How to Buy Instagram Blue tick or Verification Badge

We always have a question about how some profiles have a Blue tick on their profile. We find this badge usually nestled next to the handles of celebrities or well-known global brands like Puma and Mother Dairy.  How can some get verified on Instagram or buy a blue tick? What is a Blue tick? How about buying Instagram Blue tick or Verification Badge? In this blog, we are going to discuss what is all this and how can we buy Instagram Blue tick or Verification Badge to our profile?

Instagram Blue Tick or Verification Badge

The sign that appears next to the person’s name on the social network is Blue Instagram Tick. It conveys that the profile has been approved and genuine. 

A Verified Badge is a tick that appears next to the profile of Instagram account’s name in search and on the account. It means that the account is a bona fide presence of a public figure, personality, or global brand.

Conditions to be verified to buy a Verification Badge

There are 5 points that we should keep in mind to get a verified badge in Instagram. These are:

1.         You have these four conditions to get a Blue badge

  • To be an entity
  • Ensure it is unique
  • To have a proper and complete profile i.e. has name photo and a biography
  • To be the renowned person

2.         The main part of the process is to be really known to Instagram or Facebook in general. To see if you are popular or not, they pay attention to the issue that how many times people search for you on Instagram or your name appeared in various news sources. So when you request an Instagram Verification Badge, they will check all the news and articles related to you.

3.         The number of followers is not mandatory for having Verification Badge as it is not mentioned in the rules.    But on the other hand with the fourth condition mentioned above i.e. to be renowned, this criterion also met as the renowned person must have a huge number of followers.

4.         Even though the part of the money should also be spent on increasing the number of engagements. You may think that having a considerable number of followers will increase the engagement of the account but it is not the fact. However, first people only follow your page and the second is Participation i.e., Engagement, which makes your page most search on Instagram. So it will be recommended to other accounts that did not follow you.  For increasing Engagement, you have to post controversial and attractive content so that audience visits your page frequently.

5.         And finally if you have an official website or an active user account, your chances of getting a verification Badge will increase.

How to apply for a Verification Badge or Blue Tick?

1.         Instagram had recently added the option to request a blue tick or Verification Badge.  To request the Verification you just have to login into your Instagram Profile and go to the Settings sections and select Request Verification. 

2.         In this section write your full name, title as well as and image. Unlike Twitter, Instagram will not ask for the reason why you need an Instagram Verification Badge.

3.         Select the field of activity from the following categories:

  • Blogger / Influencer
  • News/ Media
  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • Music
  • Government/Politics
  • Business/Brand /Organizati
  • Others

4.         A photo of your government-issued Id

a.         Instagram announced that accounts are eligible to receive a blue tick if they have the following qualities

Buying Instagram Blue Tick Or Verification Badge
  • Notable: The account must be owned by a famous person or brand. It inspects the blue tick request of a people whose name a relatively well-known or explored a lot on the internet.
  • Authentic: The person or account is real and represents the registered brand or business.
  • Unique: your account must be the only representative of your brand or business. For each person, Instagram will only grant one Verification badge.
  • Complete: In particular your account must be public and has a biography, profile picture, and at least one post.

5.         Sometimes your request may get disapprove by Instagram; it means you do not meet the above-mentioned criteria. If you can clear up the problem and can again apply for the verification process in the next 30 days. 

Note: Always keep in mind that this submits your account for consideration and neither means that it will be assured to approve your account. However, if you follow the above-mentioned steps it will increase the chances of approval. 

How much does an Instagram Verification Badge cost?

The price for purchasing a Blue Tick or a Verification Badge on Instagram ranges from $1500 to $ 6000.

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