When Are We Getting Electric Dreams Season 2 Release Date?

Years back, when science fiction was introduced in the industry, it was unexpectedly loved by the people. From then onwards, the world has got to watch enormous sci-fi films and series. Even though it is far away from reality, people take it as an interesting genre. Over time, there have been many such English series and one of them is Electric Dreams. This TV series is based on the short story written by Philip K. Dick. It is not only a science fiction series but also has thrills and a dystopian world. This acts as adding icing to the cake. Develop by Ronald D. Moore and Michael Dinner, Electric Dreams was originally released in English.

The script, acting, animation, and graphics make it exceptional among all. But a single season is not enough for the fans as the series has highly influenced them and it seems like Electric Dreams season 2 is their only hope to satisfy the cravings for more. So this post will let you know every possible detail about Electric Dreams season 2, its release date, and other expectations.

Electric Dreams Season 2 Release Date

The first season of electric dreams had 10 episodes. Earlier, as per the plans, the series was about to release on AMC and Channel 4. But shortly, AMC withdrew its consent and then after the episodes were premiered on Channel 4 itself. Amazon Prime Video took the charge of making the series available in the US. The first six episodes were released on channel 4 but then after Amazon Prime Video aired the series worldwide except for a few countries on 12th February 2018 and the rest of the episodes appeared on this platform. As far as the reception goes, Electric Dreams has a score of 73% on Rotten tomatoes while IMDb has rated it 7.3 out of 10.

This shows that Electric Dreams season 2 is possible and will be having a huge viewership level. Even though it has been more than 3 years, fans are waiting for the second installment with the same enthusiasm and excitement. However, the official team hasn’t said anything officially pertaining to season 2. This comes up with a positive and a negative side. It is relaxing that the series has not been officially canceled but the creators haven’t revealed any detail about its happening either. We also hope that the situation goes in the favour of Electric Dreams season 2.

It’s true that the future of the series is uncertain and it may take time to make it clear. Moreover, we are expecting the second season of this English science fiction series to release sometime in 2022 or it may go to 2023 as well.

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Electric Dreams Season 2 Trailer


We don’t have a trailer for now and the fans will be getting to see the teaser only when the second installment would be getting a green light. Till then, expecting a new video clip or trailer is worthless. Besides this, you can binge-watch the previous episodes to get a quick recap.

Electric Dreams Season 2 Cast

Electric Dreams features several actors and this has contributed to the endless list of cast members. Mentioning all the actors who appeared in the show is not possible as it might cover the entire post. So we have listed some of the prominent personalities who were a part of the different episodes.
Steve Buscemi, Richard Madden, Greg Kinnear, Anna Paquin, Liam Cunningham, Terrence Howard, Holliday Grainger, and Geraldine Chaplin gave an appearance in Electric Dreams.

To predict the cast of the series whose all the episodes were stand-alone that ultimately stars many actors is a bit difficult. Some of the actors can return but we cannot give a full guarantee.

Electric Dreams Season 2 Plot

Every episode had a different theme. All of them consisted of a new story. Each episode would mark the beginning of a new plot and by the end, fans were getting to see the conclusion.
Talking about the Electric Dreams season 2 plot, it will have the stories written by Philip K. Dick. Since it’s an anthology series, it is obvious for the show to pick up from the source material. There is enough available that promises about several seasons. The writer has provided a collection of more than a hundred short stories and therefore, people will be watching the same in the future parts.

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