Is Catching Killers Based On A True Story? Know Here!

Crime documentaries have always been loved by fans. Everyone wants to know what goes on in a killer’s mind and how they become a killer in the first place. Exploring this very genre, Netflix brings home another docuseries called Catching Killers. It is a true documentary series with each episode featuring the stories of famous psychopathic serial killers. It also follows the prosecutors and police officers and their journey of catching these murderers who ran havoc among the public.

The series Catching the Killer is written and narrated by JJ Holoubek with Richard Granberry and Wesley Poole as the editors of the show. The first season was released directly on Netflix on 8th December 2021 and has a rating of 7.7/10 on IMDb. Catching Killers Season 1 has four episodes in total, each episode featuring infamous serial killers. The second season of this show was released on 9th February 2022. This season also has four episodes with the same format as the previous season. 

Is Catching Killers Based On A True Story?

Is Catching Killers Based On A True Story

Yes, it looks like it does. The whole idea of this series is to talk about the wrongdoings of notorious serial killers and how the law caught them at their peak. The whole investigation process is shown with actual footage of the prosecution. Moreover, the detectives and police officers sit on the screen and relive the details of the investigations. 

Some of the parts are enacted by the actors mimicking the original footage of courtrooms and investigation places. The series Catching Killers is a true documentary series and like any other typical documentary, it has all the basic elements which make a documentary tick. Catching Killer Season 2, which is also the recently released season by Netflix, also features many notorious killers like in Season 1.


Catching Killers Season 2 Spoilers

The recent episodes were released on 9th February 2022 under the title Catching Killers Season 2. The first episode features the very infamous serial killer BTK (Bind, Torture, Kil). BTK’s real name is Dennis Rader and he has been featured in many crime thrillers, like Mindhunter. The abbreviation BTK was given by himself. He was ordered life imprisonment on 25th February 2005 for slaughtering 10 of his victims. 

The second episode revolves around Dale Hausner and Samuel Dieteman, also called the Phoenix Serial Shooters. The episode is titled “Thrill Kills: The Phoenix Serial Shooter” and features the mass drive-by shootings and arson of Dale and Samuel between the time of May 2005 to August 2006. Their area of targets was Phoenix, Arizona. 

The last two episodes feature Bruce McArthur, also known as The Toronto Village Killer. This case is one of the very recent serial killer cases. Between the years 2010 and 2017, there were disappearances of eight men from the neighborhood of Church and Wellesley. The area is known as the LGBTQ community of Toronto, Canada. Later, the clues led up to Bruce McArthur, a 66-year-old Toronto landscaper. He was arrested on 18th January 2018.

Catching Killers Season 1 Recap

Is Catching Killers Based On A True Story

The first episode of Catching Killers Season 1 is titled “Body Count: The Green River Killer”. It features  Gary Leon Ridgway, an American serial killer. He is also known as the Green River Killer as his killings surrounded the area of Green River, Seatle. He was convicted for 48 separate serial murders initially. However, he confessed to a total of 71 murders in and around. The case haunted the detectives and officers for decades as there was no appropriate evidence until they got their final lead. 

The second episode of Catching Killers Season 1 talks about the arrest and prosecution of Aileen Wuornos, a serial killer known for robbing and manslaughtering seven of her male clients. She was a street prostitute on the highways of Florida and claimed that all these men tried to rape and harass her, which is why she killed them in the act of self-defense. On 9th October 2002, she was sentenced to death for these murders. 

The last two episodes are titled “True Lies: The Happy Face Killer” parts 1 & 2 respectively. Keith Hunter Jesperson or The Happy Face Killer is known for killing eight women in the US during the 1990s. However, he confessed to about 185 killings. The title of The Happy Face Killer is given to him because of the smiley faces he drew in the letters he wrote to the media. He was convicted with life imprisonment on 30th March 1995.