12 Best Korean Movies On Amazon Prime That You Must Watch!

Amazon Prime has brought in some excellent Korean movies to binge on. Korean entertainment has entered Amazon Prime and people are liking to watch Korean movies. The storyline is different in Korean movies and storytelling too. This has become a nice way to explore some Korean content. The movies are nice to watch and the movies are found in various genres.

1. World Of Us

This film was released on June 16, 2016. The film got huge recognition. It is an award-winning film. The film is about two young friends Sun and Jia who face many ups and downs in life. Sun is a transfer student. They both face bullying and some internal problems. This is the journey of how two friends stand with each other at all times. The film is written and directed by Yoon Gaeun. This was her feature-length directorial debut. The film has Choi Soo-in, Seol Hye-in, and Lee Seo-Yeon. The film had released on DVD on February 16, 2017. The film got huge appreciation. The audience loved the story of the film.

2. Memories Of Murder

12 Best Korean Movies On Amazon Prime

The film is incredible to watch. The film is a murder mystery film. It is based on real-life events. The case got solved last year. The film tells the story of murders in South Korea. The investigators who are desperate to solve questions are not able to solve them due to flawed attempts. The film was released in 2003. The film has a crime thriller. The film is based on real stories of Korea’s first confirmed serial murders.

The movie was the subsequent element movie coordinated by Bong, following his 2000 presentation film Barking Dogs Never Bite. The screenplay was adjusted by Bong and Shim Sung-bo from Kim Kwang-edge’s 1996 phase play Come to See Me about a similar subject. The movie has acquired basic approval for its tone, cinematography, altering, score, Song’s presentation, and Bong’s bearing and screenplay. The film got thirty honors and selections and was considered by a larger number of people to be one of the most outstanding South Korean movies made.


3. The Handmaiden

The film is an erotic psychological thriller. The film is inspired by the 2002 novel Fingersmith by Welsh writer Sarah Waters. The film was chosen to go after the Palme d’Or at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. It was delivered in South Korea on 1 June 2016, to basic praise. It earned more than $38 million around the world. At the 71st British Academy Film Awards, the film won the classification of Best Film Not in the English language. This R evaluated anticipation story isn’t for the weak-willed. An outwardly dazzling work of cinematography, The Handmaiden is an account of affection and double-crossing set when Korea was under the control of Japan. There are many exciting bends in the road in this Korean film that stars Kim Tae-Ri in a job that will stun numerous who saw her as the pedantic and legitimate Aegi-SSI in Mr. Sunshine.

4. The King

12 Best Korean Movies On Amazon Prime

It is a political crime drama. The film was released in 2017. An anecdote about Tae-soo (Jo In-sung) who’s brought into the world in a helpless family, chooses to turn into an examiner in the wake of discovering that power is undeniably significant throughout everyday life and, the greatest image of force in the ’90s.

In the wake of entering the most renowned graduate school, encountering majority rule opposition in Korea, Tae-soo at long last arrives at his objective of turning into an examiner yet his life is no greater than a compensation man. By some coincidence, he joins a club of strong investigators with abundance and authority. He at long last experiences an existence of the top ordered progression, yet as he partakes in the pleasantness of matchless quality, he likewise sees its horrible side.

5. Shoot Me in the Heart

This is a Korean dram afilm. The story is adapted from the best-selling novel by Jeong Yu Jeong. The book won Literature Award in 2009. Soo-Myung and Seung-min, both 25 years of age, meet interestingly at Soori Hope Hospital, an overview mental office situated on a mountain. Soo-Myung has been systematized since he was nineteen after the injury brought about by his mom’s self-destruction, and has a fear of scissors.

Seung-min is rational and a boss paraglider, however was persuasively dedicated by his insatiable stepbrother to get Seung-min’s portion of the family legacy. Soo-Myung is a model patient, calmly and inactively spending his days in the clinic despite its oppressive medical attendants, not at all like Seung-min, who is a mobile delayed bomb. Before long, Soo-Myung gets snagged into Seung-min’s careless arrangement to break out of the medical clinic.


