Mai: A Mother’s Rage Season 2 Release Date, Cast & Other Updates!

Well, do you like a Bollywood piece of entertainment with an outstanding depiction of a thriller and especially when it is a woman-oriented story? Then you must be aware of the brand new Netflix series called Mai: A Mother’s Rage that successfully frames a mother in a very strong and disastrous way, where she committed the crime of killing a criminal assuming he is the reason for her daughter’s death. Hence the first season has been one of the most celebrated series not only in India but globally. And so it is very clear that the renewal of the second season is very much anticipated. Let’s find out more in-depth details about the second season of Mai: A Mother’s Rage!

Mai: A Mother’s Rage Season 2 Release Date

Mai: A Mother’s Rage season 2 Release Date

The first season of Mai: A Mother’s Rage has been very inspirational with the portrayal of a rock-solid strength in a mother was immensely appreciable. Thus all it had was enough to gain an undeniably supportive mass of fans. But with expanding fanbase, the responsibility of satisfying their needs increases. Well, the fans of Mai: A Mother’s Rage are now eagerly asking for exploring that strong mother who is nothing less than a superhero hence the ask for the season two comes to the board. But the bad news to it is that no statements have been announced by the trusted sources about the official release of the second season of Mai: A Mother’s Rage, but we can expect it to come our way any day soon in the near future.

Mai: A Mother’s Rage Season 1 Release DateApril 15, 2022
Mai: A Mother’s Rage Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Mai: A Mother’s Rage Season 2 Release Date


Mai: A Mother’s Rage Season 2 Story 

As much we know from the trailer of the inaugural season of Mai: A Mother’s Rage, the story of it revolves around a 47-year-old woman called Sheel who is a mother, but nourishing and devastating at the same time. It is a story of a mother who lost the light of her life, her daughter in a  tragic and suspicious assassination. Hence took an oath of punishing the inhuman hand behind the fatality.

Thus, eventually killed a criminal taking the law into her own hands. Thus was proved a killer in the law’s eyes but she tries to escape that and return to a normal life. Well, this was followed by a massive road of ups and downs and twists and turns which ultimately announced an ending of the first season. The second season is anticipated to begin right where the first ended and carry on the story of Sheel and her struggles and the aftermath of her decision to fulfilling her rage. 

Mai: A Mother’s Rage Season 2 Cast

Mai: A Mother’s Rage season 2 Release Date

The cast list of the initial season of  Mai: A Mother’s Rage was a lively anecdote of some of the most talented and prominent names in the Hindi entertainment industry. The list would include Sakshi Tanwar who depicted the character of one of the strongest women in the history of Hindi cinemas. Other roles were given justice by actors like Wamika Gabbi, Seema Pahwa, Vaibhav Raj Gupta, Vivek Mushran, Sarika Singh Raima Sen, Omkar Jaiprakash, Prashant Narayanan, Anant Vidhaat, Jay Shanker Pandey and many more whom we do not want to miss in the next upcoming season of Mai: A Mother’s Rage.

It was expertly directed by Anshai Lal and Atul Mongia (who was also the man behind this script). The hard work and passion of every single production member deserve a huge round of applause for materializing the story into virtual reality.

Mai: A Mother’s Rage Season 2 Trailer 

The trailer of the first season was released on March, 24th of the year 2022 on the youtube channel of Netflix India. Since then it has received a lot of support and cheer. The release date of the official trailer has not been announced by any officials considering the fact that the first season itself is a very new show to run successfully. But we can expect some sneak peeks a few weeks ahead of the grand premiere of the second season.

Where to Watch Mai: A Mother’s Rage Season 2?

Well as we know from the primary season, the series named to be Mai: A Mother’s Rage is indeed considered one of the original series launched by one of the leading web media and entertainment platforms under the name of Netflix. Thus the second season is expected to follow the footsteps of the primary season and would be released across the globe on the very same platform called Netflix.