Best Themes For Android Mobiles in 2021

‌Mobile phone usage and its involvement in our day-to-day life have grown a lot in the last decade. And few of us are entirely dependent on our mobile phones. Along with using its features, we also try to decorate our mobile phones either with different cool external accessories or with internal wallpapers, fonts, effects, and themes. We always become choosy in selecting themes because we want our mobile phone to look different and better than the rest. That is why Android-based mobile phones are becoming more and more popular in the mobile phone segment.

Android mobile phones with a low price offer more customization features. And so there are hundreds of different themes available for Android and it becomes really difficult sometimes to find a theme that suits your mobile best and is of your interest. Therefore in this article, we will discuss some best themes available for android smartphones. However, companies like Xiaomi, Samsung, and others are already giving in-built customization options to change your mobile theme, wallpaper, and icons. But still, there are pretty good apps out there that have more to offer than those in-built theme stores. So in this article we are going to discussed about Best Themes For Android Mobiles.

Best Themes for Android Smartphone

All the below discussed themes can add a charm to your mobile phone. Keep in mind that all these themes are chosen by our team and are based on a few criteria such as user ratings, the number of downloads, and user reviews and are not any officially declared best themes.

1. 3D Theme For Android

Best Themes For Android Mobiles In 2021

Designed by a qualified artist 3D Theme For Android is one the best for your android. You can customize your device with beautiful and cool themes, animation, graphics, and icon packs as per your choice.

This app works fine with your device and won’t feel sluggish at all. Your device will get an awesome look at a new level after using this theme. It comes with a simple interface and customization, and you can download and install it easily. If you want to upgrade your android mobile’s look then you must try this theme at least once.


  • It is very easy to install.
  • Great collection of icons, graphics, themes in high number.
  • Easy customization as per your mood.
  • Great visual effects.
  • Can change the color and font style within the theme.
  • Icon mask for all app icons to hide your apps from unauthorized access.

2. Launcher New Versions 3D

Android Mobile Theme

Are you bored with your mobile phone’s theme and home screen, or if they are not able to bring new energy in you then you should try Launcher New Versions 3D? With its cool, amazing, and outstanding graphics, wallpapers, and icons you’ll never get bored with your mobile’s theme and home screen.

It comes with a simple interface and customization, and you can download and install it easily. With its amazing features dynamics between you and your device will change. You can also add 3D effects to your mobile and also customize the color as per your choice.


  • Very easy to operate and install.
  • 3D look makes your device awesome.
  • You can very quickly change your phone theme.
  • The graphics are amazing, and the visual effects are very cool.
  • Icon mask for all app icons to hide your apps from unauthorized access.
  • You can also change the style and color of the fonts to match your icons.

3. 3D Space Galaxy Theme

Best Themes For Android Mobiles In 2021

Some of you reading this article may be fond of space, galaxies, and outer space so 3D Space Galaxy Theme is for you. This app has 3D space and galaxy-related themes.

Moreover, the app has designed icon packs and live wallpapers. Besides, its holographic look with blue effects is a blessing to your eyes. With this bright and vivid animated holograph, your screen will be furnished.


  • No root is required to use this app.
  • Special folder to hide your apps and information.
  • Of different categories, there’s a vast collection of themes and wallpapers in the app.
  • Awesome lock- screen to protect your mobile from unauthorized access.
  • The interface is stunning with its fresh appearance.

4. Electric Black-launcher Theme

Android Mobile Theme

Electric Black-launcher Theme is based on music and black color thus if you’re a music lover and love dark color then you will surely love this. It has simple but awesome black wallpapers with adequate icons. Despite the simple design, you will get a fresh look from this theme.

Since the combination of black with music is really out of the box even those who are not much into the music they can also like this if you wanted to use some new and different themes for your mobiles.


  • Unique and cool themes which can be used with Hola Launcher users.
  • There are dozens of HD icons that are availabe.
  • Easily customizable HD black wallpapers are available in the app.
  • With wallpapers and fonts, the app will offer you a simple and clean launcher with awesome themes.
  • Every Friday all the themes and wallpapers are updated with the new collection.
  • 10 thousand icons with simple customization options are available
  • You can change the theme and wallpapers every day to get a fresh look at your android mobile.

5. Pure White Love Heart Theme

Best Themes For Android Mobiles In 2021

Pure White Love Heart Theme is the perfect blend of white and black color in which white is in maximum portion while icons are in black. It has a minimalist wallpaper of two white hearts which are beautiful at a glance.


  • It works only with CM Launcher.
  • With minimalist pure white wallpaper on the black screen lock looks so awesome.
  • A beautiful black and white love lock screen protect your privacy.
  • There is an option for a separate theme according to boy and girl preferences.
  • With the usual white heart theme, it also has a football theme fused with the love theme.

