12 Best Breakup Movies To Watch On Netflix!

Breakups have always been tough for everyone out there, dealing with all that abundance of emotions along with food cravings and a number of ways to get over your ex. The process of moving on surely isn’t an easy path and one of the most common searches that most people have done is searching for the best breakup movies available.

Breakup movies are certainly great, the complete rush of emotions with the main characters of the movie dealing with their own breakups may often bring us to tears. The task of searching for those sad movies during an emotionally rough patch isn’t great for anyone, and thus we are here to resolve this issue by providing a set of 12 best breakup movies that will surely help you out through those rough patches.

All the movies listed below are available on Netflix and are worth a watch for sure.

12. How To Get Over A Breakup

Best Breakup Movies To Watch On Netflix

The movie was released in 2018 and belonged to the comedy genre. The movie has a 6.2 IMDb rating which is quite good and maybe worth a watch for the heartbroken souls out there. The show mainly revolves around the journey of a copywriter who lives in Lima, Peru, and is suddenly dumped, she then starts blogging her entire journey of moving on and uploading them but ends up making her blogs an absolute success and getting something new from the entire process. This movie guides you about every emotional aspect in a humorous way to move on and achieve new things in life.

11. Seriously Single

Best Breakup Movies To Watch On Netflix

The movie came out in the year 2020 and has got a 4.8 IMDb rating, the story revolves around Dineo who has commitment issues in a different way, most peoples with commitment have problems committing to someone whereas our protagonist ends up committing to everyone. Dineo starts dating with the idea of a long happy relationship that will get her married but soon ends up getting dumped by the guys. The story continues around dineo and lunga who once dated and it didn’t end well, now dineo is trying to not be that serious while dating and the question is whether she will be able to?


10. Malcolm And Marie

This movie is a unique one in the entire list, the movie takes place on a single night and depicts the story of a couple who are on the verge of a breakup. The movie has a 6.7 IMDb rating and is set in a black and white setting. The movie stars Zendaya and John David Washington as the couple comes from the movie premiere of David’s new movie, along with his displeased girlfriend who is upset about David not mentioning her in his speech which she assumes should be based on her as she assumes his drug-addicted protagonist idea came as an inspiration from her. The couples go on explaining about the present scenarios which lead the situation to a moment of emotional breakdown but soon lead to an end which is not clear about which direction their relationship is going to move after this.

9. Irreplaceable You

Best Breakup Movies To Watch On Netflix

This movie may be a bit of a breaking point for all those heartbroken people out there. The movie was released in 2018 and has a 6.4 IMDB rating. It is a story that focuses on the themes of eternal love, loss, Farwell, and hope. The story revolves around a couple who have known each other since the age of 8, and Abbie is diagnosed with an illness that will lead to her death soon, Abbie decides to look for a new partner for sam who will help him after she dies, but in the process, she realizes how much she needs to live the rest of her life with sam and enjoy the few moments she has left to live and how to say goodbye to him. The story is very beautiful and surely worth a watch.

8. The Breakup Playlist

Best Breakup Movies To Watch On Netflix

This Filipino movie is a great hit and worth a watch, it has got a 6.7 IMDb rating and has received great words from critics too. the story revolves around a classical singer and a rock singer who come together for a collaboration, in the process they catch feelings for each other and soon the twist comes in the plot, family issues shake up their entire bond, and the puts their entire relationship into a question. The movie stars Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo as the two protagonists in the movie.

7. The Break-Up

Best Breakup Movies To Watch On Netflix

The 2006 movie is surely worth a watch for a little bit of humor and drama, the show stars Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn and has received a 5.8 IMDb rating and quite good comments from the critics. The story revolves around the two protagonists who meet end up bonding and buying a condominium to live together, soon hasty decisions turn out to be a big disaster with less bonding and they decide to break up but neither of them is willing to move out of the condo. They have no choice left but to live together as roommates and the story proceeds with more drama and bonding for both.

6. Someone Great

Best Breakup Movies To Watch On Netflix

This movie shows the toughest phase of a breakup where you are devastated and are trying to move on. The movie has got a 6.2 IMDb rating and maybe will clear out things for many of the viewers. The protagonist of the story after landing her dream job gets to know that her 9-year long boyfriend is breaking up with her and she is devastated with the news, the story has two more main characters who are the best friends of jenny and they two are having relationship issue at the same time. The girls decide to take a day off and plan their last NYC adventure together but soon it leads to continuous breakdowns and dramas and ends up with a devastating jenny.

5. I’m Thinking Of Ending Things

This film is a psychological thriller and is based on a novel of the same name. the movie has received a 6.6 IMDb rating which is quite appreciable and has also received great words from the critics too. The story revolves around a young woman who goes on a road trip with her 7-week long boyfriend. They are on their way to meet his parents and the road trip reveals many things about her boyfriend which ends up making her question her relationship with him. the movie is quite nicely directed and is worth a watch.

4. 6 Years

The 2015 movie depicts the complexity that grows in a relationship with time. The movie received a 5.6 IMDb rating and the storyline is quite great. The story revolves around a young couple, Melanie and Daniel who have been in a relationship for nearly 6 years, and with growing complexities and life events they realize that the love has slowly changed into a habit and there is no love anymore. This is shocking for both the partners as they get more confused and frustrated regarding their emotions.

3. Silver Linings Playbook

One of the best series on the list till now, the silver linings playbook stars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence and has received a 7.7 IMDb rating. the story revolves around a man who has returned from a mental institution to his parent’s house after beating up a man badly whom he saw his wife in the shower with. After all this time gap, he is still very optimistic, and though he has nothing left he aims at getting everything right, in the process he meets Tiffiny who has got her problems and soon they end up bonding with each other and moving on from there past and sharing their pain with each other. Both of them in the end, lead a happy life together.

2. Marriage Story

Best Breakup Movies To Watch On Netflix

One of the most beautiful movies on the entire list. The story revised a 7.9 IMDb rating and also great words from critics. The story revolves around a small family, with Nicole as the mother, Charlie as the father, and henry being their child. the story with growing complications between Nicole and Charlie regarding their job but still they try to keep their family intact to keep henry safe. Soon with increasing complications, Nicole gets a lawyer involved and after which there is no end to the shocks. The story depicts the vision of the director of a failing marriage but the urge of both parents to keep the family alive.

1. To All The Boys I Have Loved Before

Best Breakup Movies To Watch On Netflix

 Anyone who has recently got their heartbroken by their crushes, this is a movie for them. The movie has received a 7.1 IMDb rating and is surely worth a watch. the movie revolves around the teenage girl who gets this weird idea of documenting all her feelings about the ex-crushes she has had in the form of a letter. She ends up writing five different letters and mysteriously the letter has been posted and the story is full of drama and humor based on the innocent love of a teenage girl.