Puncch Beat Season 3 Release Date Can Arrive Anytime!

Indian dramas are accelerating towards the more and more online releases of series and shows. Many of the video streaming platforms provide a large catalog of Indian shows that one cannot beat ALTBalaji and ZEE5 in terms of the massive library of different films and series. Both of them have managed to create a separate fan base. The seriality of Indian daily soaps and web series seems to have a long way to go. This time we have got you an ALTBalaji original series, Puncch Beat.

It is a romantic action drama that presently has two seasons. The first season was among the highly rated and positively reviewed series and this was obviously enough to revive Puncch Beat for season 2. After the revival, we all went through a roller coaster ride of unexpected emotions. We all forget our fights and pique of our schools and start a new journey from our college and universities. But this is not the case with Puncch Beat. Rahat Sharma (Priyank Sharma) and Ranbir Chowdhary Siddharth Sharma always have a face-off, and one wants to prove better than the other every time. These two famous boys of their institution experience complexities and life, friendship, and love. Rahat and Ranbir are sorting their true identity and want to hear their heart’s voice.

The rivalry between the two can go to the next level after we get to watch Puncch Beat season 3. But are we expecting the third season before any confirmation? Read this post to know more about it.

Puncch Beat Season 3 Release Date

Written and created by Vikas Gupta, Puncch Beat season 1 was released on a very special day 14th February 2019. After a few months, we got to hear about the arrival of the second season and that was the time when our excitement was doubled. The viewers love the series and day by day, the number of fans was increasing in huge numbers. The popularity of Puncch Beat is quite evident from its IMDb rating. It has garnered a superb rating of 8.8 out of 10. While going through the reviews, one would find how the fans have showered support and love to this ALTBalaji original series. The recognition this show has received is a huge success for the entire team. After the blockbuster Puncch beat season 2 expectations are really hai for the third installment.

At the time of writing the post, there were no announcements concerning season 3. The latest part was on the screens on 27th June 2021. So it’s quite early to come up with the confirmation about the happening of the expected fourth coming season. We hope the official statement to arrive in the near future. Therefore, for now, the series’ future is uncertain and it is still to be restored or canceled. It would not be easily acceptable for the fans if season3 doesn’t show up but this chance has fewer possibilities. Viewership scale and ratings are supporting our hope. Moreover, we expect Puncch Beat season 3 to release by 2022.

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Puncch Beat Season 3 Cast

One of the most important parts of Puncch Beat in earning popularity among the people is played by the cast. Young people love to see the actors of their generation and Puncch Beat have them all. All the cast members were energetic, young, and enthusiastic. Roadies fame actor, Priyank Sharma is in the leading role as Rahat Sharma Chowdhary. His biggest rival in the institution is Ranbir Chowdhary, played by Siddharth Sharma. Further, Harshita Shekhar Gaur is in the series as Divyanka who aspires to be a dancer while Khushi Joshi has portrayed the character of Padmini Arora.

In addition to these personalities Nikhil Bhambri, Niki Walia, Samir Soni, and Kajol Tyagi appeared as Adhish, Maya, Rajbir, and Lara respectively. Season 3 will have the main cast for sure while others too can reprise their roles.

Puncch Beat Season 3 Story

Puncch Beat Season 2 release date

The story is set in one of the most prestigious institutions of India, Rosewood High, whose life lies in boxing and dancing. Discipline is the ultimate rule that must be followed by every student but Rahat and Ranbir will be breaking all the rules driven by their rivalry. The new semester is accompanied by lots of unexpected incidents, secrets, and complexities. Rahat is a street smart boy who gets involved with Ranbir in a boxing match. On the other hand, Divyanka has a passion for dancing and is fighting with the circumstances to pursue it further. She is known to be a Dancing Diva. Lastly, Padmini is a girl of which every boy dreams. The second season of murder shocks Rosewood High and creates great chaos and everybody’s life.

Puncch Beat season 3 can have a different story or else can pick up from where it left off in the second season.

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