6. NEW Theme for Phone X

Android Mobile Theme

Many of us wish that we too could enjoy iPhones but due to their being expensive, we could not buy them. Then this theme is for you. NEW Theme for Phone X gives your android device a touch of iOS interface. Somewhat with this your android device acts as an iOS device.

Besides, there are numerous different themes, HD graphics, icon packs, and wallpapers. You will also get different categories of themes like sci-fi, photography, comics, automobile and other. This app has much more to offer you and you can decorate your mobile as per your choice.


  • You will get full protection and privacy with an awesome Horror Black color lock screen.
  • The weather widget has a  stunning and stylish appearance.
  • With every screen flip, you will get a new look.
  • You can even customize a theme and share that with your friends.

Best Launchers That You Can Use To Customize Themes Of Your Android

Above we have discussed some of the best themes available from which you can decorate and customize your Android device, but there are also some launchers available on App Stores with which you can customize your entire interface or theme.

1. Action Launcher

Best Themes For Android Mobiles In 2021

Action Launcher is based on Google’s Pixel OS. You can get a feel and look of Pixel in your device and you can even enhance your phone with boundless customizations and color. It takes your device’s default launcher as the base and then to shine your screen you can add a wealth of color, customizations, and unique features.


  • All Android launcher features available in one.
  • Full customizable dock search box
  • Precise in-built weather widget.
  • Smart size icons that resize accordingly.

2. Go Launcher

Android Mobile Theme

With an independently developed 3D Engine, GO Launcher provides you with an extremely fast and secure operating experience with simple, smooth, and awesome 3D effects, Go Launcher is one of the popular Launchers for android.

However, you have to face few ads while using Go Launcher as this launcher is free to use’s developers need to generate revenue somehow so that you can use this launcher for eternity. 


  • It provides more than 10 thousand mobile themes for free.
  • Go Wallpaper: updates daily with various HD wallpapers of all categories.
  • Drawer animation effects and 20+ screen.
  • It took pictures of those who try to unlock your APPs without your permission. It offers an App Lock feature and you can even hide your apps and also lock them

3. C Launcher

Best Themes For Android Mobiles In 2021

C Launcher is a free launcher application that offers ultimate customized DIY themes along with in-built themes. It offers different HD wallpapers and features with which you can give your device a different look and slay in front of your friends.


  • Stretching Gesture to Hide apps & to lock your apps.
  • App drawer that automatically organizes your apps based on their category.
  • Widget launch center comprises cool widgets such as cache cleaner, weather, short news, quick search bar, and others.
  • As claimed by its Developer, it is safe to use and you’ll not get any threat to your privacy.

4. Microsoft Launcher

Android Mobile Theme

Microsoft Launcher is one of the top-rated launchers on the Play Store. It provides a whole new home screen experience and makes you more productive on your device. By Allowing you to organize everything on your mobile phone, Microsoft Launcher is highly customizable.

It is compatible with your default interface and can also work mutually with it as you can easily import your previous home screen layout to it.


  • It provides personalized news to its users.
  • With custom icon packs and adaptive icons, you can customize your android easily.
  • Along with Light Mode, it also supports dark mode. Microsoft Launcher’s new dark theme feature is compatible with Android’s dark mode settings.
  • It is battery efficient, uses less memory, runs faster, and offers fluent animations.
  • Microsoft Launcher supports horizontal and vertical orientations to enhance your viewing experience.

5. Computer Launcher

Best Themes For Android Mobiles In 2021

As the name suggests, Computer Launcher changes your android into desktop style. With more than a thousand themes, Computer Launcher is pretty cool to use. It looks really beautiful on your mobile phones.  If you want to try something out of the box then Computer Launcher may give a whole new experience to use android mobiles. 


  • It has a built-in feature to ZIP your files and also extract ZIPPED files.
  • Like the Desktop, it offers an Action and Notification Centre.
  • Computer Launcher has recycled, so in case if you deleted something important that you can easily recover it.
  • It supports multitasking.

6. Cool R Launcher

Android Mobile Theme

Cool R Launcher is a pack of cool wallpapers, themes, and other valuable features. If you’re using old models of Android mobile phones then this launcher could add an essence of Cool and modern into that.


  • It is supported by all Android 5.0+ devices.
  • Cool R Launcher offers 30 icon shapes.
  • It offers an App Lock feature and you can even hide your apps and also lock them.
  • Cool R Launcher has many Live and VideoWallpaper.

The Bottom Line: Problems with Third-Party Launchers and Themes

Though these launchers and themes provide some cool and awesome features, wallpapers, and themes there are few things that you might keep in your mind.

First, always go through the user reviews before installing and using any launcher or theme because all these Launchers and themes are third-party applications and Android or any official authority is not responsible for anything related to these applications. These themes or launchers may become sluggish or also misbehave sometimes.

Second, since all these are external applications and work as a layer over your default OS thus they consume more battery also. And last, as these are external applications then these apps may misuse your personal information associated with your device because you have to allow a large number of permissions before using any of these themes.

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