The Fix Season 2 Release Date Cancelled Or Confirmed?

The Fix is a legal television drama that debuted on ABC on March 18, 2019. On May 15, 2018, it was announced that it would air during the 2018–19 television season’s midseason. The sitcom was canceled by ABC on May 10, 2019, after just a single season.  Maya Travis (Tunney) is a former federal prosecutor who’s unable to prosecute film star Sevvy Johnson (Akinnuoye-Agbaje) with a double homicide of his spouse and her companion in 2010.

Maya departed LA after the conviction, but now that Sevvy’s lover has been murdered, she’s gotten enticed back into the action for yet another chance at retribution. The show premiered in March to 4.4 million audiences and a 0.7 demo score, with TVLine users awarding it a “B” on aggregate.

Followers of the Television program The Fix, we are afraid as we have some bad news for you: Season 1 of The Fix that’s all you’ll get. The television show was canceled by ABC shortly after its premiere. The Fix was a crime thriller that aired on ABC until it was canceled earlier in January. This cancellation came at a critical time for the show, since it was still airing. As a result, the series’s series finale was the Season 1 finale episode.

The Fix Season 1 Release DateMarch 18, 2019
The Fix Season 1 End DateMay 20, 2019
The Fix Season 2 Release DateCanceled


The Fix Season 2 Story

Clark, followed Maya, a Los Angeles state’s attorney who experiences an embarrassing loss when charging A-list star Sevvy Johnson for the double homicide. She escapes to Washington, D.C., after her elevated career is disrupted. Maya is enticed back to the DA’s office for yet another opportunity at justice eight years later, while Sevvy Johnson is suspected of some other crime.

The first season of the show has ten episodes. “Someone does end up in jail,” co-showrunners Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain declared after the last episode. We’ll never know who this person is. We’ll probably never see how the show’s plot points are resolved. Liz and Sarah had another query regarding the new detainee: “Is it the right person?” Who knows what that would imply. In any case, these puzzles remain a mystery.

Maya, on the other hand, isn’t precisely accepted back with arms wide open. Maya receives silent treatment from other members of the team. Both new and old, notwithstanding her close relationship with Matthew, the colleague who invited her back to California in the very first place. So although she was not the first lawyer who was saddened by the judge’s verdict, Maya’s lifelong friend CJ, portrayed by Alias’ Merrin Dungey, is still enraged that she left after Sevvy’s initial trial. Maya storming in and calling the shots isn’t popular among young lawyer Loni, who is scheduled to be the primary attorney in Sevvy’s new murder investigation. When Maya takes over as the main attorney before the hour comes to an end, she’s even more annoyed.

Regrettably for Sevvy, the information from Monday’s debut further adds to his guilt in Jessica’s death. With one thing, Maya and CJ unearth a video journal that Jessica kept until she died, in which she displayed the numerous scars that an aggressive Sevvy had inflicted on her during their connection. Maya gets a warrant to search for Sevvy’s residence based on those tapes, just before the officers arrive to look about, a terrified Sevvy hands over a dark backpack to his stepson and tells him to put it elsewhere.

The Fix Season 2 Cast

The Fix Season 2 Release Date

The main cast includes Robin Tunney as Maya Travis, Adam Rayner as Matthew Collier, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Sevvy Johnson. Merrin Dungey as (Carisa) C.J. Emerson, Marc Blucas as River “Riv” Allgood, Breckin Meyer as Alan “Charlie” Wiest, Marc Blucas as River “Riv” Allgood. Mouzam Makkar as Loni Kampour, Alex Saxon as Gabriel Johnson, and Scott Cohen as Ezra Wolf.

The recurring cast includes Robin Givens as Julianne Johnson, Taylor Kalupa as Jessica Meyer, Robbie Jones as Detective Vincent North, KJ Smith as Charlie. Vannessa Vasquez as Dia Briseño, Chasten Harmon as Star Johnson, Daniella Alonso as Effy, Robert Wisdom as Buck Neal. Erik Palladino as Leo Foster, Skye P. Marshall as Angela Ashley, Molly C. Quinn as Lindsay Meyer, Mitchell Edwards as Sevvy Johnson Jr. Cranston Johnson as James Meloy, Lynn Collins as Dr. Carys Daly, Bianca Lopez as Flight Attendant Marie, Alyssa Owens as Sunny Johnson, and Lissa Pallo as Elaine Paxon.