6. Little Forest

12 Best Korean Movies On Amazon Prime

This little jewel by South Korean chief Yim Soon-rye will make them long for the straightforward life you never realized you needed. A charming and downplayed festivity of bona fide Korean food, fellowship, and family, Little Forest is about a young lady (Aegi SSI, for Mr. Sunshine fans!) who moves back to her youth cultivating town and finds the things that genuinely fulfill her. This film is a 2018 South Korean dramatization movie coordinated by Yim Soon-rye and given a manga series of a similar name by Daisuke Igarashi which was first distributed in 2002.

7. Wonderful Nightmare

12 Best Korean Movies On Amazon Prime

Yeon-charm is a fruitful, single, unyielding attorney whose clients are affluent domineering jerks exploiting poor people and defenseless. She meets an unfavorable passing however is allowed an opportunity to continue her life, on the off chance that she consents to live one month as a working-class mother of two who is hitched to a lesser public authority whose family battles to make do with his pitiful compensation.

The resulting diversion of a lost and forsaken soul show is what you may expect yet the brilliant acting of Uhm Jung Wha and Song Seung-Heon lifts this romantic comedy and keeps the crowd drawn in and profoundly put resources into Yeon-charm and her new family. Inclining up from somewhat of a sluggish beginning, Wonderful Nightmare is an elegantly composed and fun film that portrays a cutting-edge Korea that is battling with a glass partition and an overt sensitivity not yet perceived by the majority.

8. Welcome To Dongmakgol

12 Best Korean Movies On Amazon Prime

A flawlessly envisioned conflict film that portrays the state of helpless Korean residents during the Korean War, Welcome To Dongmakgol is a fascinating film to look at as we as a whole battle with an inexorably separated political scene where it’s elusive a method for coexisting with the opposite side.

The story is set in the imaginary distant town Dongmakgol where an American warrior has crash-landed, and a group of North Korean fighters has likewise tracked down a safe house. The locals don’t appear to realize that how will generally be heartless to anybody and accidentally show the two sides a significant example in mankind, harmony, and fellowship.


9. A Bittersweet Life

12 Best Korean Movies On Amazon Prime

Lee Byung-hun is one of the top famous actors in Korea and this story is an incredible illustration of one of his beloved personas, the dangerous criminal with a kind nature. A Bittersweet Life is the story of a criminal called Kim Sun-charm who has fallen into some predicament in the wake of going gaga for his manager’s sweetheart. This film has some incredible activity groupings and is an unquestionable requirement to watch for Lee Byung-hun fans. This film is a 2005 release which is a South Korean film written and directed by Kim-Jee Woon.

10. The Man From Nowhere

12 Best Korean Movies On Amazon Prime

The film was released in 2010. This is an action thriller film. It has Won Bin. The film has been written and directed by Lee Jeong-below. It was South Korea’s most noteworthy earning film in 2010 and had 6.2 million admissions. The film was delivered in the United States and Canada on October 1, 2010. The film follows the narrative of a baffling and obscure man who leaves on a ridiculous frenzy when the main individual who appears to comprehend him is captured. It likewise denotes the last on-screen appearance of Won Bin starting in 2020.

11. Train To Busan

12 Best Korean Movies On Amazon Prime

Set amid an overwhelming zombie flare-up in South Korea, ‘Train to Busan’ spins around mutual funds chief, Seok-charm, and his little girl, Soo-an, as they make a trip from Seoul to the seaside city of Busan. In the meantime, a compound spill in an alternate area of the city begins an alarming zombie episode and has residents running to track down an exit from the slaughter. Notwithstanding, when contaminated individual figures out how to get on the train Seok-charm and Soo-an are going on, each traveler is pushed into a battle for endurance against time as the infection fans out quickly starting with one carriage then onto the next.

12. I Saw The Devil

‘I Saw The Devil’ opens with a chilling scene as Joo-Yeon, the girl of a resigned police boss, has a punctured tire while driving in the snow. Even though she calls her life partner, spy Soo-Hyun, for help, a strange man offers some assistance before stealing and horrifyingly ravaging her body.

Soo-Hyun takes up the matter as an individual feud and afterward starts an incredibly perilous wait-and-see game, utilizing all his specialist abilities to catch and torment the merciless executioner. In any case, the executioner, Kyung-Chul, won’t surrender, which makes way for an overwhelming peak obscuring the line among great and insidiousness.