, on the other hand, has had enough of arrangements. Ultimately, he arrives up with a novel idea: the children will all reside in one spot, and the grownups will be in charge of the regular rotations.

Wedding Unplanned

Mathias and Alexia have been together for years, and for the first time, he is lying on her with Juliette, a party planner… Mathias misses his footing when Alexia sees Juliette’s contact information in his pocket, and he stutters… She immediately comprehends: Juliette is a wedding planner, so he must want to marry Juliette! “YES,” she exclaims.

Mathias is unintentionally divided between his ‘spouse’ and his mistress,’ and is compelled to prepare an impromptu wedding.  The groom is now stuck between his fiancée and his admirer, who is in control of his unwelcome wedding. She has no idea that he is committing adultery with the organizer and simply goes along with the act so that he is not discovered.