How to connect Boya microphone to Canon 200D?

Nowadays we love to hear ourselves around the world a lightning speed and in an entertaining way. Whether we are beaming a live address or sending a simple email from our office to every firm employee, the only limit is our imagination. A camera plays a very important role in today’s world of social media handles like Facebook and Instagram. While the camera is great at capturing high-quality images, it is also used to record high-quality videos. To record high-quality videos, audio is also a matter to be taken as important. We all know that all cameras come with a built-in microphone, But when we want to record as a professional videographer or for our social media handles it will not do a great job. So if you hope for the best result then you may have to connect an external microphone. Fortunately, all cameras come with a dedicated port for the microphone. In this blog, we are going to tell you how we can attach an external Microphone to Canon 200d. What are the settings that you need to change when recording video with canon 200D with an external microphone?

Types of Audio Inputs

How Can We Attach An External Microphone To Canon 200D and type of Jacks
Basic types of Audio inputs: XLR jack and 3.5mm jack

Professional film-making video production depends on the optimum level of video quality for their projects. That’s why they use high-end video cameras and high-quality XLR cables. On the other hand, your DSLR has a 3.5mm mini plug.

            The mini plug is used by DSLR for audio inputs. Microphones sold specifically for DSLR have mini plug inputs. It is the same type of plug which we find in the headphones of our computer or mobile phones.

            XLR connection is the three-pin connectors are used for balanced audio signals. These heavy-duty cables come in various length and male-female combinations.

DSLR camera uses a mini plug for audio inputs whereas professional quality microphones use three pinned XLR cables.

How Can We Attach An External Microphone To Canon 200D?
Canon 200D

What do you need to connect a microphone to the camera

  • A camera
  • A 3.5 mm jack
  • And a microphone

Steps to attach an external microphone to the camera:

First, you have to on the camera. You will see the guided user interface on the screen of the camera

Then click on the Menu, the Picture mode will appear on the screen. But as we have to record a video we have to change to dialer mode to Video.

As soon as we change the mode to Video we will see a live screen on the face of the camera ready for recording.

Now click on the Menu button of the camera. The screen will show all the options of the video mode. Next, click on the Ok button on the camera’s screen.

It will show the following options:

  • Movie rec size
  • Digital zoom
  • Sound Recording
  • Lens Aberration correction
  • Lens Electronic MF

Then choose the Sound recording option.

Under Sound recording you will find three options:

  • Sound rec
  • Rec level
  • Wind filter /attenuator

When you click on the Sound recording in Auto mode it will start catching sound from the surrounding with its native microphone or inbuilt microphone. Even if you don’t talk it will catch the noise surrounding you.

As it will catch the surrounding sound the best way to record a video without background noise is to connect the microphone with the camera

What are the settings that need to change when recording video on Canon 200D with an external microphone?

How Can We Attach An External Microphone To Canon 200D?
How Can We Attach An External Microphone To Canon 200D: Microphone inlet
  • All models of the camera had a Microphone inlet to their sides.
  • Connect a microphone to the Mic inlets.
  • Again click on Sound Recording and change the mode to Manual from Auto.
  • It will start recording with a connected microphone.
  • Then click on Rec. level and change it to 4th level.
  • After that click on the Attenuator and Enable it.

As you complete changing all the Settings you will get awesome audio quality for all your videos for blogging and other social media handles.

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